May 9 2012 11:00am

Who’s In the Epic Fantasy Avengers?

Putting together an epic fantasy Avengers team

We’ve talked about what a science fiction Justice League would look like, but with Avengers now ever-present in the minds of the world’s moviegoers, it’s clearly time to think about which fantasy characters would comprise an epic fantasy Avengers.

The Avengers in the movie are an opinionated bunch, so we had to be sure to include fun conflicting personality types, and all our favorite skill sets as well. Who would win if they had to fight the science fiction Justice League? Who made the cut?


King Arthur

This is sort of a duh where fantasy is concerned. King Arthur would be perfect in assuming the leadership role that Captain America provides. He knows how to run the show, how to fight, and how to give people ideals to fight for. Instead of a shield, he’s got one badass sword — Excalibur is sort of like having a super power all to itself, if you want to discount the whole “special chosen king with a magical teacher” thing. Full of reserve and wisdom, and fair-minded about how the team functioned, Arthur would keep everyone at their combat-ready best. A shoe-in.


Legolas (Lord of the Rings)

The team needs an archer to fill Hawkeye’s shoes and Iron Man calls him this in the movie anyway… so clearly we need an elf in this party. Legolas has got all sorts of superhuman skills; he can walk on top of snow for crying out loud. He has heightened senses, he can speak Elvish, and would easily win the team’s “Best Flowing Locks” competition. He also has a flair for the dramatic and says “alas!” a lot. He would probably give Arthur all sorts of foreboding advice in hushed tones. (And if he was like movie-Legolas, all of his lines would basically fill in the exposition. Useful skill.)


Hermione (Harry Potter)

We need a genius, and Hermione basically is the genius when it comes to magic. She’d give everyone a hard time for being impractical and arguing every second, but you know she would be the best tactician of the whole group, logical to a fault. With her wand at the ready, she’d be able to render neutral nearly every obstacle. The girl could unlock a doors at age 11, and fight Death Eaters at 17 — she’d have no trouble dispatching whatever the supervillain-of-the-week deigned to throw at her. (Yeah, we know we’re stretching the epic fantasy definition here, but TEAM HERMIONE.)


Falkor (The Neverending Story)

Obviously, someone around here needs to be able to fly (since Hermione doesn’t like brooms and apparating doesn’t work for everything), and Falkor would be the most cuddly addition to the Fantasy Avengers. He’s good-humored, fun, loyal, and great for helping you out of a pinch. He’d zip in to get the team out of harm’s way, then zip out and have them back in some castle for teatime. As noble steeds go, Arthur would probably be happy to turn in his stallion for a luck dragon. Falkor’s mighty laugh would freeze evildoers in their tracks! He’s a fuzzy Hulk!


Rand al’Thor (Wheel of Time)

Rand al’Thor in the Fantasy Avengers

Actually Rand al’Thor, the hero of the Wheel of Time series, would probably be the best Hulk equivalent on this team, being an intensely moody guy who wields an enormous amount of power. He and Arthur would clash all the time and honestly, we’re not sure who would come out on top. Rand would introduce a seriously unstable element to the team, which would keep things very interesting. You have an army? We have a Rand.


Vin (Mistborn)

Mistborn’s Vin in the Fantasy Avengers

Need someone to single-handedly storm the enemy stronghold and wipe it clean of every goblin, ghoul, and monster? Vin from Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn series is your woman. She fulfills the Black Widow role perfectly and is aloof and deadly. When everyone else is down, she’s still fighting. Under the right circumstances, she could probably take down the entire Fantasy Avengers!


Kvothe (The Kingkiller Chronicles)

Kvothe in the Fantasy Avengers

The Fantasy Avengers has a good mix of overpowered juggernauts, strategists,  and heroes with peak physical abilities, but it doesn’t have a trickster. Someone who can approach a problem sideways and turn a bunch of disparate elements into a home run for the good guys. Tyrion Lannister can do this, but so can Kvothe, from Patrick Rothfuss’ Kingkiller Chronicles, and he has cool abilities that are scenario-specific, so anything you throw at him immediately becomes interesting.


Syrio Forel (A Song of Ice and Fire)

Okay, we’ll level with you here. We wanted someone from this series and while Tyrion, Arya, Dany, Jaime, Melisandre, and many others were considered, Syrio Forel was the clear choice. Our Fantasy Avengers has some serious downers on it, and a funny, swarthy master swordsman is the perfect antidote to that. And we can’t use Inigo Montoya because our final member is....


Fezzik (The Princess Bride)

Fezzik is a man of many talents. Of course, there’s his size and legendary strength, wrestling and climbing skills, but he’s so much more than just the star of the local brute squad… He’s a one-man rhyme machine, he looks damn good in a holocaust cloak, and rumor has it that he’s buddies with the Dread Pirate Roberts (always a good connection to have). A mighty giant with a heart of gold, Fezzik is equally adept at fighting unruly mobs and gently nursing a drunken, depressed friend back to health: who better to have by your side when the chips are down, whether there’s a princess in need of rescue or a father’s honor to be avenged?


Okay, we’ve had our fun with an Epic Fantasy Avengers. Your turn!

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of and is the post-credit surprise in the Fantasy Avengers movie.

Katie Pi
1. Darth_Katie
APPA! Replace the furry dragon with Appa from Avatar: The Last Airbender. :D
Heidi Byrd
2. sweetlilflower
I would pay money to see this line-up...a lot of money!
Hedgehog Dan
3. Hedgehog Dan
Hey, Falkor stays in the team! The Neverending Story is awesome, and it is good to see a member from a non-anglosaxon fantasy. :)
(And by the way, I'd love to see Death from the Discworld and Death from the Endless in a cameo, if this team really comes together! :D)
Mordicai Knode
4. mordicai
1. Darth_Katie

WAIT HOLD ON. Now, I will be the first to admit that I am psychocrazy for Avatar: the Last Airbender & Appa in particular...but I am just as crazy about The NeverEnding Story. How about if we have our cake & eat it to & keep BOTH of them?

Anyhow at lunch yesterday my "Avengers"-esque team-up was: Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Jack Ryan, & Rick Deckard. I-- I may have been a little heavy on the Harrison Ford?
5. parabola
Not a single Malazan character? No Apsalar? No Dancer? No Whiskeyjack? No Anomander Rake? No Quick Ben?

