Sep 13 2010 1:00pm

Return of the Living Name-that-Zombie Caption Contest

To kick off Zombie Week here at, we’re celebrating all things zombieriffic with the inevitable Return of the Living Name-that-Zombie Caption Contest!

How do you play? It’s easy. All you have to do is come up with your best caption (50 words or less) for the zombie photo above, and post it as a comment in reply to this post. Our panel of judges will evaluate all of the entries, and our favorite one will be chosen as the winner.

Last year, we offered a superfabulous prize pack, but this year we’re offering truly the Zombie Prize Pack to end all Zombie Prize Packs. Valued at more than $500, the winner will receive signed copies of my two zombie anthologies The Living Dead and The Living Dead 2, PLUS 18 different novels, several other anthologies and collections, 5 zombie DVDs and more!

The undeadline is one week from today, Monday, September 20, at 12 PM (EST). The winner will be announced on Tuesday, September 21st.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. A PURCHASE DOES NOT INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING. To participate in the “Zombie Caption” contest,  leave a comment including a caption for the posted image in the comments section below, beginning Monday, 13 September, 2010 and ending on Monday, 20 September, 2010. Winners will be selected on the basis of originality, humor and creativity, each factor applied equally. Open to  registered users of who are legal U.S. residents 18 years of age and older. Void in Puerto Rico and where prohibited by law. For complete Official Rules, go here. Sponsor:, a division of Macmillan, 175 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10010.

[For a complete list of prizes, click here]


The Zombie Prize Pack to end all Zombie Prize Packs

Short Stories

  • The Living Dead edited by John Joseph Adams (anthology, signed)
  • The Living Dead 2 edited by John Joseph Adams (anthology, signed)
  • One Night Only by Gary Braunbeck (chapbook, signed)
  • Flesh is Fleeting... Art is Forever! by Gary Braunbeck (chapbook, signed)
  • “We Now Pause for Station Identification” by Gary Braunbeck (Rare Story Recording on CD)
  • Pretty Monsters by Kelly Link (single-author story collection, signed)
  • The Best of All Flesh edited by James Lowder (anthology, signed)
  • Dead Set edited by Joe McKinney (anthology, signed)
  • History is Dead edited by Kim Paffenroth (anthology)
  • Thin Them Out by Kim Paffenroth, R.J. Sevin & Julia Sevin (chapbook, signed)
  • Zombies: Encounters with the Hungry Dead edited by John Skipp (anthology, signed)


  • The Loving Dead by Ameila Beamer (novel)
  • Brains: A Zombie Memoir by Robin Becker (novel)
  • Pariah by Bob Fingerman (novel)
  • Zombies of Lake Woebegotten by Harrison Geillor (novel)
  • Feed by Mira Grant (novel, signed)
  • Xombies: Apocalypticon by Walter Greatshell (novel, signed)
  • The Missing by Sarah Langan (novel, signed)
  • Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry (novel, signed)
  • DeadCity by Joe McKinney (novel, signed)
  • Autumn, Autumn: The City, and Autumn: Purification by David Moody (novels, rare first editions, signed)
  • Valley of the Dead by Kim Paffenroth (novel, signed)
  • The Forest of Hands and Teeth andThe Dead-Tossed Waves by Carrie Ryan (novels, signed)
  • Monster Island, Monster Nation, and Monster Planet by David Wellington (novels, signed)
  • Breathers: A Zombie’s Lament by S.G. Browne (novel)


  • Zombie Combat Manual by Roger Ma (nonfiction, signed)
  • Zombie Haiku by Ryan Mecum (poetry collection, signed)
  • Red Roses and Dead Things by Seanan McGuire (Music CD, signed)
  • Zombie Dice by Steve Jackson Games (game)
  • Zombies!!! by Twilight Creations (game)


  • Night of the Living Dead directed by George Romero (DVD)
  • Day of the Dead directed by George Romero (DVD)
  • Dawn of the Dead directed by George Romero (DVD)
  • Zombieland directed by Ruben Fleischer (DVD)
  • Shaun of the Dead directed by Edgar Wright (DVD)

John Joseph Adams ( is the bestselling editor of many anthologies, such as Wastelands, The Living Dead (a World Fantasy Award finalist), The Living Dead 2, By Blood We Live, Federations, and The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Barnes & named him “the reigning king of the anthology world,” and his books have been named to numerous best of the year lists. He is also the fiction editor of the science fiction magazine Lightspeed, and is the co-host of The Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast.

