Two Families Come Together in The Gifted SDCC Trailer

The first trailer for The Gifted, Fox’s forthcoming X-Men universe television drama, introduced the Strucker family: Kate (Amy Acker), Reed (Stephen Moyer)… and their children Lauren (Natalie Alyn Lind) and Andy (Percy Hynes White), who all of a sudden are beginning to manifest mutant powers. Fox just shared an extended trailer at San Diego Comic-Con showing what happens when the Struckers have to go on the run, and when the only people they can turn to are fellow mutants.

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Let’s Get Dangerous: Darkwing Duck is Coming Back to Cartoons!

My children of the 90s have been bolstered by the return of DuckTales, a cartoon that features the many adventures of Scrooge McDuck and his nephews and cohort. But there was another cartoon duck that stole the hearts of many, and an exclusive reveal at San Diego Comic Con confirms that he will also be making an appearance in Duckburg….

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“We Have to Find God First.” The Preacher Season 2 Trailer Hits the Road

If you were waiting for the introduction of Herr Starr, wait no longer: the trailer for Preacher Season 2 just premiered at San Diego Comic-Con, and it features Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy hitting the road, the Saint of Killers hitting the bar, and the aforementioned Herr Starr hitting, um, people.

Plus the best use of Bell Biv Devoe’s classic “Poison” that I have ever heard.

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It’s Happily Never After in The 100 Season 5 Teaser

It’s only fair that I warn you that The 100 sizzle reel that Warner Bros. Television showed at San Diego Comic-Con shows very little of the upcoming fifth season, as it’s mostly a recap of the first four. However, how they go about it is interesting, as everything from Mount Weather to the City of Light is retold through the eyes of Madi, Clarke’s little protégé slash daughter, treating the post-apocalyptic series as a dark and twisted fairytale.

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Eight Legendary Kloo Horn Players in Star Wars History

I’m sure when you were a kid watching Star Wars, you just assumed that the instruments being played by Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes (note: if you just called them “the cantina band” I’m really not sure what to do with you) were variants on instruments that you have already seen or played upon. Look, it’s an oboe! That one’s a space saxophone! How wrong you were, my young friend. How misguided. That instrument that Figrin D’an is playing is called a kloo horn. It’s totally different from our lousy Earth instruments. (It’s not.) And the Star Wars universe is full of musicians who loved that instrument, at least according to the Legends canon.

Here are eight of their stories. Eight. There are eight whole stories here, somehow. Eight’s gotta be a magic number somewhere, right?

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The Best Vacation Spots in Science Fiction & Fantasy

We’re halfway through summer, which means it’s time to pack our bags and finally decide how we’re going to spend our precious vacation days! Ancient ruins and cruise ships are all well and good, but they’re so… real. So we took a slightly different approach and looked to our favorite science fiction and fantasy books for getaway inspirations. And while we’re of course interested in elf-houses and vast island chains and the distant corners of the universe, it turns out some of us just want to go to London. Just maybe not the London we’re used to…

Probably would just be better to show you, right? Here are’s top SFF vacation destinations!

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The Greatest Journalists in Current Live-Action Superhero Fiction

The current superhero landscape is filled out by a group of people who are deeply committed to keeping the public smart and safe—journalists. These are the vigilant men and women responsible for reporting on the world’s new status quo now that folks with powers, enhancements, and ridiculous amounts of money are taking to the streets to uphold justice and… counter the ever-growing threats coming from outer space. And the criminal underground. And the criminal overground.

But some of these tireless reporters come off more authentically than others. Some of them can clearly write, or are being mentored to that end. Some of them work at papers and magazines that operate in a realistic fashion and hold them accountable. So who is the most believable journalist chasing down superpowered leads? Let’s take a look at our current crop.

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