Apr 19 2011 2:24pm

JordanCon 2011: A Concise and Orderly Report of the Events, Part 4

So I’m kind of half-dead with what I strongly suspect is the dreaded Con Crud right now, but if I don’t finish this right away I’ll forget everything that happened, so here we are. I apologize if this is not the world’s most scintillating con report conclusion ever.

(If you missed them, click the links for Parts One, Two, and Three of my con report.)

So where were we? Oh yes, the costume contest. Which I don't have pictures I can link everyone to right now (though if you have a Facebook account you can look at the album con-goer Joel Phillips kindly put together at my request), but JordanCon photographer Lisa is in the process of editing the official photos, so I should have a more universally accessible link for you guys in a couple of days. And of course, anyone who has pictures of their own and is willing to share, please feel free to link them in the comments.

If you can see Joel's album, you’ll likely notice in there a rather startlingly familiar face, which is actually Richard Fife doing an amazingly good Robert Jordan. And yes, he got permission first from Harriet, who not only consented but walked in on his arm at the start of the contest. It was both amusing and faintly eerie at the same time. The two guys dressed as Rand and Mat are (a) hilarious and (b) in possession of some of the best WOT costumes I’ve ever seen, in my opinion. They had a Perrin with them too, but he’s not in Joel’s pictures, unfortunately. (Probably off brooding somewhere.)

And no, I have no idea what’s going on with the toilet papering of Rand in some of these pictures; this was a part of the Ice Cream Social I apparently seriously missed. I was kind of late getting there because the thoroughly awesome Marisa Grooms, daughter of the similarly awesome Brother/Cousin Wilson Grooms, had offered to do my hair up in some amazing configuration that I would never in a million years have been able to achieve on my own, and I am here to tell you that one must never pass up free fancy hairstyling, people. Thanks again, Marisa, you rock.

So the silent auction and, er, ice cream eating were in full swing by the time I arrived, and most everyone seemed to be having a marvelous time. As mentioned earlier, re-reader Jay Dauro bought me a drink, and I spent some time chatting with him and his lovely wife, as well as well as Linda
Taglieri and April Moore, who was charmingly nervous that I wasn’t going to like her because of who she was dressed as! I grinned and told her that Cadsuane might not be my favorite character, but she has the best accessories. And she did, too; her version of Cads’s paralis net was amazing in its attention to detail. Really excellent costume.

And then I did what you generally do at these things: drink, wander around, talk to people, drink some more. Brandon pwned everyone at the epic Magic: The Gathering game which had been going on seemingly continuously the entire con so far, the Grooms once again proved their mad dancing skillz, and Jason attempted to continue our throwing things… thing by lobbing a French fry at me, but only succeeded in hitting himself. Mwahaha. Of course, he got me with a pen later. Or, er, earlier, I can’t quite remember. We are, clearly, very mature and stuff.

And—yeah. I chatted and hung out, cooed at Programming Director Aubree Pham’s ridiculously adorable daughter, admired Director of Operations Rachel Little’s astounding Forsaken icon henna tattoo, courtesy of Crimson Art Henna (seriously, the artist we had there was awesome), played pool in the hotel bar, and just generally had a lovely time. So lovely, in fact, that it was 4:30 AM before I finally went to bed.

The next morning, therefore, was… not so lovely. Especially since I had to get up early enough to pack up all my crap and check out of the hotel. Which I managed to do, blearily, and stashed my luggage before wandering about to see what was left of the con.

Brandon was, shockingly, playing Magic, either again or still for all I know, and several people asked me to sign the dedication pages of their ToM copies, as I think collecting all the dedicatees’ signatures is now WOT fandom’s version of Pokemon, heh. This was made much easier by the fact that almost all of us were attending the con—except for Bob Kluttz, which was very sad-making. Grump.

I also bought a couple more books, including Jana Oliver’s The Demon Trapper’s Daughter, which looks very cool, and How to Write Magical Words, which is a compilation of blog essays from the writing advice blog David Coe runs with several other authors and which I very much look forward to reading. I attempted to attend Jana and David’s last panel, too, about writing historical fiction, but my stomach was having none of it, and I gave up after the second time I had to duck out.

Fortunately, though, my innards had settled a bit by the time Brandon, Harriet and David started their pitching critique panel (on how to pitch book ideas to editors), which was probably the single most useful and informative hour of the entire con, in my opinion. Excellent stuff.

I was a bit sad that I couldn’t attend Matt Hatch’s Last Theory Panel Ever, for obvious reasons, but it was time to catch a plane. So I hugged Harriet and Maria and Alan and Wilson and said goodbye to everyone I could find, and that was the end of JordanCon 2011 for me.

Thanks to everyone who had anything to do with putting this thing together and/or making it awesome, especially Jennifer Liang, Jason Denzel, Aubree Pham, Richard Fife, David Coe, Jana Oliver, and, of course of course, Team Jordan. Y’all are all officially the bizzomb, and I look forward to seeing most of you again next year or maybe even sooner.