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Peter Farris
1. Peter Farris
When there are no more straws for your beer, the dead shall walk the earth.
Serena Zampieri
2. ravenseye_3
Bunny and Stefan at Country Club Undead September 2010
Ryan Maguire
3. SonOfBattles
Crest Whitestrips! For a stunning smile in this life...and beyond...
Peter Farris
4. Amundain
See that! I told you that guy wasn't the valet. This is all your fault.
Peter Farris
5. gaijin
Always read the prenup carefully.
Kerry Kuhn
6. Kerry
Well, that date sure didn't turn out the way I planned.
Susan Mahaffey
7. smbirds
I prefer brains not blood!

Hope I win! Susan
Monica Smith
8. mlsgr76
You had to look at that human! My death stare didn't work. I already got blood on my dress from the other one you looked at and crying about it won't solve anything!
Fred Coppersmith
9. FCoppersmith
"Try the finger sandwiches -- they're made with real fingers!"
Eric Carlson
10. Tennerock
The Secret Service faced harsh criticism for allowing the Salahi's to crash Tuesday's State Dinner at the White House...
Peter Farris
11. JonPNJ
Nobody better lay a finger on MY bloodyfinger.
Peter Farris
12. Brad M Saenz
Price of a dirty grey suit. $400.

Cost of removing the smell of formaldehyde from 200 year old burial dress. $150

Eating the bride and groom. Priceless.
Peter Farris
13. Scott Haring
The party wasn't much for good conversation, but the buffet was to die for . . .
Peter Farris
14. Sholvaiel
John and Martha Vandersnit's second honeymoon pictures.
No wonder the boat catain said the island was off limits.
Peter Farris
16. Dawn the Glass Beadmaker
I could have had a V8!
jon meltzer
17. jmeltzer
This party is for Hugo nominees only! 
Peter Farris
18. Rick Riffel
Welcome to our newest convert, the pastor Terry Jones!
Peter Farris
19. Michael Habif
"They just had to invite Harlan Ellison."
Peter Farris
20. jim162065
You'll have to leave your not on the inviation list.
Kyle Aisteach
21. kyleaisteach
"Waiting to hear back about your submission to is killer..."
Peter Farris
22. BryanJ
If not for this beer, I'd be eating HIS brains.
Peter Farris
23. Tyler Childers
Ms. Bernhardt, Mr. Roberts, glad to see you revive your respective careers. Uh. In a manner of speaking.
Peter Farris
24. maxbell
It wasn't the fact that the Salahis crashed the party at the White House that alarmed the secret service; it's that they brought all their friends for the buffet.
Peter Farris
25. GothicCharmSchool
"I can't believe you wore that tie with that suit. It clashes with your ichor stains."