I am disappoint.
John Mann
6. jcmnyu
Rand is too powerful. He doesn't need a team. I'd have chosen either Lan or Mat from WoT. Mat is a brilliant tactician, deadly fighter, and the luckiest man alive. Lan is a master swordsman, dedicated leader, and devistating with the ladies.
S Cooper
7. SPC
Yeah, I think it would take at least Fezzik and Falcor to counteract the sheer level of drama radiating off the rest of the team. Rand and Vin might get along like a house afire (god help their enemies). Where is that Kvothe picture from? That's my new favorite portrait of him.
Hedgehog Dan
8. zackattack
Mat would have been a better choice from the Wheel of Time 'verse. Closer parallel to Tony Stark. Rand essentially is King Arthur. Also, as of the second-to-last book he is no longer unstable or moody.
Damon Garner
9. IrishOmalley
Rand Al Thor, Belgarath, Sparhawk, Colbey Calistinsson., Moiraine, Gimli, Polgara, Luke Skywalker, Yoda....
Chuck Holt
10. conspiracytheorywackadoodle
From my observations, the characters in the Malazan Book of the Fallen seem to be busy at the moment. They might be able to spare a beggar dying in an alley...

Wait -- what's that? The beggar has what kind of talent?

Oh. Never mind.
Kerry Kuhn
11. Kerry
I would rather have Del from Jennifer Roberson's Sword Dancer series for my sword-person than Rand al Thor.
Teresa Nielsen Hayden
12. tnh
Syrio! Good call.

Re Mat: Dunno there. Super-lucky characters warp plots.
Hedgehog Dan
13. Matt_R314
What about Raistlin? Oh, wait... he'd be one of the villains...
Hedgehog Dan
14. Lsana
I do agree with Darth_Katie that we need someone from Avatar on the team, but I don't think I'd go Appa. Toph might do pretty well filling the Hulk roll. Okay, she doesn't have multiple personalities, but she can do "TOPH SMASH" like nobody's business.

If she weren't evil and batshit crazy, I'd be tempted to bring in Azula. Say what you will about her complete lack of a moral compass, the girl has some serious skills, both in the combat and political arenas. The team could use someone who can not only throw fire and lightning without messing up her hair, but can get the enemy to back down with sheer force of will. If only she weren't evil and batshit crazy.
Mordicai Knode
15. mordicai
12. tnh

Well, but Falcor is already on the team: he's a luck dragon!
Mordicai Knode
16. mordicai
14. Lsana

I dunno, if there is one thing about Azula we do know, it is that she does mess up her hair. With scissors. Like a psychopath.

The thing about Avatar: the Last Airbender is that they are all already on a team! Same for The Legend of Korra; it is like the Fantastic Four. Sometimes The Thing might hang-out with The Avengers for a while, or Beast, but we all know that they are a FF4 or X-man first & foremost. Maybe we need to really go to the corners of the world? Someone who had a guest spot? Are The White Lotus like, Avatar's SHIELD?
Hedgehog Dan
17. Captain Newtype
Michael Moorcock's The Eternal Champion is his own, multiverse spanning Avengers. Each one an incarnation of the same being.

Elric of Melnibone
Dorian Hawkmoon
John Dakar/Erekose/
Corum of the Scarlet Robe
Nearly any member of the Von Bek family.
Oswald Bastable,

Plus, if worst comes to worse, they can actually merging into one, gigantic entity of Cosmic Power.
Hedgehog Dan
18. denari6
Richard Rahl - Leader
Rand Al'Thor - Antileader
Legolas - archer
Kylar Stern - assassin
Vin- Black widow
Kvothe - genius/bard
Bridget McGovern
19. BMcGovern about we throw in Momo? I bet he and Falkor would get along swimmingly. Plus...can you ever go wrong with more Momo?
Rob Munnelly
20. RobMRobM
I'd second the suggestion that we need some Malazan. I'd say Quick Ben or Kalam, with the extra benefit of adding some diversity to the team.
Tricia Irish
21. Tektonica
Must. Have. Quick Ben.

Essential in any fight.
22. parabola
Malazan Avengers

Whiskeyjack - leader
Apsalar/Sorry - femme fatale/assassin
Toc - archer
Quick Ben - genius
Karsa Orlong - antileader/tank

"I have an army."
"We have Karsa."
Ben Goodman
23. goodben
The Neverending Story Part 2 is my personal WORST MOVIE EVER. It pretty much ruined the first movie for me and disqualifies anyone from it.
Hedgehog Dan
24. wcarter4
Rand? Seriously? Everyone else with the possible exceptions of Vin and Kvothe should just go home. He can and has singlehandgled wiped out armies numbering in the tens of thousands.
Vin would make a good body guard/steath counterpart to Rand maybe while Kvothe is more clever and well Kvothe ,but everyone else is rendered totally unnecessary when you put someone as powerful as Rand on a team.
Hedgehog Dan
25. Hedgehog Dan
Don't get me wrong, I don't want to act like a snob, but please, forget The Neverending Story movies, and read the novel instead! It is a much deeper, more unforgettable experience, believe me!
(And it is not against the first movie, which is okay, but far from the magnificence of the novel.)
Hedgehog Dan
26. mutantalbinocrocodile
Plus, Vin can kill everyone in sight without feeling the need to wear skintight leather/show off her butt/generally be a sex object for the male opponent or reader.
Hedgehog Dan
27. Jeff R.
Too modern. Where's Garet Jax, Barek Halfhand, Silk, Reepicheep, snf Fflewddur Fflam?

(Also tempted to swap Syrio and Fessik for Inigo and Hodor...)
Kimani Rogers
28. KiManiak
I second (third, fourth, fifth) the request for some type of Malazan presence here.

I'm inclined to second Quick Ben's presence, but if you're looking for an uber powerful member that's not a big rage monster (kinda a Fantasy Avengers' Thor) I would even go for Anomander Rake (yes, I know that SPOILER, but still).

