Jun 3 2011 1:36pm

Who Would Be in the Science Fiction Justice League?

The impending DC Universe reboot, the forthcoming Avengers film, and X-Men: First Class, has the team thinking about all star line-ups, and not just in regards to comic book superheroes.

The Avengers and the Justice League of America in particular seem to be more about sorting through one’s toy box and assembling the best of the best without regard for chemistry between characters. This got us thinking... who would be in a science fiction version of the Justice League?

Read on to find out who we picked! And definitely chime in with your own.


The Doctor

This one was a no-brainer. In the sci-fi Justice League, the Doctor would serve a similar purpose Superman serves in the JLA. However, the Doctor would likely have elements of Batman’s absenteeism insofar as he would be popping in and out of meetings with irregularity and inconsistency. It’s also possible the other members of the League would get sick of him constantly looking different every time they see him. However, because of his vast knowledge of the universe, his huge intellect and his “Time Lord powers” the Doctor would be essential.


Kara Thrace (Starbuck)

Despite accidentally shooting Lee that one time, Starbuck is for the most part a crack shot in and out of the cockpit. She has also demonstrated her ability to put together out-of-the-box strategies that make the tactical prowess of Kirk and Riker look like child’s play. Starbuck is tough, resourceful and above all extremely human. A lot of the members of the sci-fi Justice League are going to be non-humans. We need Kara to keep them all in check.


Paul Atreides

The Kwisatz Haderach might actually be in competition with the Doctor for leadership of the sci-fi Justice League. Beyond being able to show sandworms who’s boss, this guy is literally the messiah. Paul’s powers are unique because they come to him slowly over time as he matures and comes into his own. For this reason, the version of Paul we’d want in the League would be the guy we know at the end of the first Dune novel.


Luke Skywalker

Like Atreides, we would be rooting for a specific version of Luke here, in this case, the post-Return the of the Jedi Luke, during the period where he’s building up the Jedi Academy would be ideal. A sci-fi Justice League wouldn’t be complete without a Jedi in it, and we think of all of them, Luke is the most well-rounded. In addition to his basic Jedi powers (mind control, telekinesis, owning a green lightsaber) Luke at this stage of his life is also pretty Zen and would bring a Martian Manhunter quality to this outer space league. Anyway you look at it, at the end of the day, if you have to choose one person from Star Wars, it’s got to be Luke.



As with Luke, this was a tough call. From all of Star Trek it is really hard to pick just one person for the sci-fi Justice League, but if you think about it for one second, it’s got to be Spock. His super powers are apparent: mind melding, neck pinch, and super logical, and like the Doctor, extremely intelligent. As the X-Men/Star Trek crossover back in 1996 alluded to, Spock has a lot in common with Beast. He’s also stronger than the average human, and as such is essential for a superhero team. It’s funny when you start to tally them up, you realize Spock has more superpowers than a lot of actual comic book superheroes!


The Terminator

Every team needs a bad-ass dark horse, and the Terminator would provide the sci-fi Justice League with much needed muscle. Naturally, this would be the second version of the T-101 from Judgment Day, because we all know the first version was evil. (Terminator also has the superpower of naked time traveling, but we imagine he might just prefer to hitch a ride with the Doctor if given the opportunity.) Not to mention, no sci-fi Justice League would be complete without a robot of some kind.


Ender Wiggin

Ender’s Game ebook art by Sam Weber

We need the boy wonder, right? Ender Wiggin has a tactical brilliance in his boyhood that most military men don’t manage to achieve ever. If the sci-fi Justice League is going to deal with some serious space battles, they better have this guy. (Can you imagine planning sessions with Ender and Starbuck? Holy cow.) Also, unlike Wesley or Adric, Ender is a boy genius that actually ends up being cool.



Assuming Trinity can transfer her Matrix powers to other computer networks, she would be extremely handy in all sorts of scenarios. Of all the people from the Matrix, Trinity seems to be the most competent. Sure, Neo is more powerful, but dangerously uneven, and not so capable without support from Trinity, Morpheus, et al. Trinity is steady, smart and full of numerous talents.


That’s our sci-fi Justice League! Like the classic Justice League, it’s line-up is fluid and open to change. Who would you have included? (And who, pray tell, would be in a sci-fi Teen Titans?)

Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of Stubby would totally be the primary vehicle of the SF Justice League.

Chris Arthur
1. Chris Arthur
I like the lineup, but if you have Ender you need to have Bean! He's like a smaller more dark version of Ender and may even be more intelligent. I also would throw a little Ripley in there. She fits the hero without real powers that manages through the skin of her teeth to outmaneuver and fight baddies who should, literally, eat her for lunch.
Fake Name
2. ThePendragon
Uh. How about, I don't know, the Justice League?
Amber Poore
3. Razorgirl
Oh wow! I am pretty sure you guys hit ALL of my initial choices in one fell swoop, barring Ender (who I am all about adding) and Ripley which @ Chris Arthur just mentioned. :-) Well done Stubby & Gang!
Chris Arthur
4. Jexral
Make it so! I am all about this - just thinking about the improbable amount of epicness it would contain makes me excited. Just imagining the Doctor with any one of them is enough, really.
Chris Arthur
5. Trotski
suprised there's no lensman in the list, all four of the second stage ones would be a mini JL in their own right!
Chris Hawks
6. SaltManZ
Meanwhile, Fox Mulder hangs out at HQ and does their research and filing.
Chris Arthur
7. Daenen
You need a leader, and the problem is you have two people who would both do a good job of leading, there would be a schism. You need someone that others would look up to, who doesn't want power, but is more powerful than anyone you have listed.

Who do I mean? None other than Owen Deathstalker.
Sanctume Spiritstone
8. Sanctume
I'd add Hood for a non-human from the Malazan series, ex-God of Death, holder of the Ice Throne, face eater of Forkrul Assail, and leader of the only Jaghut Army.
Harry Burger
9. Lightbringer
Trinity also gets in the Matrix slot because they need a token woman on the team, like Wonder Woman.

The Box doesn't like faux hashtags it seams.
Chris Arthur
10. Perch15
Capt. Mal
Starbuck (Kara)
The Doctor
Wikus (Dist. 9)
Peter Bishop
Gristle McNerd
11. GristleMcNerd
I'd like to add the Iron Giant. He combines some serious firepower with a fundamentally good and strong character that could help to "ground" the team.
Bill Siegel
12. ubxs113
I definitely agree with adding Ripley and Captain Mal. And while we're at it, how about Johnny Rico (from the book, not the movie), Agent K, Bender, and Brisco County, Jr.
Chris Arthur
13. Vlad Taltos
Since the list is heavily tilted toward film and TV, I'm not surprised to see Starbuck and Trinity on the list. However, since they're both essentially unmodified humans, I'd argue for Molly Millions to take both their places.
Chris Arthur
14. Rowanmdm
I think we need to add a dragonrider from Pern (hey, technically it counts as SF). You get a two members at one shot, though really, much of the powers come from the dragon (flight, teleportation, breathes fire, time travel). I've been debating who to pick, and I would actually go with Mirriam since she's very strong-willed and competant, and as a green dragon Path can still breathe fire.

For the Teen Titans, we must have Katniss and Bean. I'm having problems thinking of other teens who would be good that are SF; I can think of lots from fantasy.
Bill Siegel
15. ubxs113
And Hiro Protagonist and Captain Nemo!
Chris Arthur
16. Sibling
This list definitely seems incomplete to me. Here's a few extra nominations for you:

Aenea from Dan Simmons's Hyperion/Endymion series - You think only guys can be the messiah?

Jack the Bodiless (and maybe Diamond Mask) from Julian May's Galactic Milieu series - You want awesome mindpowers? How about a brain that lives off photons of light and can build any illusory body it wants? (And his wife's got the mind megawatts too!)

I feel like Babylon 5 needs some representation here, but most of the best heroes of the series are great becasue of who they are, not necessarily because they've got the awesome powers thing going. Delenn's probably the best selection as both moral compass-provider and actual combat hero. ("If you value your lives, be somewhere else!")

Plus, any awesome superhero group needs an awesome base of operations. The Justice League has the Watchtower. The Sci-Fi Justice League should have...Dahak. Forget that silly little base on the Moon. How about a self-aware space warship that is the Moon?
Ryan Britt
17. ryancbritt
I'll have to see what Stubby the Rocket thinks, but we probably should have included Ripley. Yes. Let's just pretend Ripley is on there.