"At least what I was buried in can be considered classic fashion. How did they fit that hat in your coffin?"
Peter Farris
26. Comedian
"Good heavens, George. No sense crying over spilled brains, just go get another one at the bar."
Peter Farris
27. Bibliobabe
Life in the Fast Lane isn't just a song by the Eagles. It's the mantra for the undead. They just don't mention the fact that that is how they got that way.
Peter Farris
28. Kerrie Hughes
Meet your new inlaws.
Peter Farris
29. Marshall L. Reeves
The wedding was terribly boring, but the reception was to die for!
Peter Farris
30. Marshall L. Reeves
"Who Wants to be a Zombie Millionaire" did NOT turn out to be the show the producers intended.
Peter Farris
31. Melissa Landreth
"We'll starve to death in this crowd!"
Andrew McDonald
32. andybmcd
"Well, I never knew Conan O'Brien and Johnny Depp were going steady!"
Peter Farris
33. Nicholas E Williams
Tim Burton and his girlfriend Helena Bonham Carter voluntarily were turned into zombies because they thought it was the weird artsy thing to do. Then went on to direct and star in demented version of "The Sound of Music"
Peter Farris
35. dschnoeb
Tony, this party is dead. Let's get out of here....
Peter Farris
36. Cassidy Finn
What do you mean this is a potluck?
Peter Farris
37. Pony
"Go ahead- eat the kid with pinkeye" She said. "It won't do anything to you" She said. Why do I EVER listen to her?
Ben Rosenthal
38. benjum
"Tonight, I'm totally getting rest"
Peter Farris
39. Daniel Phillips
The sequel to "Wall Street" that should've been "Greed is unDead".
Peter Farris
40. astonishman
Peter Farris
41. Koolfool
What! This party is a No-Brainer?
Peter Farris
42. leesmiley
No, Stanley, it is NOT amusing when you shoot blood out of your eyes. Look at my dress. Look at my face, Stanley. Do I look amused to you?
Peter Farris
The newest members of the Royal family swat and growl at our local paparazzi. Lord Corpuscles and Lady Posthumous have long been declared missing until their recent...return. After decades of decay the wacky couple are looking forward to returning to the limelight that is the British Royal Family.
Peter Farris
44. PsiVeteran
Sam shouldn't have been so surprised that his script was rejected. Yellow and White pupiled zombie relationships just aren't as big a hit with the girls and that whole vampire/werewolf conflict.
Peter Farris
45. William Hafner
Because the zombies mistook the pair as part of their own, Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton (shown above) escaped the zombie apocalypse.
Peter Farris
46. Princess Cupcake
"Hi, I'm Fred and this is my wife, Marge! Welcome to Club Dead...where we like pina coladas, shambles in the rain, and the flesh of the living!"
Peter Farris
47. Chris Puzak
Jan and Roger Thomas awoke to find the entire Riverworld experience had really been oversold by Philip Jose Farmer.
KC Held
48. KCH
Just as soon as she could get her hands on a chainsaw, Trixie was determined to end the worst date she’d had since she’d died, risen, and ripped out her boyfriend’s throat with her bare teeth. would probably delete her profile, but it would totally be worth it.
Peter Farris
49. Lola Rose
What do you mean you won't give us our car keys?
Peter Farris
50. exegral
Come for the drinks, stay for the BRAINS!
Peter Farris
51. Amber Bingham
Thank goodness she was just a vampire slayer. Would have been a shame to have to eat Joyce's kid.
Peter Farris
52. cpb
Yeah, he's brainless--but I love him anyway. What's it to ya?
Peter Farris
53. realJWade
I need a good stiff drink.
Peter Farris
54. realJWade
Keep drinking 'til he looks alive.
Peter Farris
55. realJWade
I went to Zombieland and all I got was this apocalyptic plague.
Peter Farris
56. 8bitdad
We here at the Firm want to, EAT YOUR BRAINS, welcome you to the area and hope you, ARE A SLOW RUNNER, enjoy your time at Romero, Campbell and Raimi.
Peter Farris
57. hms42
For our wedding, we are still undecided if our first dance song will be Bobby "Boris" Pickett's 'Monster Mash' or Jonathan Coulton's 'Re: Your Brains'.
Peter Farris
58. Anvil*
Vicky promised she would make your wedding even if she had to drag their bleeding corpse to the reception. Vicky always kept her promises.
Peter Farris
59. C.M.W.
One foot back out of the grave?
Peter Farris
60. NickGr
THIS is why I said to creamate them!
Madeline Ferwerda
61. MadelineF
Johnny Depp's sister, Margaret, a high-powered zombie attorney, is suing the "Call Before You Dig" crew that attacked her client (R).
Peter Farris
62. Agrajag
Let's get out of here darling. I wouldn't be caught dead in a place like this.
Peter Farris
63. KLM
Dress code? We don't need no stinking dress code!!
Peter Farris
64. Lemur-Chan
The sommelier quickly came to regret his decision to inform Madame she was mis-using the stemware.
Peter Farris
65. Droewyn
Peter Farris
66. irishmic
So much for ''till dead do us part''
Peter Farris
67. Paul Keeble
The 'Hells Kitchen' final is a hit with every Body.
Robert Whitaker-Sirignano
69. RobertWS
Well, the wedding went well. Can I eat the Bridesmaid now?
Peter Farris
70. scott cur13
Since the zombie invasion, life at Tara just wasn't the same.
Eddie Ramirez
71. Gumbercules
Police skeptically arrived to the house party, not taking seriously the neighbors' complaint of "that noise will raise the dead."
Peter Farris
72. Joel Polowin
Internet Fail... keeps coming back... eats brains...
Peter Farris
73. AdamH
When I asked about their plans for the evening, their only response was a guttural moan right before taking a bite out of me. Clearly, they were looking for company.
Peter Farris
74. Lyssa Heartsong
Kitty's efforts to teach George how to mingle were doomed to apocalyptic failure right from the start.
Peter Farris
75. Scott McPherson
Nice of Larry King to show up.
Peter Farris
76. jwc1686
We were just five minutes late to my brother's wedding, and my new sister-in-law flipped out.
At least we won't be bored to death at the reception.
Peter Farris
77. Ana Steuart
Me Tarzan. You brain!
Peter Farris
78. Rykk
pass the cavasier
Peter Farris
79. brettP
Peter Farris
80. Elspeth F
They were always the life of the party. Now that they were dead, they didn't see any reason for the parties to stop. They just had to get their friends on board.
Peter Farris
81. AmyM
Mr. Burlington-Smythe: "Can we EAT them?"