Hmm, I wonder if Paran/Master-of-the-Deck could fill the Nick Fury role?
Hedgehog Dan
29. Jeff S.
Connor McCleod of the clan McCleod. Expert swordsman, 400 years of combat experience, immortal.
Hedgehog Dan
30. chosen
1. Perrin Aybarra (he is Thor for crying out loud)
2. Ned Stark ( he could fill Captain America's shoes easily)
3. Quick Ben (were gonna need some serious power to fill the Hulks shoes.. err ripped pants, so I say go with magic power instead of physical, and he is a genius)
4. Birgette Silverbow (now there is an archer)
5. Dalinar Kholin (if we need someone in bad ass armor, he's our guy to replace Iron Man)
6. Inigo Montoya (You killed his father, prepare to die)

But who could possibly assemble them?
Tom Doherty as Nick Fury
31. parabola
Holy crap... I'd forgotten all about Garet Jax. Thanks for the reminder... we could also use Haplo (I'd take him over Alfred any day).
Hedgehog Dan
32. kaylams
Now the only thing left to decide is which bad guy/gal/monster they would be fighting against. I'm having a hard time thinking of a good first movie, Loki level type villian. However, two or three sequels in the ultimate big bad would be Cthulu. Outside the realm of epic fantasy, but still amazing in a completely crazy way. You really can't get harder to fight than that.
Hedgehog Dan
33. FluffyPanda
Anasûrimbor Kellhus from The Darkness that Comes Before... You've got an army? Well now it's kind of our army. And you might want to start shopping for gifts for your new best mate.

If you need a leader you don't get much better.
Hedgehog Dan
35. catterpillarboy
When the Chaos Being known as the Beetlejuice™ begins to wreak havoc across multiple dimensions, Jack Skellington™ - the Pumpkin King- begins a desperate search for those who would be able to who would be able to assist him in restoring order throughout the multiverse. Thus are born, Tim Burton’s Avengers™!


- Jack Skellington™ - the Pumpkin King: the God of Halloween! With his trusty sidekick, Zero!

- Edward™- With his amazing Scissorhands!

- The Corpse Bride™- Because what is dead may never die!

- Ed Wood!

- P.W. Herman™- An agent of Chaos in his own right!

Starring Samuel L. Jackson as Jack Skellington and Johnny Depp as everyone else...
Hedgehog Dan
36. Phasmus
I nominate Lord Vetinari of Discworld for the Nick Fury position.
Irene Gallo
37. Irene
@ 30: "But who could possibly assemble them? Tom Doherty as Nick Fury"
Oh yeah!
Hedgehog Dan
38. Amal
1) Vin
2) Anomander Rake
3) Polgara
4) Aragorn
5) Kvothe
6) Hermione
Sky Thibedeau
39. SkylarkThibedeau
Ned Stark- Captain America
Conan- The Hulk
Sir Gawain- IronMan
Robin Hood- Hawkeye
Red Sonja- Black Widow
Thor God of Thunder - Thor Comic character
Aragorn - Nick Fury
Boromir -Agent Coulson
Mordicai Knode
40. mordicai
37. Irene

I officially nominate 30. chosen as the winner of this thread.
Hedgehog Dan
42. Tomp
It would be interesting to see a group of bad guys as well.
Hedgehog Dan
43. Hedgehog Dan
"I nominate Lord Vetinari of Discworld for the Nick Fury position."

Oh, f***ing agree! :D :D :D
Hedgehog Dan
44. Hedgehog Dan
"It would be interesting to see a group of bad guys as well."

Mine Villain Team-Up:

Vorbis from Small Gods by Sir Terry Pratchett
Xaida and G'mork from The Neverending Story by Michael Ende
The Corinthian from Sandman by Neil Gaiman
Jadis from Narnia novels by C. S. Lewis
Tywin Lannister from aSoIaF by George R R Martin
Prince Regal from Assassin Trilogy by Robin Hobb
Zane from Mistborn: The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson

And the man behind all of them would be Sauron (and behind him, there could be the Nothing from The Neverending Story).

Regarding the mooks: the bukken or diggers from Memory, Sorrow and Thorn by Tad Williams, the Others from aSoiAF and the Winged Beings from The Eyes of the Overworld by Jack Vance.
Rob Munnelly
45. RobMRobM
@44 - some nice thoughts but Regal is way too wimpy for this high company - at least use the White Priestess from Farseer/Tawny Man. And, while we're at it, let's use someone else in place of Tywin - perhaps Jaqen H'gar or Melisandre.
Hedgehog Dan
46. Booklegger451
Let's get old school...

King Arthur (Captain America)
The Golem of Rabbi Loew (Iron Man)
Beowulf (Thor)
Heracles (The Hulk)
Robin Hood (Hawkeye)
Brünnhilde (Black Widow)
Shelly wb
47. shellywb
Conan. This team cannot exist without Conan. And really, Legolas over Robin Hood? Bah.
Hedgehog Dan
48. kevinje
Captain America: King Arthur - No one is more noble
The Hulk: Pug - He used a moon to smash a demon!
IronMan: Richard Rahl - Invents magic to order and has a hot girlfriend
Hawkeye: William Tell - He had touble with people in power
Black Widow: Leeloo (The Fifth Element) - She's got the moves!
Thor: Conan - Same spirit as Thor
Nick Fury: Gandulf - Who can pull more strings?
Luis Milan
49. LuisMilan
Razor Eddie, the Punk God of the Straight Razos, from the Nightside books.
Amy Palmer
50. wayfaringpanda
Captain America: King Arthur is a good choice. Sticking with this one.
The Hulk: Beast from Beauty and the Beast. He's big, angry and has claws. What more could you ask for? Second choice: Seras Victoria from Hellsing.
IronMan: Alphonse Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist. He knows alchemy, is made of metal and has a generally cheery disposition, a must for all the serious personalities here.
Hawkeye: Azhure from Sara Douglass' Wayfarer Redemption trilogy. Not only does she shoot a wicked accurate arrow, but she wields magic and has a pack of magical wolves that can morph into otherworldy beasts and rip you to shreds.
Black Widow: Nagi Kirima from Boogiepop Phantom. Well, from the Boogiepop series in general. She's got a hero complex, a motorcycle, and no problem taking on enemies of the world. Also is a competent tactician.
Thor: Sten from Dragon Age: Origins. His soul is his sword, and while not magical he comes from a culture that specializes in taking down mages. Second option: Xena. 'Nuff said.
Nick Fury: Boris Ignatievich/Gesar from Sergei Lukyanenko's Night Watch series. He's powerful, knows how to manipulate pretty much everyone, and knows how to call others to his cause.
Hedgehog Dan
51. chaosprime
I'm sorry, I can't validate any Epic Fantasy Avengers that doesn't include Benedict of Amber. I would say he can sort of split the Captain America role with King Arthur; he fills the tactics, strategy, and occasional finesse warrior part of Cap's role, where Arthur is more the charismatic leader and frontline brawler.
Hedgehog Dan
52. Mackrob
Conan - Must have
John Carter - Swordsman/Leader/Racist
Quick Ben - Strike him down and he will become more powerful than you could possibly imagine
Kickaha - Just plain fun
Elric - There always has to be a grump and Conan isn't melancholy all the time
Thomas of Hookton - Can give them the bird after decorating them with goose feathers (admittedly from historical fiction)
Ninefinger - You wouldn't like him when he's angry
Jant - Can fly, scout, deliver messages and score great drugs
Kalam Mekhar - Can't have Ben without his best buddy and the ultimate Claw assassin

