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For Goldeneyes and the Two Rivers!

Perrin Goldeneyes art by Raymond SwanlandIt’s Suvudu Cage Match season again! Time for the return of the only March Madness I bother to pay attention to. For those of you new to the game, last year held its first Cage Match, pitting fantasy and science fiction characters against each other in an online popularity contest that culminated with an epic showdown between The Wheel of Time’s Rand “Stumpy” al’Thor and A Song of Ice and Fire’s Jamie “Kingslayer” Lannister.

Last year’s Cage Match had everything from myself and Jason Denzel shamelessly begging for votes, to both Brandon Sanderson and George R.R. Martin blogging their thoughts on the match.

This year, Perrin needs your help.

This year, the Wheel of Time is represented by Perrin “Golden Eyes” Aybara. He’s managed to defeat notable contenders like Paul Atreides, Martin the Warrior and Tasselhoff Burrfoot. Now he’s in the semi-finals against Quick Ben, the uber-powerful wizard from the Malazan Book of the Fallen series. The winner of this match goes on to battle Vin, from Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy.

Now, a normal person would try to argue this based on merits, but since I’m the sort of person that dresses up like Wheel of Time characters on the weekends and I’ve never read the Malazan books, I just can’t. Quick Ben seems a nice enough guy. It’s too bad Perrin has to smash his brains out with a hammer.

Besides, won’t it be fun to see Brandon’s brain melt?

So go vote for Perrin! Before the voting closes on Sunday, April 3rd!

(It's on! Malazan recappers Bill and Amanda mount a vigorous pro-Quick Ben counterpoint.)

Jennifer Liang is an administrator and co-webmaster of Dragonmount, the largest Wheel of Time fan site. She is the director of Wheel of Time programming for Dragon*Con and the chair of JordanCon, a Wheel of Time themed convention that’s totally taking place April 15-17 in Atlanta, GA. In 2009, Jennifer became the maintainer of the WOTFAQ, a document that has existed online in various forms since 1993. Recently, she became the host of’s Wheel of Time Facebook and Twitter portals.

1. Cloric
Goldeneyes! Goldeneyes and victory!
Sim Tambem
3. Daedos
...and yes, I did actually vote on you should too.
Gerd K
4. Kah-thurak
Actually, it was not meant to be a popularity contest... but as this is the only contest in which Perrin could ever beat Ben you would have to name it so to make your case... and that is mostly because WoT has more readers than MBotF.

Even Terez doesnt think that Perrin should win this one.
Evan Langlinais
5. Skwid
A vote for Perrin is a vote against integrity. And I know from my WoT fandom, thank you very much.

Quick Ben would mop the floor with him, and not even breathe hard.
Tricia Irish
6. Tektonica
Come on now.....

Perrin is a wonderful guy and all...... I've been a BIG WoT fan, and poster for a loooooong time, but truly.....

Quick Ben would have Perrin as an hors d'oerve. QB has 12 souls and 10 warrens to draw from. He's sly, uber powerful, and VERY smart. He kills gods.

In a true cage match, QB would win handily, but if this is just a popularity contest.......whatever.

I MUST vote for Quick Ben. Sorry Perrin.
Sam Mickel
7. Samadai
traitors. :P

Undoubtedly since Perrin is one of the strongest Taveren who has ever lived, some random thing would happen to Big Ben right when he went for the kill, and Perrins hammer would take his head off. That is how it would truly happen. can't ruin Perrins fate.
Antoni Ivanov
8. tonka

The winner of this match goes on to battle Vin, from Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy.

or Jon Snow from George Martin's Song of Ice and Fire. He has not lost, yet. Vote for Jon if you won him to win.

Btw it's really hard for me to decide on both matches. Sanderson/Jordan/Erikson/Martin are among my favourite authors and the characters are among my favourite in each book. If we talk about strength alone Quick Ben and Vin will be on the final.