Mrs. Burlington-Smythe: "They're not quite our class, dear."
Peter Farris
82. J. Bak
Yet again, Allison and Sam could find no polite way to disengage themselves from listening to Meghan prattle on about her poodle and his yoga class. And thus, the hours of the party flitted past them, never to return.
Richard Fife
83. R.Fife

Zombie Jon Stewart here reporting on Indigestion 2108 with my special guest, Zombie Ann Coulter. Tell me, Ann, does John McCain have a chance running again with Zombie Sarah Palin?

Well, He hasn't died yet, I don't see why not.
Peter Farris
84. ZombieCharlatan
Better turn around. That guy you just bit is looking for you and he looks pissed.
Jesse Gilbert
85. RazielTheDamned
"You're motoring. What's your price for flight, in finding Mr. right? You'll be alright tonight!"

As Sister Christian by Night Ranger blared through the speakers, the natives became quite restless. Needless to say, Mr and Mrs. Gilbert were not amused......
Jacob Silvia
86. aethercowboy
When I met the pastor and his wife, something told me that the First United Church of the Undead probably wasn't for me.
Peter Farris
87. HMelville
“ ‘Are they fast zombies or slow zombies?’ Run, and find out.”
Brad Littman
88. BrainSandwich
Male Zombie survival necessities:

Beer, Brainz and Babes
Peter Farris
89. Juju
Biffy & Vivienne were quite displeased. They thought the club was serving brain-alcohol...
Peter Farris
90. T-odd
This is how they reacted when told that the dead have no rights to claim royalties after publishing thier stories.
Peter Farris
91. MrIsh
He knew he was in love when he asked her for her digits and she shoved her hand in his mouth.
Peter Farris
92. LesleyD
We only came to this wedding because we thought the open bar would have BRAINS!
Peter Farris
93. okibi_insanity
Lady Gaga and her beau on the 2012 MTV awards.
Dan Sparks
94. RedHanded
Do I have any grey matter stuck in my teeth?
Peter Farris
95. SheilaH
At the annual Food and Beverage Convention, "Slow Food" afficianadoes react to an offer to sample the "latest innovation in fast food."
Peter Farris
96. EspressoSnail
The ProBrains-eating lobbyists were fond of using "Hard Sell" techniques to pass their ideas (and their teeth) into people's heads.
Peter Farris
97. lil_monmon
Cameraman: Any messages for the bride and groom?
Man: NeVer Go tO BeDs HuNgRy!!!
Woman: GeT A pRe-NuP.
Peter Farris
98. Kirk Livingston
After awkwardly stumbling from the limo, Mimi was relieved to make it past the blinding flashbulbs of the paparazzi, until she realized with sudden horror:

She had forgotten to wear underwear... again.
Peter Farris
99. Oddtay
BYOB!? Since when has the B meant Brains?!
Peter Farris
100. ratpacksmom
She's wearing the same dress!
See what you've done I have to go home with her now!
Josh Kidd
101. joshkidd
Help! These yellow contacts are making my eyes bleed.
Peter Farris
102. firstmattheo
He: Leave my Baby alone!
She: Oh darling, dont be so rude.
He: It stares at you.
She: I think it will have lunch with us. Or be the lunch. 
Both: Arrrrgh
Never stare at zombies!
Peter Farris
103. lacavanaugh
She ordered a Zombie, you idiot! It's supposed to come in a highball glass.
Peter Farris
104. Just this guy
So I waited with high hopes, then she walked in the place.
I knew her smile in an instant, I knew the curve of her face.
It was my own lovely lady, and she said, "Oh, it's you."
And we laughed for a moment, and I said, 'Braaiinss...'

