Sep 22 2011 11:35am

Comic Critiques: A Game of Thrones Audiobook

Presenting Comic Critiques, a new comics feature on! Comic artist John Bonner reviews books, audio, and more, then turns his reactions into a comic strip. You can check out many more of them at Bonner’s site, linked above.

Today he tackles the Game of Thrones audiobook as narrated by Roy Dotrice. Click the comic to enlarge.

Comic Crits by John Bonner: A Game of Thrones

David Thomson
1. ZetaStriker
I wouldn't call that enlarging it . . . it's maybe a few pixels bigger at best.
2. Capper
Clicking on the cartoon does not enlarge it (at least not with Internet Explorer 8).

Also, it is Robert, not Richard, Baratheon.
Ian B
3. Greyfalconway
Lol the comic actually gets about an inch and a half smaller on my screen when I click to 'Enlarge' it,
Barry T
4. blindillusion
LOL. I completely understand that last box.

(And I simply copied the image, put it in PowerPoint and expanded it.)
Steven Halter
5. stevenhalter
If you right click and select view image you will then be able to enlarge it (or it worked for me anyway.)
Chris Lough
6. TorChris
Sorry about the enlargement troubles, folks. We've set up a workaround. (And of course, Shalter's method works just as well.) Enjoy!
Fake Name
8. ThePendragon
Apparently there are two comment threads? One for this post and one for the enlarged page. Weird. Reposting my comment from there.

My first read through of the series was via the Audible books and I enjoyed his narration, although it took a bit to get used. Especially his Brienne. That one is somewhat over top. However I loved his Tyrion and that forever became Tyrions voice to me. It was somewhat jarring when I got a different voice actor for FFC and Brienne had a new voice.

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