PS: come to think about it (and read) there are some very good argument why Perrin or Jon should win (Perin is ta'veren Jon a warg). Hmm.
9. Daenen
Ta'veren or not, he should've lost to the kwisatz haderach. Love Perrin, love the series, but Paul would've destroyed him.
Heidi Byrd
10. sweetlilflower
Well, it sort or depends on when this fight is occuring, right? If the LB has already happened then the Pattern doesn't really need Perrin as much and probably wouldn't cause random weird stuff to happen to Quick Ben. But, if we are talking real story time, then Ben would get struck by lightning and win the lottery at the same time to keep Perrin alive.
Sim Tambem
11. Daedos
@10 has it right. Then again, maybe Perrin draws his opponent into TAR against his will (there's gotta be a ter'angreal for that).

My vote is still for Goldeneyes.
Gerd K
12. Kah-thurak
Both ideas are wishful thinking. Everyone who has read the Wheel of Time knows that Perrin cant draw people into the dreamworld, and that beeing T'avaren doesnt make one invinceble.
lake sidey
13. lakesidey
I went with Perrin, because (in increasing order of relevance):
(a) he is a nice guy (though possibly a bit henpecked as a husband)
(b) I am a wheel of time fan (and Jon Snow, my other favourite, is out)
(c) I think it would be fun to watch the Jordan/Sanderson fanbase's collective heads explode at a Vin/Perrin final :D

14. jemron
@lakesidey #13: +1
Kimani Rogers
15. KiManiak
I love WoT. I strongly believed that Rand deserved to win the cage matches last year.

But come on reread colleagues! We tease Perrin, call him Emo Perrin, get annoyed/frustrated by his angst and his lack of confidence in making leadership decisions. He spent almost 3 books with the opinion that the Pattern and all creation could burn for all he cared; he was more concerned with rescuing his wife. His priorities are slightly outta whack.

And this is the guy you want to support over a clever, genius-level bastard who has manipulated gods and defeated warriors and mages (apparently he's also fought dragons and super-lizards, but I haven't gotten that far in the series, yet)?

Be a WoT fan; but let's not blindly vote for the lamest of the SuperBoys over one of the most badass characters in the Malazan series.
16. Qurtyslyn
Perring needs to win. Just to watch Brandon go nuts. Who will win? The writer or the fan?
Marcus W
17. toryx
This whole cage match thing has been a popularity contest from the get go. There are a few people who look at it from a somewhat realistic (at least, as far as you can be realistic) viewpoint but by and large, the votes are not about whether a character should or could beat his/her opponent but how much the audience likes the writer.

Way back in the beginning I tried to approach the cage matches honorably, voting for those I thought deserved to win by virtue of their experience and capabilities, only to watch the popularity contest take over and people going way out of their way to cheat by voting as often as they could. So now I'm just going for the characters I like best. So in this particular match, Perrin definitely gets the vote.

By the way, that's not an endorsement of Sanderson. It's more in appreciation of Jordan. That and, frankly, I don't like characters who are as god awful overpowered as Quick Ben is.
18. jwillis7
last year jamie lannister beat Cthulhu....Perrin can beat anyone
19. Jhirrad
Sorry Jen, while I love Perrin, Quick Ben is 12 souls in one body...He would totally kick his arse.
Mark Sheets
20. Kaldric
I'm afraid that if Perrin wins, Brandon won't do a serious writeup at all. Though, considering last year's match, I wouldn't mind seeing whatever he writes anyway.
Gerd K
21. Kah-thurak
So if it is just a popularity contest, how can Quick Ben lead right now? Everyone knows that there are a lot more WoT fans than MBotF fans. I guess some people actually see this as it was supposed to be. Which is a great thing :-)

For not liking extremely powerful characters... I bet it kept you from voting Rand last year.
22. Freelancer
When Perrin has a goal, that goal is met, and not 400,000 Shaido can stop him. He has the admiration of a Seanchan general, the former Whitecloak spymaster, two queens, wolves everywhere, and oh yeah, the current Lord Captain Commander of the Children of the Light.

Oh, I know, emo Perrin is useless. Except that he isn't. A one-on-one cagematch is something he just wouldn't consider worth his time, but if forced to it, he does what he must.

And after he wins this semi, poor Brandon has to root for his character against, well, his character. True, Perrin is Robert Jordan's character, but now he's also Brandon's. The sad thing is, both Perrin and Vin are nice people, they haven't a single reason to oppose each other.

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