Here endeth the con report! And now I’m off to take more medicine and collapse. Cheers!

Richard Fife
1. R.Fife
hehe... The TPing of Rand... Quick story on that:
I come back from dinner, and I am promptly told by Aubree (the programming director) that my Toastmaster duties involve running a few party games at the Social. The first was "Wouldst Thou Be Nae'Blis", where contestes competed in three categories for the title of Nae'blis. The categories were "Best Manical Laugh" (pretty self explanatory), "Trash Talking the Dragon" (also self-stating, and we had Paul from Ardani Studios as our Rand), and then "Weaving the True Power", which was the most creative use of TP to bind the dragon.

If memory serves (and it often doesn't) Jay won the laugh. Then, because of his wonderful come-backs, Paul himself won the trash-talking (Ishy always said the Dragon would serve the dark one), and the binding... oh...

So, we had one contestant wrap up the cardboard cutout of Rand pretty good. Then another sprinkled Paul with bits of toilet paper he called snow, citing that the Dragon always has his pants down in the snow. Then another mummified Paul (The Dark One giveth, the Dark One taketh away), and the last...

Well, see, in my wondering of how to have the last contestant bind the Dragon, and we were kind of out of Rands... the crowd started to chant "Bind the creator", meaning me, as I was in homage to RJ. So the lovely lady who was our last contest sat me down in a chair and did a veils-dance to wrap me up in the TP. She won... Not that I was biased or anything.

The next contest was the "Forsaken look-alike contest" where people who wanted to be prove they were the best Forsaken look-alike had to give me reasons why. A fellow claimed to be Asmodean and proved it by singing (actually got the entire room's attention with his amazing voice), then the Grendal's attempted to compell me with their.. um... powers. Yes.. powers. A Sammael who was athletic, a "Lord Brend" who was attempting to smooth talk us, and a Semirahge (I can't spell right now), who was thoroughly creepy. The Asmo won, and for his prize, I let the Grendal's deal with him.

So yeah, that was the party. I didn't stick around for the dancing, as I wanted to get out of the creepy homage (I was creeping out a lot of people, myself included). I I then joined the random wondering and drinking, although I seem to have faired a hair better than Leigh.
Lannis .
2. Lannis
Leigh! I completely agree about the pitch session being one of the most informative hours of the entire con--especially since the AMoL progress report panel was (predicably) RAFOed, spiced up by Maria's newly minted "no comment." Haha!

For more pics from JordanCon, I've got my Flickr album set here.

If you couldn't tell, we had a BLAST! Echoing the thanks to everyone involved--it really was an amazing experience.

So great to meet you, Leigh! Hope to see you next year! Cheers!
Marcus W
3. toryx
Those are great picture, Lannis. Thanks for sharing them! It's very cool to see a lot of the faces behind the names.
Lannis .
4. Lannis
Thanks, Toryx! It's just great to be able to share them! I'm busy uploading some videos now, too... but Flickr has that damned 2 vid limit... boo! :/

Also: apparently a side-effect of JordanCon is the increased use of exclamation points when posting/commenting online... who knew? haha!
Leigh Butler
5. leighdb
Lannis, thanks for the pictures! Man, am I making some weird faces in the first few.
Daniel Smith
6. Smittyphi
Wonderful pictures Lannis. That whole time, family, money thing gets in the way of me going.

Great recap Leigh.
Lannis .
7. Lannis
@Leigh: Nah, you were just REALLY excited! ;)

Besides, it's difficult to grab nice pics of people on panels, seeing how the whole reason they're there is to speak, which means 99% of the photos has someone talking or looking away from the camera at the current speaker... ha!

And thanks, Smittyphi! Hopefully you'll get to join us next year! :D
Richard Fife
8. R.Fife
Hehe... you should see a picture I got of Leigh at dinner Thursday night as she was talking to Brandon. Not that I'm going to share, seeing as Leigh asked me very nicely (even eschewing threats of bodily harm) to not share it.

But yes Lannis, good pics. I see you didn't photograph the "yearbook" page to let the world know of what I did to ya'll.
Lannis .
9. Lannis
Actually, I DID photograph it... watch me upload it now...

(Psst... R.Fife, does that mean I get a point by proxy?!)

EDIT: They're posted now... :D
Kurt Lorey
10. Shimrod
I gotta admit, rickrolling the whole joint was brilliant! I would have fallen out of my chair laughing at R.Fife's deviousness.

Thanks for the pix, Lannis. The costumes get better every year.

Sounds like everyone involved had another great time. Kudos to those dedicated souls who make it happen.

R. Fife, can't say it enough. You Rickroll! roflamo
11. ican'tremembermyusername
I think there were still be theories after the last book. Some threads will remain open ended and there will be some things left unsaid, unresolved, that we can speculate on.
Richard Fife
12. R.Fife
Lannis, for what it is worth, sure. A point in proxy. Said point probably has the same value as winning the "Forsaken Look-Alike Competition" tho, just saying.

