Apr 16 2011 3:37am

JordanCon 2011: A Concise and Orderly Report of the Events, Part 2


Well, kids, it is 2:30 am in the morning on Day 2 of JordanCon 2011 (or Day 3, technically, but shut up), so obviously once again it is time to report on the proceedings of the day!

Really, I am just not sure what is wrong with me.


For me, the day started with the Opening Ceremonies. This year JordanCon’s Toastmaster is our very own Richard Fife, commenter and blogger right here on I must say he did a great job. The now-traditional ridiculous opening skit was very appropriately ridiculous (and for all I know may be up on YouTube somewhere by now), and everyone seemed to enjoy it very much.

My part in it was very fun, as I got to employ an extreme Charlie Daniels drawl as we did “The Dark One Went Down to Andor”. Heh. Brandon, naturally, was playing the Dark One, and Bao Pham was Matrim, and it was very fun. And of course lots of other people got in on the fun: Jennifer and Jason switched roles, only for Jason to find that his role as Egwene meant he had to give a tribute to “that big hunk of man meat” Gawyn (ha), and “Narg” decided to eschew weapons lessons for the costumes workshop (since, as he pointed out, his last sword fight didn’t go so well for him). It was good silly fun, I think.

Richard also brought up the more serious side, speaking of how Robert Jordan inspired him to be a writer, and I was really quite moved by his sincerity – even if he did manage to Rickroll the entire con five minutes beforehand. That boy, I swear.

After that was the Towers of Midnight review panel, which for some reason is the only panel I am officially on for the convention, which is obviously silly, but Jennifer told me I could just jump in on whatever one I wanted later, so that’s all right. The panel went very well: I got to throw things at Jason, as is traditional at this point, and a very lively and fun discussion over the highlights of the novel was had, even if I did totally embarrass myself by being completely wrong about… er, something I can’t remember now. Afterwards a bunch of people came up and introduced themselves and chatted with me about the series and ToM, and it was really awesome.

After that I wandered about a bit, and stuck my head into where Brandon and Harriet were doing a signing, and frequent Re-read commenter Jay (whose handle I am unforgivably blanking on at this moment, sorry!) introduced me to some of the folk who had showed up: Tektonica, Lannis, Misfortuona, and Scissor (is that right, Scissor, or was it a longer name?). Who are all delightful people, by the way, and we chatted for a good bit and passed a nice time before I headed off again to the Daes Dae’mar Trivia Contest.

I ended up joining Team D’ais’y (which is Old Tongue for “This is the question that made us lose last year”) to play, and I am pleased to report that we came in second, yay! Though I’m still kicking myself for missing that question about Berelain’s House name. (TOTALLY a trick question, y’all – it’s Paeron, not Paendrag. Bah. BAH I SAY!) Good times.

Then I wandered into “The Industry” panel where David B. Coe, Jana Oliver, and Eugie Foster, award-winning authors all, held court to talk about the writing industry, and the challenges that face both established and aspiring writers in the ever-changing world of publishing today. Altogether a very interesting discussion was had, mostly concerning the rise of e-book publishing and the ramifications it has both for the industry in general and for individual authors in particular, and also about the changing expectations for authors concerning web presence and various hazards maintaining that presence can present. David, Jana, and Eugie spoke knowledgably and informatively on these subjects, and Harriet sat in as well and had many insightful comments to add. Excellent panel.

Then the heavens opened up and hailed – literally – but no one really noticed because we were all having such a good time inside. I really really meant to make the Poker Tournament this year, because I do love me some Texas Hold ‘Em, but once again got detoured by good food and people (like, say, David Coe and Jana Oliver) being really really interesting and fun to talk to, and so once I again I missed that. Sowwy. Fortunately I got to steal some whiskey from second-place tournament winner Ben later, though, so that’s all right.

I did manage to make the screening of the rough cut of the documentary The Wit of the Staircase, about the life and times of Robert Jordan, and – well. You guys are going to need to check this out whenever it comes out, is all I’m saying. Even in rough cut it was pretty amazing. I’ll try to keep track of what happens with it so as to induce you all to watch it, because, yeah. Wow.

And between it all there was much chatting and cheer and hugging of Maria and teasing of Wilson and meeting of many many people and toasts and games and torrential downpours and people with absolutely amazing costumes which I hope to have pictures to link you to soon, and now it is 3:30 in the morning and I am going to bed.

More tomorrow, yeah? Yeah! Cheers!

1. sweetlilflower
Soooo jealous! Darn it! I am only 15 miles from all of the fun! I really wish tax season had ended yesterday, as I suspect most of the population assumed it did. The only thing worse than having to work today is that it is sloooowwww today. Leigh, I hope I can at least have vicarious fun and good times through your reports.
Alice Arneson
2. Wetlandernw
sweetlilflower - What time do you get off work? Maybe you could at least go have a drink with the rereaders, or something?

Sounds like you all are having a lot of fun. Thanks for posting; I'm looking forward to links and pictures and videos, oh my - as long as they aren't rickrolls!

Can't believe he did that...