Think I could probably do an entire Gemmell one too, maybe when I have more time
Hedgehog Dan
53. worthy
Read this this morning, and it was my thing to ponder today during occasional breaks at work. Here is what I came up with:

Nick Fury- Gandalf ...cuz, cmon, Fury has to be a badass who "motivates" others into doing things they may not want to do...thats Gandalf. Distant second Thom Merrilin.
Thor- well, if you don't want to go with mythological Thor, howabout A) Death, from the Discworld novels, or Percy Jackson from Rick Riordans books as our god/demigod type?
Black Widow- had a tough time with this one but ended up pretty happy with the idea of Faith from Buffy the Vampire Slayer as my Black Widow.
Captain America- ok, I really like the King Arthur choice here. I can't think of anyone I like better for Cap
Hawkeye- Legolas was an excellent choice for Hawkeye's spot, but I'm going with the original bad boy archer, Robin Hood. Plus, we should get some interesting interplay between Robin and Arthur.
Hulk- I had two schools of thought here..Hulk needs to be incredibly powerful and dangerous, and a little scary to everyone. Conan is a natural here, as is Tor's choice of Rand, but I keep leaning towards Thomas Covenant. The Unbeliever with his chaotic white gold magic is the definition of dangerous to everyone in his vicinity.
Ironman- Tony Stark is actually pretty unique, and I had a tough time coming up with someone I liked here. I'm not thrilled with the parallels, but I'm going with Harry Dresden here. Corwin of Amber still in the back of my mind on this one...

People I was sad not to use: Princess Eilonwy, Inigo Montoya, Gimli, Polgara, Bannor of the Bloodguard, Druss the Axe, and oh so many idea, thanks Tor!!!
Hedgehog Dan
54. Hedgehog Dan
@45: You are right, even I was thinking about my list, and it occured to me, that I left out Prince Septimus from Stardust, who is a better "Evil Prince" than Regal.
Yeah, actually, Mellisandre also might be better choice, since she can be a perfect "lieutenant" for Vorbis - both of them are zealous, and the difference in their fanatism can be a perfect source of conflict. Also, Mellisandre completes Jadis in a way (ice and fire).
Hedgehog Dan
55. Bane of Kings
Although not technically all epic fantasy, here's my list:

King Arthur, Vin, Harry Dresden, Ezio Auditore Da Firenze, Legolas and Arya Stark.


Not sure who the villian would be though, or who would assemble them. Probably Dresden's Wizard Council.
jon meltzer
56. jmeltzer
Fezzik? Inigo?

Uh, what about the guy who beat both of them : Westley (aka Dread Pirate Roberts III ...)?
Hedgehog Dan
57. Sam89
1. Mat Cauthon
2. Karsa Orlong
3. Jaqen H'ghar
4. Nicomo Cosca
5. Relg (Belgariad)
6. Sarene (Elantris)
7. Kitiara Uth Matar
Hedgehog Dan
58. Spamwise
I would have included Elric. His sword is as much a force of chaos he would easily replace the Hulk's role on the team.
Rob Munnelly
59. RobMRobM
@51 - big plus one for Benedict. I had the same thought but didn't get around to posting it.

@53. Princess Eilonwy? What is she going to do, shine her bauble in their eyes?

@56 LOL. Westley FTW.
Hedgehog Dan
60. ClintACK
The Legion of Snark:

- Belgarath the Sorcerer
- Buffy the Vampire Slayer
- Harry Dresden, Wizard
- Mat Cauthon, the Fox that makes the Ravens fly
- Westley, the Dread Pirate Roberts
- Kelsier, the Survivor of Hathsin
- Harry Potter, the Boy who Lived
- Tyrion Lannister, Dwarf

I'd pay just to read the dialogue!
Hedgehog Dan
62. Timothy74
How about Allanon for the Nick Fury character? He's a bad ass and he "motivates" people (several generations of Ohmsfords) to do heroic deeds to save the world from evil.
Hedgehog Dan
63. JustinS
No love for the heros of the riftwar?
Pug may be a bit too cosmic, but Thomas (gold dragon optional) is certainly up there for epic.
Hedgehog Dan
64. pts
I am shocked! shocked! that Locke Lamora is not on this list. Lose the Kvothe and give me Locke & Jean any day of the week.
Hedgehog Dan
65. Kevin2
Bart Simpsen
Hedgehog Dan
66. Appreauntis
Raistlin would fill in for Loki very well.
Rich Bennett
67. Neuralnet
Andre the Giant has a Posse!

Good call on the parallel between Black widow and Vin.
Craig Barnett
68. Ommadawn
Second that to the Riftwar characters. Pug would be a must.
Stephane Dauzat
69. Zolt
Come ON! Harry Dresden for sanity's sake! He's the perfect candidate. He'll definitely go in as iron man for sheer snark and his ability to take a beating. He's more of a spidey fan though. And don't even *try* to argue that he's not epic enough.