Peter Farris
105. pj2236
The derby's over. The horse is dead.
Peter Farris
106. tehawesomersace
Her: So, have you met a lot of people on

Him: Yeah, but I didn't have the connection with them that I feel with you.

Her: Really? Why?

Him: I kept eating them.

Her: Oh, I totally know what you mean.
Peter Farris
107. Key Living Dead
Cassandra couldn't decide if it was her date or being undead that made being at the party feel like an eternity.
Peter Farris
108. Brain Chomper Stomper
Dragged along behind her undead boyfriend Vinnie, and forced to wander through the endless barren landscape of the Hollywood party scene, Blossom wondered what ever happened to the 90's... and her TV career.
Peter Farris
109. Gongxian
I prefer my brains shaken not stirred.
Peter Farris
110. judifilksign
A zombie debu-taunt party
Peter Farris
111. Mike Gucciard
We do everything together...

Peter Farris
112. Abraham Hunter
GRRRRRRR..... Does it look like I'm smiling Meatbag?
Peter Farris
113. ParadiscaCorbasi
Imagine the bride's surprise when Sam and Ella crashed the party -- literally.
Peter Farris
114. JJVincent
Blanche, if you come one step closeh to mah may-an, ah shall have to aim fo yor head mahself.
Rob Collier
117. Ngageguy
Marty McFly and Lorraine Baines in:
Back to the Future 5 - The Undead Paradox
Where in 1955 Darth Vader came down from planet Vulcan and melted George McFly's brain for not taking Lorraine to the dance.
Clay Rylee
118. mcrylee
Little did they know, this sparkling thing that claimed to be a vampire that stood in front of them was to be the first in a long line of many to come.
Peter Farris
119. hohmeisw
"Jesus Christ. Out of everyone here, you have to eat the ONLY black guy. Now we look like racists!"
Peter Farris
120. RoarDawg
I thought this guy was a Vampire when I met him. Argh!....
Peter Farris
121. Legend Montgomery
After the third time someone mistook his wife for Courtney Love, Harold just lost it.
Peter Farris
122. zombieskin
No, you've made me watch Inception 3 times, and I still don't fucking get it! I'm not going back!
Jason Burnett
123. JKB
What do you mean you can't find my reservation! DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?
Peter Farris
124. Basket Case
Kristen rolled her eyes as her date tried playing the "I'm a zombie, Dude. Seriously. I will eat your brains if you don't get me another Jäger, Pronto!" line on the bartender for, like, the 800th time.
Peter Farris
125. fluffsqueek
Despite the oozing of blood from various pores and the constant craving of human flesh, Mr. and Mrs. Poppycock consoled themselves with the fact that they were at least dressed to kill.
Peter Farris
126. MrIsh
"Don't just stand there, Brainless! Find something that will take blood stains out of white lace!"
Peter Farris
127. Steven James Scearce
Zombie Horde Soils Grand Social Engagement: Never since the first run of the Kentucky Derby in 1875 has the Mint Jubilee Gala seen the inclusion of such less-affluent guests, sporting blood-soaked Mint Juleps and horrifically-besmirched Derby hats and couture. Neither high fashion nor society survived the event.
Peter Farris
128. Lexie C.
"No dear, you don't know where they've been."
Mark Chitty
129. chitman13
Braaaaaaains! Braaaaaaaaaaaaaains! Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains!
Peter Farris
130. dwinn
Ketucky Derby results:
Win -- Braaaains
Place -- Braaaains
Show -- Braaaains
Peter Farris
131. hapax
They had one thing in common /
They were both long dead /
She said "Faster, faster /
Your eyes are turning red!"

