How to Start a Digital Media Ad Agency

Businesses of all sizes are beginning to expand their advertising and branding to the digital world. Advertising executives and creative directors have responded by establishing their own ad agencies to meet digital media needs. You can gain an edge on competing agencies by specializing in online and virtual advertising.

Cultivate the Need for Digital Media With a Cutting-Edge Agency

Develop a presence on social networking websites as you start your digital media agency. The majority of your clients will require an agency familiar with social networks with high page views by younger generations. You should add applicants, potential clients and other contacts to your page to show rapid growth.

Dedicate a small room in your office as a Web “studio” for live feeds and video work. You can utilize a neutral background, an inexpensive Internet camera and a computer to complete testimonials and other video projects in-house.

Encourage freelance writers and contract designers to work from home as you start your business. You can open up office space and still maintain constant contact with instant messaging to follow the progress of temporary personnel.

Invest in the latest computers and peripherals at the start of your digital media agency. The nature of your work requires a large amount of memory and speed to create ad deliverable that will work in a digital environment.

Solicit temporary projects from local events organizers and political candidates. These clients are critical to a digital media agency due to their high profile in the community. You should have a revolving list of candidates and event organizers to supplement long-term projects.

Train your core staff members on policies and procedures that are specific to your agency. You can create a strong corporate identity early by highlighting your mission in finding clients and the design aesthetic you desire. You should use training to highlight the importance of search engine optimization and marketing for the long-term health of the company.

Portray your ad agency as a cutting-edge company in every contact you make with the public. Sleek offices, flashy color schemes and an aggressive approach to reaching new markets will impress companies in search of an up-and-coming agency.

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