Also how about River Tam instead of Captain Mal?

I'm fine with the Sci-Fi justice Leauge meeting on Babylon 5!
Chris Arthur
18. Ellynne
The Witches of Karres!
Chris Arthur
19. Dr. Thanatos
Marc "Blackie" DuQuesne---because you have to have the bad guy who you root for to turn good---and he's a lot more interesting than that snot Dick Seaton; for the same reason you need Marc Remillard

Doc Savage is a good muscleboy to have on your side and you don't have to worry about him hitting on Ripley...

Get Hari Seldon to sit in Professor X's chair and give strategic direction
They need to have a link to Mike Holmes for computer backup...

How 'bout a SciFi Brotherhood of Evil?

I vote for:

the Fenachrone Emperor
the Mule
Killer Kane
and of course the one and only Ming the Merciless

Ryan Britt
20. ryancbritt
Oh, I just saw someone said Brisco Country Jr.

Good call!
Drew Holton
21. Dholton
For a science fiction team/theme, you should have at least one Mad Scientist. How about Walter from Fringe? Or for a true SUPRA genius, how about Louis Wu in Pak Protector mode?
Chris Arthur
22. Dr. Thanatos
For a meeting place I think any of the following would work:

The Skylark of Valeron
The Skull Cave
Dale Arden's boudoir
Chris Arthur
23. Jordanw
Forget Dahak as just a base- I think Dahak would be a great member of the team! He/it is one of my favorite characters from Scifi.
Luke M
24. lmelior
For some wacky fun I might add Valentine Michael Smith from Stranger in a Strange Land.

Also, are anime characters allowed? I'd add Major Motoko Kusanaki from Ghost in the Shell if so, but then you run into The Giant Mecha Problem.
Chris Arthur
25. worthy
-G'Kar from Bab 5
-Teal'c from Stargate
-Harry Dresden in the role of Zatanna
-Spike from Angel because he'd add tons to the character interaction in stories, and he HAS saved the world before
-Crichton from Farscape? maybe..or the ship itself, Moya?
-also, count in a vote for Data from Trek instead of Spock.
Chris Arthur
26. DanWyman
Have to say, I'll agree with those saying Ripley needs to be on this. And I'm not sure that Trinity really fits here.
Michael Poteet
27. MikePoteet
Only one robot in a sci-fi justice league? I vote for adding Data from ST:TNG (but, since we get to choose character iterations, before he gets that dumb emotion chip). He's got the super-smarts and the super-strength -- plus, he can offer the occasional pithy commentary on the league's human members.
Chris Arthur
28. Dr. Thanatos
Need a robot? I vote for Gnut!

Michael Poteet
29. MikePoteet
Also, unless I missed it, the "current roster" has no one with a healing factor! How about none other than E.T.?
Chris Arthur
30. Dr. Thanatos

The mind-bogglingly awesome redactive powers of the Badass Paramount Grand Master Marc Remillard will fit that requirement.
Chris Arthur
31. Rowanmdm
I can't believe I didn't think of this earlier, but they need transport, and who better than a brainship (McCaffrey's Brain & Brawn books) to get them where they need to go? I would pick Tia as she also has the nifty robot she can use to walk about, plus she's more of an adventurer than Helva.

Same universe, but they could use Simeon (space station SSS-900) as a base, and considering he held off and out-smarted an alien invasion I think it would work out well.

We really need more aliens, so I agree with adding E.T. I keep trying to come up with someone else, but the aliens I tend to like wouldn't work well for this type of team.
Chris Arthur
32. Sanagi
The Master
The Auditors
jon meltzer
33. jmeltzer
Lord Kalkin, aka Prince Siddhartha ("call me Sam") from _Lord of Light_. Lightning powers, unkillable, strategist, charismatic.

His charioteer is no slouch, too.
Chris Arthur
34. Dr. Thanatos

You are so right, I had forgotten . But does that mean he brings his cousin Corwin with him?

[i]We have a kitten named Sam

In terms of more bad guys:

In order to prevent duplication of representation Sauron, Lord Foul, that moron from Shannara, and anyone who goes by any variation of "Dark Lord" would have to play Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock to chose one of them to represent mysterious supernatural Big Bads in the League of Evil Dudes...
Chris Arthur
35. Dr. Thanatos
Ah, the League reaches out from beyond to mess with my post.