Death in the fast lane (slowly makes you lose your brains...)
Peter Farris
132. Ahimsa Kerp
Bub was never really the same after he hooked up with that groupy on the "Day of the Dead" tour.
Peter Farris
133. Inappropriate
Brittany Murphy and Heath Ledger on the red carpet.
Peter Farris
134. Erika Holt
Do we look like vampires to you? We're zombies. Show them your teeth, Dudley.
Peter Farris
135. Dbletapp
Honey does my tie match your blood streak?
Paul Wren
136. _wren
What? No rotting skin? Ugh. The rich always look better.
Michelle Muenzler
137. drachin8
After my tenth beer at Hubert's annual apocalypse survival celebration, even the zombies looked attractive.
Peter Farris
138. Craig215
And you said we couldn't get past security. Quick lets hurry and get are picture taken with President Obama!!
Rebecca Scudder
139. rscudder
If you can keep your head on when all about you have dropped theirs;
You may eat the Earth and everything that's on it,
And - which is more - you'll be a Zombie lover!

With apologies to Rudyard Kipling
Rebecca Scudder
140. rscudder
sorry- accidental double click on publish- and I don't see a delete comment :(
Peter Farris
141. JohnKeller
Chomp brain wishes and cadaviar, everyone! This is Deathstyles of the Ripe and Gangrenous! See you next reek!
Peter Farris
142. Roswita Hildebrandt
One wedding guest found the pureed brains a bit too foamy and finally resorted to using a straw.
Peter Farris
143. Timothy J. White
Who was that gentleman I saw you with last night?
That was no gentleman that was a brain-sucking corpse.

Suck brains. Look fabulous!

The Gaylards were the life ...and death of the party!
Peter Farris
144. MrIsh
It's as if there's no longer any life in our relationship.
DeeAnn S
145. sweepster49
Ken and Barbie were quite pleased with the turnout at their 100th wedding anniversary.
Peter Farris
146. MrIsh
"Say, 'Head cheese!'"
Thom Oyster
147. toyster
As their 75th anniversary night wore on, all Lilly could think was that she thought the vows were "until DEATH do us part." All George could think of was "wonder who's for dinner?"
Peter Farris
148. Karen G Anderson
"Relax, dear. Paparazzi don't HAVE any brains."
Peter Farris
149. braaaaaaaaaaaains
"They never put enough brains in my I find my own"
Peter Farris
150. Wm_McDonald
"Whaa? The Bram Stoker Award for 'Best Zombie Novel' goes to Alden Bell? I was robbed! My Novel about trans-fat fed nuclear waste powered fuzzy bunnies taking over Afganistan with paddle-balls was wayyyyy better. Besides, Alden's not even a dang zombie!"
Peter Farris
151. Miriam R.
The party was fabulous (eat your heart out, Jones, Bill thought with a savage grin, thinking of his rival) but the entrance fee was steep -- it cost an arm and a leg to get in...
Peter Farris
152. Undead and Loving It
Even with liberal splashing of Eau du'Grave, Cynthia Muford was fooling no one.Even the escort from the dating service attempted several times to "excuse"himself, but Cynthia's iron grip said otherwise...
Peter Farris
153. Donald J. Bingle
Whaddya mean, you're pro-life!?!
Peter Farris
155. Zorrowoman
Zombie Tea Party

I told you he wouldn't win!!
David Day
156. dday376
Damn it, dear! Do we have any photos where we weren't photobombed by the food?
John Leavitt
157. jrrl
Even a zombie invasion can't make me believe that Carrie and Big will live happily ever after.
Peter Farris
159. vvb
mmmm, you smell like chicken
Erica Collier
160. scifibard
If looks could kill, I'd be feasting on your brains by now. But as you appear to be regrettably fast food, human, I think I'll just have one more drink before I come for you. Just one, mind you.
Peter Farris
161. Bluejam


His thoughts: 'What did I drink last night?!?'
Her thoughts: 'What did I drink last night?!?'
Peter Farris
162. samanthawinston
I found these absolutely Perfect teeth on the last kid I ate...
Peter Farris
163. Wyvern
"When there's no more room in Hell, find a match made in Heaven!" Alas, the zombie dating service was doomed to failure from the start...
Peter Farris
164. innasher
Priscilla and Burke were mortified; even moreso after their wedding photos were delivered. It was only then that they realized no one had found the temerity to point out his uneven cuffs or her use of a straw with a wine glass. Both were aghast with shame at their irredeemable situation.
Peter Farris
166. Bob Freeman
"Do you mind if we eat on yo dates?"
John Vincent Vale
167. JohnVincentVale
Sorry about your dress, Baby. Sometimes I get a "little stiff" on the dance floor.
Peter Farris
168. Maliloki
Don't cry dear, you know how you get when you cry.
Peter Farris
169. Matt G Baish
"Oh! Erm... no, so sorry; this is the `BRANES, Strings, Gravity & Quantum Mechanics Ball`"
Peter Farris
170. Matt G Baish
"No you don't understand! --eek-- This is Brian's party! Brian's! --agg-- --erm-- --gerroff-- Not Brains, .. , Brian's!!!! --aggghhhh-- Stop! That smarts!!! --gurgle-- --spurt-- --arrggghhh!--
John Massey
172. subwoofer
You'd think with these new digital cameras they would have a way of getting rid of the "red eye". And the camera still adds 10 lbs dear.