Wait, yes I can. It is RFife, after all. The more victims, the merrier!
Thomas Keith
3. insectoid
Just reading your reports makes my weekend, Leigh. :D

Sweetlil' @1: You definitely need to play hooky from work and sneak over there. ;)

Wetlander @2: Today he Rickrolls the Con—tomorrow, the world!!

How I wish... how I wish I were there...

Valentin M
4. ValMar
Me too. Maybe sometime there'll be a JordanCon in Europe...
5. MasterAlThor
Wait, you said he rickrolled the entire con???

R.Fife is my new hero.

And you got to meet my spearsisters.....Tek, Scissor and Mis. (Lannis you are hereby dubbed an officeal spearsister to MAT)

So wish I could be there.

Have fun guys (err girls)

Billy Abbey
6. felix
You aren't alone. I'm having to work this weekend. From midtown I can almost hear the festivities.
Sharat Buddhavarapu
7. Sharat Buddhavarapu
The value in cons is probably in the ties you make with people, so I wouldn't worry about missing out on the poker :D
Tricia Irish
8. Tektonica
Group Post:

We wish you were all here too!! So much fun. **waves to MAT** Miss you buddy. Leigh's exactly as you would imagine!!

Pix to come...many many pix....wait until you see R.Fife's costume.

OK, time to go eat and DRINK!

Tek, Lannis, Scissor, Mis......
John Massey
9. subwoofer
@MAT- Fife yur hero? Dang, you must be really lowering your standards;)

That people did not see that coming and take apropriate steps... for shame. One security staff with a taser or electric cattle prod coulda saved everyone some grief and aggravation.

Um Leigh, seems like that was a big "hey! This is what you get for dissin' on Berelain" wake up call. See? Ignore her at your own peril;)

Theresa Gray
10. Terez27
I still can't believe I got the omen question right. For those who weren't there, the question was 'How would the Seanchan interpret rain with no clouds in the sky?' And we were like, 'Uhhhhh.....' And I was all, 'I just need to remember the context, and I'll get it!' But I was clueless. So time was running down, and I decided to go with a guess (unexpected visitor). And it was right. I was amazed.
Jonathan Levy
11. JonathanLevy
Wish I could be there as well. Updates and pictures will be most welcome!
Theresa Gray
12. Terez27
I finally got to meet all the tor people tonight. Yay! I think I made blindillusion uncomfortable when I made him hug me.
Tricia Irish
13. Tektonica
Good Morning Rereaders, This is Mis, having co-opted Tek's computer and just too lazy to sign out and back in again.
You might guess from the lack of feedback from yesterday that we'd been eaten by trollocs but you'd be wrong, everyone was just having WAY too much fun.
Sweetlilflower and Felix.... WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? Take a sick day, run away from home, whatever it takes.... Get thee to the Con.
I know you all have heard this before, from everyone, but everyone here is amazingly friendly, especially after a couple of cocktails.... but we won't go there....
I have been enjoying myself so much, I am sure that in retrospect I'll be able to choose a favorite moment, but presently it seems to be the last thing I finished doing.

Anyway I hear the water from Tek's shower turning off, and I have a breakfast date in.... 3 minutes ago.

Mis - Late as usual
John Massey
14. subwoofer
You might guess from the lack of feedback from yesterday that we'd been eaten by trollocs but you'd be wrong, everyone was just having WAY too much fun.

... Gee Mis, could ya rub it in more? I'm feeling all the warm fuzzies from wayyy up here;) Enough about the con... what's for breakfast? I have a serious jonesing for Belgian waffles.... with a side of bacon... Right, I need food over here. Have a blast guys... gals... Tor folk. Don't forget to kick Fife in the shins for me if you can't get your hands on a taser.

Valentin M
15. ValMar
Well, if you are up at 8.30 then it couldn't have been too much fun (not envious, honestly...). Unless you haven't slept at all, of course.
Billy Abbey
16. felix
Yeah.....I have a horrible responsibility needs to get actually want to eat AND drink more than once a day....they are so ungrateful
Bobby Stubbs
17. Valan
Next year, I will not be broke and out of vacation time and I will make Jordan Con. Ah, I am jealous.

@ Terez - nice one on the omen!
Leigh Butler
18. leighdb
Hey guys,

Just to let you know, I haven't forgotten to post about the rest of the con, don't worry. There's just been a delay. Post should go up tomorrow.
Billy Abbey
19. felix
leighdb comments on JordonCon "Holy Shit"

Yes leigh that tickled me way back when and I'm sticking with it.
Barry T
20. blindillusion
Uncomfortable? Moi? Not in the least. I'd been told by certain somebodies that you were shy. So, it was simply unexpected.
Marcus W
21. toryx
Man, all these posts about Con fun are making me long for the days when I used to be a regular Con guy (lo, just under ten years ago!).

Glad everyone's having had a good time!
Shaka Jamal
22. FaceofYo!
Thanks for post Leigh. :) Keep having fun. (So I can continue to live vicariously). :)
23. alreadymadwithjordancon
Coz it wouldn't be R. Fife without any rickrollin'. It's like his signature. His bonafide.

Have fun y'all!

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