Oh... I'm such a Rickroller... would any of you believe it wasn't actually my idea to Rickroll the Opening Ceremony? I just latched onto it once it was suggested.
Tricia Irish
13. Tektonica
Thanks for all the excellent updates Leigh. It was great meeting you and yakking about stuff. The Reread girlz had a great time along with JDauro and his incredible Bunker Cookies! and Blind and his adorable family.
Jay can bake! Yum. It really was great to meet everyone face to face.

I didn't attend any of the writing tracks, but the various theory panels were really fun. If you're interested, I'll fill you all in on what was discussed....that I can remember. I intended to take notes, but then I got involved and well, one line notes were the result.

If you're on FaceBook, a number of us...myself included....have posted lots of pix and comments. They are open for all to view, even if we're not friends....but we should be, you know!

Jennifer Laing did tell Lannis that she was happy to see more Rereaders from Tor......that's all of us here. It appears we've always been under represented?? Mostly it's Theorylanders and Dragonmounters....sooooooooo...Next year....we'd love to see a bigger turnout from us. Try to put April 20-22 on your calendar. I think those are the dates. It really is a blast.
15. Rachel L
Whee! Awesome report!
Thomas Keith
16. insectoid
Oh no... I've had the Con Crud before—major bummer! Hope you get better soon.

Glad you had a good time, Leigh. That goes for you Re-readers, too—I wish I could have been there!

(Anyone know a good AS shawl-maker? I've almost got my mom to the "considering going next year" stage, so...)

Facebook? Um... nah, I'm not really ready to commit that much time to being online. (I already spend too much time here as it is! ;) )

R.Fife @1: That is hilarious. And you do make kind of a creepy RJ. Good thing you had Oliver, huh?

Lannis @2: Very cool! Always nice to see what everyone looks like. :D The garden isn't so horrible. (You know, if you like gardens and stuff like that.) And those eBook-cover prints = way awesome. Not surprised you got Rickroll'd.

Tek @13: Bunker Cookies... LOL! ::writes down next year's dates::

Bonnie Andrews
17. misfortuona
Leigh I really enjoyed meeting you, and all the rest of the rereaders at the Con. Defininitly working on attending next year.
And to add to Tek's comment Jay's oatmeal blueberry cookies are absolutly awsome.

Lannis, thank you for NOT putting up the whole set of pics.

Mis-remembering cookies
Lannis .
18. Lannis
@ Mis: What're you implying? It sounds like we have something to hide--we never did take Robo-Rand to the hobbit door. No, we were on our best behaviour the entire weekend. I always am... ::whistles innocently::

Everyone else: thanks for the compliments on the pics--next year you guys need to join us! Next year! :D
j p
19. sps49
Tektonica @13, Lannis @18-

We'll have to remind re-readers here with maybe 90, 60, and 30 day warnings or something, because if Leigh hadn't mentioned it I would've never known.

I'll certainly be back to a decent job by next year, and I plan to go.

April Moore
20. aprildmoore
Hey, Leigh, thanks for the shout out on our costumes - I've forwarded this post to Paul B. (Rand) and to James Atkins (Mat) - they'll be pleased.

It was great getting to meet you in person at last - I do love the re-read and everything else you do for us fans. Your writing keeps me in stitches.

Hope you are feeling better soon - I had con crud after DragonCon last year and it sucked horrifically.
j p
21. sps49
I appreciate the posted photos. Wow, the costumes there were excellent!
Alice Arneson
22. Wetlandernw
I've had so much fun looking at everyone's pictures! What a great time. Thanks for representing us!

Tektonica @13 - Well, in our defense, Dragonmount and Theoryland have been around for a long time. The tor.com reread has only been in existence for 2 years and a few months. :)
Jonathan Levy
23. JonathanLevy
I had lots of fun looking at the pictures. It was great to finally put a few faces to the names. Thanks so much for posting them!

BTW, if anyone wants to post any censored pictures, might I suggest the spoiler thread for the Read of Ice and Fire? Leigh will never look there :)

(diabolical laughter).
Barry T
24. blindillusion
Great Report. Great Pictures. (Wonder if I'm the first person to ever offer the Dragon a beer....god(s) knows, he needs one....).

And for JCon 2012....Barring being stationed overseas...or deployed...I plan to attend, and hey, chances are, I'll be bringing my adorable family again. =)

Truly was awesome to meet everyone, or re-meet in some cases. Here's to more of us showing up next year....and in a timelier manner in the case of me!!

edit: Oh, and be sure and bring your yearbooks!
Valentin M
25. ValMar
I can't view the pics on Facebook :(
Karen Jacobs
26. KJacobs
Awesome pictures! It is so nice to put faces to the names. Thank you so much for sharing!
Alice Arneson
28. Wetlandernw
Terez - I can't get there. Is anyone else having trouble with the link?

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