John Massey
173. subwoofer
I wanted a Bud Light!!!

sorry, couldn't resist:)

Peter Farris
174. zombie dating guide
Years after their 15 minutes of fame were up, Spencer and Heidi still insisted on crashing parties.
Peter Farris
175. Michael A. Parker
Undead from the Red Carpet: Helena Bonham Carter was looking resplendent in white, while Dermot Mulroney snarled at the paparazzi.
Morgan Crawford
178. Jenesis
I swear on my wife's reanimated corpse I'm a zombie not a vampire
Peter Farris
179. Andy Robson
William and Emilia Parkerson did not let undeath keep them from the Thanatophobia Foundation's fund-raising gala at the prestigious Royal Miskatonic Hotel.

The reanimated couple joined nearly two hundred and fifty others of Boston society in raising over $350,000 for the foundation's

The incorruptible couple refrained from eating anyone.
Kristin Franseen
180. musichistorygeek
By the time the reception was over, neither the bride nor the groom could quite remember how much of what(or whom) they had imbibed that night.

The bartender and caterer, however, left early, deciding it was high time for a career change.

No one has seen them since.
Peter Farris
181. DavidBird1963
Do. Not. Drink. The. Water.
Rusty Lundgren
182. withoutremorse
Blood is really warm,
it's like drinking hot chocolate
but with more screaming.
david leikam
183. kluelos
No, wait, I want to see what he actually does with that pea-shooter.
Peter Farris
184. svramey
Of course she was my wife, you fool! Damned paparazzi.
Peter Farris
186. Not Bette
When the night has been too lonely and the road has been too long
?And you think that love is only for the living and the strong
Just remember in the winter far beneath the bitter snows
?Lay the zombie, that with the smell of blood, in the spring arose.
Peter Farris
187. Still Not Bette
Some say love, it is a hunger, an endless aching need. ?
I say love, it is a zombie, and You its only feed. ?
Peter Farris
188. Tea Bag Tribune
What did you say about Sarah Palin? And, what is the issue about allowing the dead to vote?
Rolf Larsson
189. casinorolf
Wow thats some really cool costumes on that picture. Im getting one of those for Halloween:)
Peter Farris
190. blacknirvana
You should see us BEFORE we were (un)dead....
Tess Laird
192. thewindrose
Last known photo of Jane Goodall and her assistant studying the (un)dead. We fear that she was discovered to be an actual 'live' human from this photo of her drinking a beverage. Alas, Zombies do not drink.

William Hafner
194. whafner1013
Photo taken moments after Harry tried his favorite pickup line: "Whatcha drinkin' there baby? A zombie?!?! Har, Har!"
Adam Israel
195. AdamIsrael
Tom and Claire were less than impressed with the catering at the annual Relish the Living fundraiser. The tartare was not made from the free-range delicacy as advertised on the menu and the cervelle de veau, while tender, left an aftertaste that was not easily washed away.
Peter Farris
196. VoxOrange
slide projector click

This is Bob and Doris at the staff Christmas function. They originally worked in the Brain Trust – but were transferred to the Graveyard shift in the IT department. Sadly, not life of the party. Bob’s always making this lame joke, “wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a suit”.
Peter Farris
197. DavidDoes
Everyone thought that the White House gatecrasher incident in 2009 was bad, but its seems the president has even worse gatecrashers to deal with now.
Peter Farris
198. Ron Lasner
We don't
Peter Farris
199. David Coulthurst
Being caught dead in it, Melissa had no choice but to wear white after Labor Day.
Barry T
200. blindillusion
Obscure Nobility Weekly:


- Lord and Lady Btchslpd had to wait in line at this weekend's Presidential Birthday Bash. (Article, pg 5-13)
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