We have a kitten named Sam. We called her mahasamahtman and said she was a cat. She preferred to drop the maha and atman and go by Sam. She never claimed to be a cat; then again, she never claimed not to be...
jon meltzer
36. jmeltzer
@35: Shouldn't that be "mahasamcatman"?
Chris Arthur
37. Throopish
@ Imelior - I think this list definitely needs to have Valentine Michael Smith, and their base could use the supercomputer Mike as well.

@ Rowanmdm - What better transport is there than the TARDIS??
Chris Arthur
38. Dana Jennings
Jim Kirk
Seven Of Nine
Luke Skywalker
James Bolivar DiGriz
Michael Garibaldi
Ka D'Argo
Rick Deckard
Paul Atreides
Prof. Zarkov
Gully Foyle
39. Madeline
Miles Vorkosigan! For the drive! These guys need someone to think all twisty and inspire them to actually do stuff.

Also I want to see him and The Doctor get into wangstfests about who does better by the people they lead. Miles would win. It'd do the Doctor a world of good to have someone who could really call him on his sh!t.

Let's see, of the suggestions so far I'd go with

The Doctor
Luke Skywalker (you're exactly right about Luke, Stubby)
possibly Trinity? She didn't seem like the epitome of cyberpunk in the first movie, and I didn't see the next two

I don't know enough about Kara Thrace to say; Ender and Atreides are tools of others, the kinds of people who the Science Fiction Justice League should be rescuding or convincing of the error of their ways; Spock, like any of the Lensmen, is part of a team and it's not this one.

For a robot, how about Cameron the terminator, to get that Summer Glau touch to things? Though I am really tempted by the Iron Giant. Actually I'm changing my vote. GristleMcNerd is right.

Also, Aliera e'Kieron! The team needs someone who takes no shit and is willing to (under the proper auspices of a duel!) skewer someone who sasses her. e'Kieron can also handle any magical troubles that may arise. I'd suggest Sethra Lavode, who does have more knowledge of the universe, but she's also a bit more grounded.

I'd shift ubxs113's suggestion and add Agent J instead of K. J is more likely to do the interesting thing and punch something in the face. Like Miles, he won't just go along with convention, too...

I dearly love DuQuesne, too, but he's not so big a sap as to be hanging around with a group like the "Justice League".
Chris Arthur
40. dr. Thanatos
It occurs to me that as the list of potential members of the Justice League of SyFy expands exponentially, as does that of the League of Naughty Scamps, that perhaps some rules might be in order.

As the Justice League may be described as "Earth's Greatest Heroes," perhaps we should limit ourselves to those who, like Ender, J, and Doc Savage have actually defended Earth, which would mean saying a fond "thanks for participating, here's your Ms. Congeniality award" to Mahasamatman, Hari Seldon, Muad'Dib, Starbuck and particularly to Mycroft Holmes, who bombed the pogees out of Earth.

Similarly, Evil Doers of Evil should have to provide proof that they actually threatened Earth, rather than Arrakis, Barsoom, Trantor, or the Underground City of the Planet of the Scantily Clad Wrestling Women. Discounted dues apply for anyone who can prove that by attacking the Earth they were actually defending it. That means you, Remillard...

Does this make sense?

BTW DuQuesne would come to the meetings long enough for Ripley to decide to drop the backwoodsman-turned-greatest-genius-earth-has-ever-known and head off with him to rule another galaxy...
Chris Arthur
41. Mr.Last
The only Character not on this list that I know of that has super powers and whom I believe should be on it is Valentine Michael Smith from Stranger in a Strange Land. Being able to make things and people disappear with his mind is pretty powerful. I just hope that he groks the Tardis and does not consider it a "wrong" thing and make it disappear. There is also Jubal Hershaw who would add some flavour and a moral compass to the team he even comes with his own set of beautiful and talented "secretaries".
Chris Arthur
42. Dr. Thanatos
Typo----discounted dues in the Evil League of Evil comes if you can prove that by defending the Earth you were really attacking. This still applies to Remillard. No matter which geologic era we are referencing.
Chris Arthur
43. Meg Thornton
I think we're forgetting a number of the different roles Batman played in the Justice League. For a start, he was the bad-arse normal guy who had figured out how to take everyone else in the League down. For seconds, he was their resident pessimist, and disaster management planner. Or in other words, he was their resident dose of common sense.