For Thor: How about the guy who helped kill Thor? Atticus O'Sullivan, from Kevin Hearne's novels?
Hedgehog Dan
70. Brett2017
What about Fitz (as in Farseer... Assassins Apprentice et al). Moody, introspective, a misplaced morality that makes you mentally ache with frustration when he goes over - in his own mind - why he can't have a happy life.
Worrying about Molly whose sole kindness to him was taking his virginity - she preys on his mind when any ordinary guy would see her for what she is. Missable, selfish, manipulative! No thanks. But she dominates his morose thoughts for entire BOOKS!
Chade is the man who is the most interesting human, but the arch-goody is wolfy. Yes! Not sure who to name here but man, I love Night Eyes. And poor old Nosy, loyal and lovable to a fault. My favourite characters are all canines.
OK, so I like Burrich and Kettricken too, but they cannot replace Night Eyes and while I'm as emotional as a turnip, a tear cam to my eye when Night Eyes died.
Hedgehog Dan
71. Beeblebear
@Chosen: Ned Stark might be able to fill Captain America's shoes, but he'd have trouble with the helmet.
Hedgehog Dan
72. Milen
I saw someone mentioned Kylar Stern... I'd much rather see Viridiana Sovari as Black Widow.

Thor - The Bloody Nine. He doesn't fit the description so much as he's just too fucking awesome to not be included.

Captain America -Tavi (Gaius Octavian) from Codex Alera

Iron Man - I second the Dhalinar Kholin proposal, or Kaladin Stormblessed if he eventually gets to use a shardplate/blade.

Hulk - well, I don't guess many people have read the Firestaff Series, but Tarrin before he becomes a Weavespinner (and therefore way too overpowered) would fill the role perfectly.

I'd also love to see:
- from WoT: Mat Cauthon, Lan Mandragoran
- from the Night Angel Trilogy: Kylar Sturn, Durzo Blint, sister Ariel
- Harry Dresden from The Dresden Files
- basically any character from The Firestaff Series. Seriously, it's the most awesome fantasy series ever written. It's so awesome it's not even funny
- Kvothe or Elodin from The Kingkiller Trilogy
- from The Discworld: Commander Vimes, Captain Carrot, Granny Weatherwax, Havelock Vetinari, Angua, Rincewind, Cohen the Barbarian
- Miles Vorkosigan from The Vorkosigan Series (it's technically sci-fi, but I don't care)
- from Joe Abercrombie's novels: Bremer dan Gorst, Ferro, Black Dow, Bayaz, Glokta, Rudd Threetrees, hell, there are way too many awesome characters there...
Hedgehog Dan
73. Deadrain
@72. Kaladin will never use shardplate, as it interferes with his Surgebinding, a shardblade he might use but only if Syl gets over her dislike of them.

but while we are talking about villains, what about Szeth son son Vallano? behind him could be the person holding his oathstone so they would have the option of either rescuing him or sadly having to take him out.

Also for another more shady hero: Waylander from the Chronicles of the Drenai, since nobody is deadlier than he is.
Hedgehog Dan
74. ScottB
Croaker from The Black Company is the Nick Fury of the group.
Bike Baykara
75. Amarie
@60.ClintACK oh god so much snark we could just let them talk for whole series they don't even have to do anything!

I would go with;
King Arthur - that is very good choice no arguments there although I could also go with Sparhawk simply because he is awesome and a very good leader

Robin Hood - because movie Legolas kinda killed Legolas for me and Robin Hood is the original archer along with Tell anyway

Hermione/Polgara - if its fantasy we need good Sorcerers though I couldn't choose between them. they are the geniuses in the group

Silk- for a master assasin/rogue and providing us lovely snark

Shadow - might be a good Thor foil if he decides to realize his potential and they are siblings, although he would be more cautious and less tempremental version, while still being very powerfull

I can't really find anyone for Hulk, although this group could use both a heavy hitter and a wild card. Maybe a chaotic character, Rand would fit but he is far to powerfull for a team, so I guess Conan or Hercules.
Hedgehog Dan
76. Felurian
@68 + 63:

I agree, Riftwar has some good contenders for sure: Tomas, Pug, Arutha, perhaps even Jimmy the Hand. But if I were only able to pick one character from the whole of Feist for this line-up, it's probably Nakor the Isalani. He excels at magical "tricks", is silly, witty, quick, nimble, annoying and occasionally batsh*t insane. There'd never be a dull moment.

Plus, he's got provisions sorted. Anyone want an orange?
Hedgehog Dan
77. Ninefingers
The Bloody Nine must be included, probably as the Hulk - somewhat normal guy who undergoes crazy transformation into unstoppable killing machine every now and then? Easy.

Also voting for Dalinar Kholin as Ironman.

Surprised Gerald Tarrant from the C.S. Friedman Coldfire trilogy hasn't been mentioned. Sure, he survives off fear and suffering, but The Hunter would add an element of danger and uncertainty to the mix.
Joris Meijer
78. jtmeijer
Trying to obtain a set with more European comic characters, tricky.

Asterix as Captain America
the Marsupilami as The Hulk (or Obelix)
The Metabaron as IronMan
Lucky Luke as Hawkeye (or perhaps Calamity Jane)
Adèle Blanc-Sec as Black Widow (perhaps lt. Jones from XIII?)
Lanfeust as Thor
Largo Winch as Nick Fury
Hedgehog Dan
79. PT_Nerd_FT_Tchr
While Lord Vetinari is tempting in the Nick Fury role, I still think I'd lean toward Sam Vimes instead. Anyone who can lead the night watch should lead an Avengers team.
Rob Munnelly
80. RobMRobM
@70 Yes, Fitz and Night Eyes would be great additions. Great axeman, good swordsman, full of Assassin trickery, ability to communicate with/control animals, ability to communicate with/control humans using the Skill plus the wise grey haired (I mean furred) companion as part of a package deal.
Hedgehog Dan
81. Pskben
Whiskeyjack - Nick Fury
King Arthur or Lan Al'mandragoran -Cap America
Dhalinar Kholin (Stormlight Archive and he has a badass suit of armor) - Iron Man
Icarium (Can destory whole cities when he is angry) - Hulk
? - Ant-Man
Tinker Bell - The Wasp
Quick Ben - Vision
Rand Al'Thor - Black Knight
Vin - Black Widow
Brigette Silverbow - Hawkeye
Hedgehog Dan
82. DaveOK
Dr. Who, to fill in any gaping plot holes with timey wimey stuff.
Hedgehog Dan
83. mr. awesome
1. Merlin
2. Dumbledore
3. Gandalf
4. Sparrowhawk
5. Harry Dresden

