Apr 1 2011 11:47am

Vote Quick Ben! That Shape-Shifting Bastard Must Triumph!

Quick BenThe Suvudu Cage Match has reached its semi-finals and this week’s contenders are Perrin “Goldeneyes” Aybara from The Wheel of Time versus Quick Ben from the Malazan Book of the Fallen. Read Jennifer Liang’s case for voting Perrin as the victor. Here, with a counterpoint, are the Malazan chroniclers Amanda and Bill.

Amanda’s Reaction on the Cage Match between Quick Ben & Perrin

Quick Ben versus Perrin Aybara?! Why not give Ben Adaephon Delat a proper opponent? Our man is a genius of swift thought, a battle ready and battle hardened mage of supreme skill, who can wield seven warrens at once! And who is he up against? A puppy. Not only that, but a puppy who hasn’t learnt to bark yet.

Quick Ben has gone toe to toe with gods, Ascendants and monumental bad asses. Perrin is unable to stand up to his own wife. *smirks*

However, Perrin seems to have an unseemly number of rabid supporters, and Quick Ben needs our help... Well, doesn’t need our help, but we all like to feel useful, so let’s pretend that he can’t defeat Perrin and all his supporters on his lonesome. We are the Bridgeburners, guys, and we always stand behind our comrades. Vote for Quick Ben!


Bill’s Commentary on the Cage Match between Quick Ben & Perrin

Quick Ben has gone toe to toe with gods, Ascendents, and monumental bad asses. He takes on three dragons (Beowulf did one and it killed him); an entire army of giant reptiles who fire lasers and live in flying mountains (Yes, flying freakin’ mountains), and a 900,000-year old guy who’s so can-cause-the-end-of-the-world-badass his own father wants to put him down like a rabid dog. Quick Ben threatens the God of Death. Yes, Death. Perrin fights “Whitecloaks.” (Oooh, imagine how angry they get at a little dirt.)

Perrin gets called “Goldeneyes,” like a 50’s era singer/crooner in a movie vehicle. Quick gets called “desert snake” and “shape-shifting bastard.” Who would you rather have fighting on your side? Vote for Quick Ben!

Bill Capossere writes short stories and essays, plays ultimate frisbee, teaches as an adjunct English instructor at several local colleges, and writes SF/F reviews for

Amanda Rutter contributes reviews and a regular World Wide Wednesday post to, as well as reviews for her own site (covering more genres than just speculative), Vector Reviews and Hub magazine.

Steven Halter
1. stevenhalter
lol. But, that is a pretty cool picture of QB standing over Hairlock with Kalam and Whiskeyjack. And, I'm guessing Apsalar in the back.
Tricia Irish
2. Tektonica
My vote's for QB!!! He'd eat Perrin for lunch and still be hungry.

This whole thing as a popularity contest is silly. If it were a match based on ability, well, there's no doubt QB would win.
Antoni Ivanov
3. tonka
Ok that shapeshifting was a spoiler, I don't remember Quick Ben shapeshifting in what I've read so far :(
Steven Halter
4. stevenhalter
tonka: Shadowthrone calls QB a shapeshifting bastard in GotM. Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean what one might think it means.
5. tonsofstuff
Over powered characters in cage matches is weaksauce. So go vote for the underdog, anyone can win once.
Gerd K
6. Kah-thurak
Actually, two seperated matches for mages and fighters would be more fun indeed. On the other hand, even then Perrin would not be a strong contender. AND I bet you didnt have much of a problem with Rand taking part last year ;-)
Kimani Rogers
7. KiManiak
Shalter@1 - That's who the other folks are in the pic! Hmm, not how I envisioned Kalam or Whiskeyjack, but still, it's cool to get a visual.

Re: the matchup - I've said this on the Malazan thread already, but Come on, people! This matchup shouldn't even be close. I like Perrin (I think the fact that he wields Mjolnir is hilarious, yet cool), I'm a Wot fan first and foremost, but this is a No Contest matchup.

Quick Ben shouldn't even break a sweat in winning this one.
8. tonsofstuff

Well actually I didnt know about this last year. But I still would have complained if rand had fought some melee character. Im just the type who always pulls for the underdog.

I feel bad for Perrin, he has no chance at all. Thats why Im pulling for him. We all know the strongest person in the match was either Quick or Pug. If its obvious who should win, why vote at all really.
Gerd K
9. Kah-thurak
There were about 6 other characters in this who were on a comparable level as Quick. Paul Atreides, Pug, Zed, Vin, Alvin Maker, Thomas Convenant

Vin is in the Final, beating Zed on the way. Convenant was eliminated by Alvin, Pug by Quick. Paul and Alvin were eliminated by fanboyism. So, if the parings hadnt been as random, and there had been no fanboys, the tournament would have been quite fair by the time of the quarter finals.
Eric Lesch
10. EricLesch
Slightly off topic, but I always liked this rendering of Quick Ben (and Kalam):

Also, I voted for Quick despite the fact that I once put together my very own WoT "art" website.
Kimani Rogers
11. KiManiak
Eric Lesch@10 - Thankks for the link. Definitely closer to how I envisioned them.

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