I'd suggest a trio from one of my favourite sci-fi dystopias to fill these various roles. Please step forward Kerr Avon, Vila Restal, and Orac.

Avon is not only a pessimist and an anti-hero, he's a computer geek. As such, he's well and truly used to dealing with the consequences of someone else's "make it so" optimism. He's greedy, venal and very cynical. If there's anyone who could figure out how to bring down the rest of the gang, it's him.

Vila is a petty criminal, a persistent petty criminal, and if his explanation for why he's winding up being sent to Cygnus Alpha in the first episode is correct, he also has a very strong sense of self (since he's able to resist repeated, extremely strong, coercive mind-alteration). He's skilled at picking locks, and he's a coward who isn't afraid to admit same. Vila's primary interest is always going to be "is my precious skin at risk?" and as such, he's always going to be able to evaluate plans and point out the weak points.

Orac is a super-computer which fits into a conveniently small form factor, and also comes with an off-switch. One cannot overestimate the usefulness of these things. Orac is also capable of taking over or overriding other computerised elements in the vicinity, which could be useful should something like the T-100 revert to original programming rather than the fast over-ride job that was done on it.
lake sidey
44. lakesidey
If we need more robots....R. Daneel Olivaw.

Also I like the suggestion of Sethra Lavode....
Chris Arthur
45. LightningStorm
In addition to those listed I'd also submit the following for such a lineup.

Walter Bishop (Fringe)
Echo (Dollhouse)
Topher Brink (Dollhouse)
Mrs. Frederick (Warehouse 13)
Henry Deacon (Eureka)
Zoe Graystone (Caprica)
Odo (Star Trek DS9)
Data (Star Trek TNG)
Seven of Nine (Star Trek Voyager)
The Andromeda Ascendant (Andromeda)
Trance Gemini (Andromeda)
John Doe (John Doe)
Jarod (The Pretender)
jon meltzer
46. jmeltzer
Kirth Gersen of Vance's "Demon Prices". Family killed by criminals, trained mentally and physically for revenge, master of disguise, obsessed monomaniac, multibillionaire. Do I have to mention his League role?
Chris Arthur
47. Rob T.
How about WALL-E as a robot member? Surely the League needs a, actually I mean a" comical sidekick"/"hero wannabe" who has a knack for getting into dangerous situations and inadvertantly shining light on plots or conspiracies that the heroes couldn't have uncovered on their own. He's also handy with the technology (both as a sharp-eyed collector and a clever improviser) and good at making friends. Finally, despite a well-honed self-preservation instinct sometimes mistaken for cowardice, WALL-E turns out to be as tough and brave as they come.

(As a side benefit, if you have WALL-E in your League you almost certainly get EVE, about whom I have much less to say because she's a much more conventionally heroic figure--tough, competent, devoted, yadda yadda yadda.)
Chris Arthur
48. Bruce A.
Sandor Sandor, Benedick Benedict, and Lynx Links, the three Furies from the Zelazny story "The Furies". (For extra points, bring back Victor Corgo -- a great good-badguy/bad-goodguy -- from the dead and have him use the Wallaby to slag Evil-Mad-Scientists'-Secret-Bases into molten rock.)
Ryan Britt
49. ryancbritt
@41. Yes Valentine Michael Smith should have been on the list. Another whoops.
Louis Richards
50. lummer5000
You've got beings with transportation, and beings with power, but you need someone who can get wherever he needs to and enough power and brains to hold on long enough for everyone else to show up, if he can't handle it himself.
Nat Cemp, from A.E.Van Vogt's "The Silkie"
Chris Arthur
51. Dr. Thanatos

Sounds like a job for Mentor
Chris Arthur
52. Buckethead Baptist
No love for Albus Dumbledore?

Hermione for the Teen Squad.
Chris Arthur
53. Jenny C.
It so happens I had a ready-made team for just this kind of situation. See

We have Leeloo, the perfect organism, with an unfathomable capacity for learning. Five hundred pounds of kickass in a hundred pound jar; compassionate, naive, orange-haired. She's got a multipass and she's not entirely unclear on how to use it.