Magic > Everything else
Hedgehog Dan
84. mr. awesome
I suppose I should add

6. Kvothe.

It's just that Kvothe sucks compared to those other guys. Those guys saved the world, some of them did it multiple times. Kvothe caused an apocalypse and got everyone he cared about killed. Hopefully the presence of so many other wiser wizards will be a good influence on his stupidity. If that happened, then these guys could stop anyone.
Hedgehog Dan
85. Dthulhu
Mr.Wednesday from American Gods might make an excellent villain or Nick Fury like character.
Hedgehog Dan
86. Kindafunny
Let's take a second to think...
King Arthur => Well, I don't think he would be a good leader. I mean I love the character (the BBC series is awesome) but when you look at the original Arthur... Well then he's kind off a whimp who was played by Merlin and his fournicating wife. His knights were much more interesting. Anyway I would nominate Jon Snow he's more of a real hero and he knows what sacrifice means + he has the stark sense of honor
Legolas => Allright I really love Legolas and Robin but let's face it Roland Deschain of Gilead would kill them easily(offcourse after that he learned to love en respect them)
Hermione => If you have to take one character of the HPbooks why would you bother picking Hermione... Dumbledore all the way! He's wise, he's armed with an invinceble want, etc.
Falkor => Who needs a dragon when you have a guy who can crete portkeys? I would replace Falkor by Aslan => The dialogue between him and Dumbledore would be awesome
Rand al’Thor => Ninefinger is awesome, he would send Rand back to the mud
Vin => Turin Turambar! Tragic hero and if you are the one who gets to kill Melkor in the end then you're a badass
Kvothe => No arguement there, any team needs Kvothe
Syrio Forel => exchange him for Daenerys Targaryen, I know she can be irritatingly silly, but she'll grow into her role and let's face it... Mother of dragons =Epic winning
Fezzik => Let's get Jimmy Hand in, a natural born leader who isn't affraid to follow when needed (the perfect righthand for Jon), the guy swindeld the greatest magician on his planet who was 'possesed' by the God of thieves... + Let's face it Feist novels are classic but after Feist killed of Arutha, Jimmy and Emus Trask his novels started to... well, suck in comparising it with his older work.

Other characters: Arutha, Emus Trask, Nakur, Eddie Dean, Aragorn, HP, Elodin, Gimli, Mandred, etc.
Hedgehog Dan
87. Dominiquex
Seriously awesome list. I actually agree with a lot of it, but for the fun of it, I'm going to write my own here.

1. Nick Fury (aka the Boss, guy who brings them all together, basically good intentions, but you just can't entirely trust him, excellent reader of character, the Chessmaster, several irons in the fire) - I love the idea of Gandalf here, but you can trust Gandalf to the ends of the world. Less tension. Opposite problem with American Gods' Wednesday. I think it has to be Professor Dumbledore.

2. Captain America (aka the über-hero, first of his kind, idealistic, take charge, in the thick of it, awesome gear, mostly just physically fit to the upper limits of human ability) - I can see King Arthur working really well here. But just for fun I'll submit his slightly more fantastical incarnation of Aragorn son of Arathorn as the first modern fantasy über-hero.

3. Tony Stark (aka genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, snarker, wild card, super-"powers" stemming from genius-level inventions) - Omg, Kvothe works so well here I can't even argue. Love. It. Though he can't fly... that we know of.

4. Hulk (aka the guy no one is sure they really want to have on the team, genius, hates his powers, physically indestructible, can smash anything you come across, unpredictable) - I'm far from up to date with the WoT series, but from what I know Rand Al'Thor works pretty damn well here. And maybe his demi-godishness could have a slight edge taken off it if not taking place in his world? Though I'm not sure of his being a genius. I do love the above Toph suggestion, but she just doesn't carry the unpredictable angst factor.

5. Black Widow (aka the assassin, cool headed, marksman, able to con people into spilling their guts, no real "super powers", bonus if has a history with another team member) - kinda from left field, but I like Jay Lake's Green here for her assassin powers, especially because she mirrors not really being in the same league as the others. Another option would be Lyra Silvertongue.

6. Hawkeye (aka the archer, reserved/broody, no real "super powers", bonus if has a history with another team member) - Really wanna bring Katniss Everdeen here, especially since archery has to be the only superpower present, so I don't even mind that she's not from a fantasy world. I mean, Robin Hood isn't fantasy either. Legolas just doesn't have any brood-factor and too much else in the super-power region.

7. Thor (aka demi-god, super strong, kingly presence, can fly, personal angst with the antagonist, last minute addition to the team) - I guess this is where Falkor originally came into Tor's roster? It's a hard role to fill. I'm gonna say that this spot is combined with Rand Al'Thor as Hulk and leave it at that. Bam, extra power overflow from that position taken care of.

* Bonus Team Support 1) Phil (aka the official, trusted by the Boss, completely normal, fanboy) - And this is where I get to put Tyrion Lannister. You know he'd be a great assistant to Dumbledore, who'd see straight through his snark and trust him.

