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September 23 2013

Altered (Excerpt)

December 12 2012

Am I Free to Go?

The line between utopia and, often, who you are. Or who your neighbors think you are.
April 1 2014

American Craftsmen (Excerpt)

Tom Doyle
February 15 2012

Among the Silvering Herd

A.M. Dellamonica
Read Among the Silvering Herd, a original fantasy story by A.M. Dellamonica
May 7 2014

Among the Thorns

“Among the Thorns,” by Veronica Schanoes, is a dark fantasy taking place in seventeenth century Germany, about a young woman who is intent on avenging the brutal murder of her peddler father many years earlier, by a vagabond with a magic fiddle.
December 16 2010

Amortals (Excerpt)

Matt Forbeck
February 13 2013

Angel Season

Jeremy’s girlfriend is pregnant, and he returns home to the mountains to tell his drunken, ne’er-do-well father. The only thing Jeremy’s dad was ever good at was hunting angels, a dangerous pursuit but a profitable one, often netting thousands of dollars to the hunter for the sale of a single “rack,” (the wings.) Since the angel hunt was outlawed more than a decade ago, Jeremy’s dad has slid steadily downhill. With the news of Jeremy’s impending fatherhood, he and his dad engage in one final hunt.
July 16 2014

The Angelus Guns

During a celestial civil war, an angel-like soldier searches for her missing brother in the Crystal City.
September 11 2013

Anno Dracula: Johnny Alucard (Excerpt)

Kim Newman
December 13 2011

The Annotated Sandman, Vol. 1 (Excerpt)

Neil Gaiman and Leslie Klinger
March 28 2013

Antiagon Fire (Excerpt)

L. E. Modesitt Jr.
May 27 2013

Any Other Name (Excerpt)

Emma Newman
October 25 2012

Anya’s Ghost Graphic Novel (Excerpt)

Vera Brosgol
March 26 2014

Anyway: Angie

Reza’s job has put her in the face of every kind of death. Thanks to her guns, her car, and her dapper style, she came through The Bad Years alive, but since losing Angie things haven’t been right. Tonight’s job threatens to bring the worst terrors of that time skittering back to life. “Anyway: Angie” is a new urban fantasy story with more than a touch of horror from rising star Daniel José Older, set in the world of his upcoming Bone Street Rumba series.
October 3 2013

An Apocalypse Makes Way for Magic. Hinterkind #1 (Comic Excerpt)

Ian Edginton and Francesco Trifogli
October 24 2011


James Morrow
Apologue by James Morrow
October 14 2013

Apparition (Excerpt)

Trish J MacGregor
April 29 2012

Aquaman and the Duality of Self/Other, America, 1985

Catherynne M. Valente
Aquaman and the Duality of Self/Other, America, 1985
January 10 2012

Arctic Rising (Excerpt)

Tobias S Buckell