And Spider Jerusalem, the fearless brain-damaged face of Journalism. Hard-hitting, bowel-disrupting journalism.

And Alita, the Battle Angel. Just in case we need to fight any giant robots. She's looking scared in this picture and undeniably she's not a perfect fighting machine. But if you knock her down, she gets up again.

Lucifer, obviously, is the bad boy. He's just as likely to ignite a sun in the captain's heart as helping out. But damn it, he's so pretty. I mean talented.

And the Captain is Mal Reynolds. Ruthless, confident, brash, incredible judge of character and identifier of identical twins, absolutely loyal, and tends to inspire the same in his crew.

And then there's Death.
Chris Arthur
54. Dr Adoph Quang
Where the hell is John Carter...??
Chris Arthur
55. Elsinora
Nice list, but I'd definitely add Ripley, Leeloo, and River Tam.
Ryan Britt
56. ryancbritt
@52 Oh don't worry, we're cooking up a Fantasy Justice League soon...
Chris Arthur
57. Smaug's Li'l Brother Puff
Ryan @56: Don't bother. I got your Fantasy League right here:

Indiana Jones
Codex (in-world, not RL. That'd be a mess.)
Clarence the Angel
Lyra Belacqua
Dash Parr

Inigo Montoya
The Witches of Eastwick
Matilda Wormwood

Yer welcome! :-D
Chris Arthur
58. Dr. Thanatos

I would not have thought that you would forget our ol' buddy Strider
Chris Arthur
59. Smaug's Li'l Brother Puff
Dr. T:

Well, when Stubby gets around to posting its fantasy roster, I intend to argue that most high fantasy characters have plenty of problems in their secondary worlds to keep them from worrying about us. That's why I think Paul is a bad choice above and Luke is fine -- because Paul has messiah/dynasty matters to attend and Luke (post-empire) is really freer to give us a hand when called. I included Reepicheep because he's a tough little squirt who's sworn to protect Sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve. ;-D

Aragorn is a busy guy before, during and after LotR. If I were to pick a Middle Earth denizen to join the League, it would be Bilbo.
Chris Arthur
60. Dr. Thanatos
If nothing else, Bilbo can take minutes in case Dick Seaton tries to grab credit for everything...
Chris Arthur
61. Bearpaw
I'd swap out Trinity in favor of Aleph, from Global Frequency. Equally good at the geekery, *much* better at very useful hardcore multitasking, and equally able to kick butt when necessary.

Also, the team needs a cool, absolutely unflappable butler. Who?
Emily Asher-Perrin
62. EmilyAP
@ 6. SaltManZ - Fox Mulder is their Ianto? VERY YES.
Chris Arthur
63. Dr. Thanatos

Perhaps after reading his wife's 2000-year in the making "to do" list Aragorn would welcome a night out with the boys kicking some Evil tuchas...
Barry T
64. blindillusion
Roland Deschain, the Gunslinger himself.

He brings in aspects of three genres: Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror. And hell, who better to have in an intergalactic gunfight?
Christopher Hatton
65. Xopher
I can't believe it took 39 posts for someone to say Miles Vorkosigan, or that only one other person thinks he's a good addition! Best. Hero. Ever.

For Tiptree-award cachet, how about Therem Harth rem ir Estraven from The Left Hand of Darkness? No superpowers, but a great character. Planning, even scheming skills.

And speaking of people with long complicated names, how about Raen a Sul hant Meth-Maren, from Serpent's Reach? And, of course, her hordes of Majat friends. Now THAT would be some butt-kicking! She's good with weapons, too.

Anybody else think the list as originally presented is heavy on the dramatic-presentation heroes and awfully light (as in only ONE character) on the books-only ones?
Chris Arthur
66. justins
I was going to suggest the Dirty Pair, but I think Alita (Imigos body) from battle angel works better for a more serious team.