* Bonus Team Support 2) that girl played by Colbie Smuthers (aka the Boss' assistant, would be kick-ass if not around all these freakin' super powers, can handle her own, handy with a weapon) - Well, since I failed in per existing relationships in the core team, I'm gonna put Arya Stark here.. Granny Weatherwax would be a good option too, though.
Hedgehog Dan
88. jack222
I actually think Drizzt, like the books or not, would be a good fit as our sword dude. Plus he comes with his own troop of cannon fodder to take out when you put him on the team :)
Hedgehog Dan
89. jack222
Sword dude doesn't exist in this list. I'll swap him with the Hulk, scary dark elf and big green monster. Nobody initially trust either. If you don't mind mastery of swords replacing physical power.
Hedgehog Dan
90. Heathspawn
This is an ok list. But hard to believe nobody has mentioned Drizzt Do'Urden. I'd rather have him than Falkor
Hedgehog Dan
91. Hedgehog Dan
I think Falkor is the fantasy version of the Hellicarier. ^^
(Well, he is much more friendly than Melancthon would be from The Iron Dragon's Daughter - hmm... the invasion forces actually could include Melancthon-type iron dragons...)
Actually, I would choose Nynaeve al'Meara for the role of Maria Hill... she might be a little bit too headstrong, but still, if you have Havelock Vetinari in charge, well she might follow his orders.
Regarding the others...
Captain America - I agree that King Arthur shall take his place... despite he is quite an ubiqitous character, he also belongs to the "King Sleeping Beneath the Mountain" type of heroes... just like Captain America.
(Camaris from Memory, Sorrow and Thorn is also a good candidate for the role of CA, but I still prefer King Arthur...)
Agent Coulson - good call... you need someone, who is loyal, humble and has a subtle, low-key humor... Lucien from Sandman, maybe?
For the rest... I don't want to match all the heroes from Avengers with characters from fantasy literature, but I would really like to see Kvothe, Vin, FitzChivalry, Pwyll Twiceborn from The Fionavar Tapestry and Pekar from Waterborn in the same team... and I'd also love to witness Tyrion Lannister and Sand dan Glokta having a beer or two together...
Hedgehog Dan
92. Pliny the Welder
Tanis Half-elven
Bartimeus the Djinn
Atticus O'Sullivan
Hermione Granger
Merlin of Amber/Chaos
Hedgehog Dan
93. menandore
Gotta have Jamethiel as Black Widow. (The second, not the original. Although the Dream-Weaver would be pretty deadly too - just not in the right way.)
Hedgehog Dan
94. Epic_Level
Arthur Pendragon - Captian America
Brigette Silverbow - Hawkeye
Bernard, Lord Caulderon - The Hulk
Avhienda - Black Widow
Sparhawk - Iron Man
Gaius Octavian - Thor
Khelben Aurunson - Nick Fury
Hedgehog Dan
95. Pcolaman
A fantasy Avengers team without Drizzt Do'Urden would be like them making The Avengers and leaving out Captain America or Iron Man. Seriously. Drizzt + Guenhwyvar is a fantasy force to be reckoned with.
Hedgehog Dan
96. Blues
Could be Jaquen H'gar instead of Syrio. A man would be happy to serve justice.
Hedgehog Dan
97. Logen
There can be no other Hulk substitute but for the Bloody Nine.

As Nine Fingers he just wants to be a better man but put him in a tight spot and make him angry and he becomes the Bloody Nine, a desttructive machine, dangerous to everyone close by. He is just the ultimate fantasy rage monster
Hedgehog Dan
98. Bane of Kings
New Team, with Roles:

Captain America: King Arthur
Hulk: Conan
Thor: Sigmar Heldenhammer (Legend of Sigmar Trilogy)
Black Widow: Vi Solari (Night Angel Trilogy)
Hawkeye: Robin Hood
Iron Man: Harry Dresden (Dresden Files)
Nick Fury: Albus Dumbledore (Harry Potter)
S.H.E.I.L.D: The Order of the Phoenix / Dresden's Wizarding Council (Dresden Files)

Enemy: A large army of Daemons summoned by Lord Voldemort's Death Eaters - of the Gods Khorne, Nurgle, Slaneesh and Tzneetch.

Plot: The Chaos Gods work their way into Present Day Earth, and threaten to call forth a daemonic host brought to real-space by Voldemort. Dumbledore and the Order of the Phoenix are forced to ally with Dresden's wizarding council in order to summon heroes from the other worlds. After initial infighting, in particular, a clash between Conan and Sigmar, the Avengers are forced to unite over the Death of , and combat the Daemon Princes of Chaos in an epic fight in New York City, Manhattan, which results in Voldemort being killed and the portal collapsing, sending the Daemons back into the warp. the other Avengers are then dispatched back to their own worlds, where they are needed indivdually.

Sounds like a plot for some very weird fanfic. Which, actually... gives me an idea.
Hedgehog Dan
99. Nick FPM
I'm thinking a good Hulk replacement would have been Beorn, from The Hobbit. Now that's a Tolkien character I'd love to explore more of (as opposed to Legolas, who is kind of blah to me).
Hedgehog Dan
100. AdamBrodie1
My team:

David Wong & John Cheese (massively snarky & together powerful enough to make an iron man)
The Weaver (powerful & talks funny, therefore Thor)
Dane Parnell (capable soldier - Captain America)
Detective Wyte (brooding, turns into fungaloid monster - Hulk)
Dogman (Archer - Hawkeye)
The Spider (from Lies of Locke Lamora - because obvious why)
Hedgehog Dan
101. SueQ
My 'Avengers' were John Steed and Mrs. Emma Peel (Diana Rigg), so add them. Steed had that cool umbrella sword and Mrs. Peel just had to smile and wear her cat suit-- just before she kicked ass.
Iain Coleman
102. Iain_Coleman
Robin Hood
Jesus Christ
Sherlock Holmes
Doctor Who

That lot should be able to deal with pretty much anything, I should think.
Hedgehog Dan
103. carlitosprime
Aragon/team leader
Acheron/ omnipotent god
Apocalipse/ stronguest mutant, hulk equivalent
Kahlan/ black widow equivalent with awesome powers
Yoda/kickass dwarf
Rouge/ practicaly invincible
Dritzz/weapon expert
handcok/ drunken menaze
Nathan Love
104. n8love
Is it wrong that I want a list of all questionably sane heroes? I don't care, the voices told me to do it:

Kelsier - Cap (Absolutely the team leader)
Dalinar - Iron Man (Yeah, the suit thing)
Morpheus (Sandman) - Thor (seldom speaks, but its always deep and old-timey sounding)
Rand (pre ToM) - Hulk (Functionally limitless power. Oh, and the rage)
Elodin - Hawkeye (He is always standing a little too close to a high ledge)
River Song - Black Widow (Assassin with time-travel? Check. Epic fantasy? Meh, I like it too much to follow the rules. Plus being part TL crosses over a bit)
Hedgehog Dan
105. cujara cinmoi
Director of Team (aka Nick Fury) - Anasurimbor Khellus pre-gnosis
Hedgehog Dan
106. LeCook
This is fun. Would love to fit Drizzt, Jimmy the Hand, Aragorn, Silk, Nakor, Jon Snow, Kvote, Rorschach and Lan as well in there somehow but heck... Stickin' somewhat with the original spirit, here' my pick.