From b5, Lyta Alexander is the right selection, unless you go full ahead and get Kosh on the team.
Kerwin Miller
67. tamyrlink
you have to have Episode 3 Master Yoda, as the "computer" (fount of wisdom) who occasionally leaves the Watchtower and kicks some assterisk.
Chris Arthur
68. Gapenator
I can't believe I only saw Slippery Jim DiGriz one time above. You've gotta have someone who knows the darker side of the law.
Sky Thibedeau
69. SkylarkThibedeau
My Sy-Fy JLA would be

Luke Skywalker (Star Wars)
Duncan Idaho (Dune. Paul died)
G'Kar (Babylon 5)
Buck Rogers and Wilma Deering (Buck Rogers in the 25th Century)
James T. Kirk (Star Trek)
Mark Harris (The Man From Atlantis)
Flash Gordon (Flash Gordon)
River Tam and Jayne Cobb (Firefly)
River Song (Dr. Who)
Captain Jack Harkness (Torchwood)
Captain Shane Vansen (SAAB)
Lessa (Dragon Riders of Pern)
Kimball Kinnison (Lensmen)
Susumu Kodai (Space Cruiser Yamato)
The Robot (Lost in Space)
To lead everyone Hari Seldon (Foundation)
Chris Arthur
70. fiirvoen
Seriously, River Tam should have been at least acknowledged. And I'd have picked morpheus over trinity in a heartbeat.
Chris Arthur
71. AnnabelleB
River over Mal, any day. Molly Millions over Trinity. I like Fox Mulder but he doesn't belong. GULLY FOYLE! Leeloo over Ripley. We're going for superheros here, people. That means powers, backstory, the works.
Chris Arthur
72. Jeff S.
Sorry I missed this thread the first time it went out. I don't think anyone mentioned Donal Graeme from Gordon R. Dickson's "Dorsai" series. His ability to reason intuitively would mesh well with Spock's ability to reason logically, while his Dorsai fighting and planning skills would be a match for Skywalker and Ender both tactically and strategically.
Katherine Olson
73. kayjayoh
Coming into this thread late, from the link in the "Fantasy Avengers" post. I have to say, I am disappointed. Besides the fact that there are only two women in the original list, the overwhelming majority of the suggestions in the comments are also for male characters. And then I come to this:

"Since the list is heavily tilted toward film and TV, I'm not surprised
to see Starbuck and Trinity on the list. However, since they're both
essentially unmodified humans, I'd argue for Molly Millions to take both their places."

And, unless I missed it, no one responded to it. So here I go: What? Really? Is two females on the list too much for you, so you need to replace them *both* with a single other female character? Really? That's pretty bad, sir.
Chris Arthur
74. TheMadLibrarian
I'd like to see someone with some serious technology chops. The Doctor is fine for many purposes (sonic screwdriver FTW), but you need somebody who can get your stardrive working and improvise defenses out of duct tape and isolinear chips. Any of the ST engineers would be good in that department, although I'm leaning towards Scotty, with B'elanna Torres as backup, just for Improv 201. Or, if we can give him some mad sci-fi tech skillz, how about MacGyver?
Luis Milan
75. LuisMilan
If you want someone who's good as ass-kicking, but without superpowers, I'd go with Tyr Anasazi from Andromeda.
Elizabeth Barnett
76. denelian
Miles was late - it did make me a bit sad - but NO ONE thought of Honor Harrington? i.e. genemod heavy-worlder, best tactician and 2nd-ranked strategist, with PERSONAL Empathy
and the treecat. can't forget him.

or her Navies. PLURAL.

Chris Arthur
77. JGibbo90
I'd thought of this one before so it's weird there's a whole thread about it. I think if you keep the core team as Sci-Fi classics then add other members as it progresses.

1. The Doctor - (Doctor Who) leadership, intelligence, transport, kick-ass enemies
2. Spock - (Star Trek) additional intelligence, voice of logic and reason
3. Obi Wan Kenobi - (Star Wars) powerful jedi, epic fighter, wisdom, imagine 'Blast I hate flying!' inside the TARDIS!
4. The T-800- (The Terminator) originally sent to kill them but reprogrammed, power house
5. Rick Deckard- (Blade Runner) robot hunter, bad ass, plus you can't not have Harrison Ford. This also sets up a possible multiverse cross over where he meets Han Solo and Indianna Jones
6. Trinity - (The Matrix) token woman but also an amazing fighter and pilot. For these reasons she only just beats Ripley.
7. E.T - purely for a novelty character but maybe his telekenisis could be explored

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