Richard Rahl (Goodkind) - Captain America / Lead

Birgitte Silverbow (Jordan) - Hawkeye / Archer

Sparhawk (Eddings) - Iron Man / Witty Palladin

Melisandre (GRRM) - Black Widow / Sexy, Manipulative Genius

Bloody Nine (Abercrombie) - Hulk / Unpredictable Looming Psycho

Rand Al'Thorne - Thor / Undestructible Demigod
Hedgehog Dan
107. closedfortheday
What about a Rune lord??????
Hedgehog Dan
108. Anna_Wing
Nick Fury - Cordelia Vorkosigan
Captain America - Signy Mallory
Hulk - Granny Weatherwax
Iron Man - Morgaine (C J Cherryh's)
Hawkeye - Jamethiel Priests'-bane
Black Widow - Lady Penelope
Thor - Galadriel
Hedgehog Dan
109. Aronbh
Replace Hermione with Raymond Feist's master magician Pug and maybe find some room for Robin Hobb's master assassin FitzChivalry Farseer.
Hedgehog Dan
110. Kalby
The archer should be Will from the ranger apprentice series
And replace kvothe with Han Allister from the seven realms aeries
And if you need another Thor just Jurel from the Rites of ascension series
Hedgehog Dan
111. Drake1713
Durzo Blint instead of Syrio.
Raistlin Majere has to be on this list somewhere, probably in place of Rand al'Thor.
Jaenalle from the Black Jewels should be on here too
Hedgehog Dan
112. HundredLives
Ok, Who would be the main bad-guy of these avengers? Personally, i think Vin could kick anyone's ass. She DID kill two things that were supposed to be immortal... may just bring back Sauron and take away Vin's God-status. Naw, these avengers would still mow him down easily... maybe throw in The Lord Ruler and the Chandrian. I'd pay money to see that.
Hedgehog Dan
113. Mykey
I have to nominate Roland Deschain to fill the Hawkeye roll; he also never misses, but he uses guns instead of stupid-ass arrows. He's also more ruthless. I also have to nominate Randall Flagg as the Loki-esque type villain. I'm not that huge a fan of the Dark Tower series, but I those characters fit well.
Hedgehog Dan
114. Chronicler
Kvothe is nessessary for the team: who don't want someone with a 2000 years old sword, a cloak made of shadows, power of the secret name of the wind (power over wind), magic that lets you transform one kind of energy, be it heat, moviment or light, in other and trasfer it... and he is a trickster!
Hedgehog Dan
115. Zeria
So long as nobody disagrees with Vin being on the team, nobody will get hurt.

Hedgehog Dan
116. Zenbryo
I love me some Syrio Forel, but if you replace him with Jimmy the Hand you still get a hilarious and tricky swordfighter AND a brilliant underhanded tactician for free.
Hedgehog Dan
117. J. Anthony Carter
Hmmm, well don't get me wrong, but there's no need for all of these people. There's nothing that can happen, no individual or group of bad guys you could meet nor situation you could conceive of (with the SOLE exception of having to love three completely different women at the same time) that couldn't be masterfully handled by Master Rand 'al Thor. With the "Sword that's not a sword" the sa' angreal male statuette and the fact that he IS a Heron-bladed Sword Master... what the f()C# else you need? Only power higher is a freaking A-Bomb! Lmao!
Hedgehog Dan
118. Tarantio1983
Ok, Folks ... so far I like all the lists I've seen here, but I thought I'd share my take on it (drawing members of the Avengers team from the whole of sci-fi fandoms) and it's been drawn as:-

Leader/Perfect Soldier (Captain America) -> Sir Samuel Vimes (The Duke of Ank, Commander of the AnkMorpork City Watch) from Terry Pratchett's Discworld sagas.
I chose Sam Vimes because he is the perfect leader of any group and is also not afraid to roll his sleaves up and get his hands dirty, in addition to which he will lead from the front. On top of which, he's idea of politics is very straight forward (don't trust anyone who smiles and talks nicely to you).

Femme Fatale/Assassin (Black Widow) -> Anita Blake from Laurell K Hamilton's Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter saga.
I mean sure Anita might not be as ruthless as Natalia "Natasha" Alianovna Romanova, but she'd put a couple of silver bullets in a hord of Chitari. In addition to which, she'd bring a whole host of zombies were-animals and vampiric warriors to help her kick major ass!

Archer (Clint Barton/Hawkeye) -> Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games trilogy.
I chose Katniss because like Hawkeye she is an expert archer, and even has a specialist bow with extra functionality combined with specialist arrows (including explosive tips, napalm tips and the like). In addition to which, Katniss would be just as sulky and brooding as Hawkeye.

Mechanical Wis-kid Genius (Tony Stark/Ironman) -> The 10th Doctor (played by David Tennant) from Doctor Who.
I chose him because he is super-smart, well dressed and has a massive ego ... just like Tony Stark!!!

Genius/Tank (Bruce Banner/Hulk) -> Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden from Jim Butcher's Dresden Files.
I chose Dresden because he has some serious smarts when it comes to solving puzzles, but when you put his intelligence to one side he has a serious amount of power when it comes to being able to smash the shit out of assholes like Loki. On top of which I'm fairly sure Dresden would want to be left the hell alone by S.H.I.E.L.D.

Anti-leader/deity (Thor) -> Belgareth from David and Leigh Eddings' Belgrad cycle. Alternatively replacable with Gandalf from The Hobit/LOTR, But Gandalf seemed to be too much of the obvious choice for this role.
I chose Belgareth because even though he is a deciple to a god and not a god in his own rights, he does have greater than mere human abilities and his very much about doing good. His personality very much matches Thor's almost perfectly in that he is modest and humble, down-to-earth, fixated on honesty and justice.
Hedgehog Dan
119. devilmane
if youve read the books by peter v brett...the painted man is the guy to kick ass!!
Hedgehog Dan
120. Edgar Targarien
I would replace Kvothe with Locke from the Gentlemen Bastard Sequence and Arthur with Kaladin (a Shardblade is 100x more awesome than Excalibar besides he can Surgebind as well and he's a great leader with Bridge Four).

The main villain would be Odium but Voldemort would be his little evil minion and Sauron would be trying to be as threatening as Odium but failing.

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