Epic Fantasy That Breaks the Rules: Son of the Storm by Suyi Davies Okungbowa

In the city of Bassa, everything exists in a strict hierarchy. Fifteen districts spiral out from the center, each populated by people locked into a caste through complicated social, political, and cultural equations. Danso, a novitiate scholar, is one of those lower castes due to being Shanshi, or biracial. No matter how hard he tries to exceed their expectations, everyone expects him to fail due to his supposedly innate inadequacies. His bride-to-be is Esheme, another Bassai whose dubious parentage has placed her in a lower caste. She, however, is not content to fight for scraps when the whole table is up for grabs.

When an injured islander spellcaster named Lilong crashes into Danso’s life, she brings with her the promise of violent change in the form of ibor, a material that gives the person wielding it impossible powers. An iborworker can change the color of their skin, manipulate the elements, even raise the dead into zombie puppets. As each of the trio get their hands on this powerful weapon, the future of Bassa is called into question. One wants to reform the system, another wants to abandon it to the consequences of its own making, and a third wants to destroy it and rebuild it in their image. Nothing will ever be the same.

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Tragic Hot Vampires Will Be Back On Screen in Remake of The Hunger

Deadline reports that Warner Bros. is bringing hot vampires back with a remake of 1983’s The Hunger. As you may or may not remember, depending on your age and level of David Bowie obsession, that film starred Bowie, Susan Sarandon, and Catherine Deneuve in a tangle of dangerous vampire attraction. It was, as Deadline succinctly put it, “atmospheric and sexy,” and based on a novel by Whitley Strieber.

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Space Hibernation: Five Stories Featuring Sleeper Ships

Space is way, way big. Bigger than you can imagine. Compared to the size of the Milky Way (which is only our local galaxy, one of 225 billion), even very fast ships are likely to be comparatively slow. Among the options open to travellers who do not want to invest large fractions of their conscious lives getting from A to B: hibernation. Given the correct technology, travellers can just take a chill pill and sleep the dark light years away.

How well this works in practice depends on a number of factors, such as the degree to which metabolism is slowed in hibernation, the frequency of lost luggage scenarios involving sleepers, and of course, the need by authors for dramatic scenarios. Consider these five works featuring hibernation.

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Dead But Still Leaping off the Page: Five (Mostly) YA Books With Deceased Major Characters

In my upcoming new YA fantasy, In the Ravenous Dark (out today!), one of the main characters—one of the love interests, in fact—is dead. This bit of information always seems to pique people’s interest, because, well, how is he dead and still walking, talking, and falling in love?

In Ivrilos’s case, he’s a guardian spirit bound to our protagonist, Rovan, in order to control her, particularly her powerful blood magic, but then the two of them become reluctant allies and eventually something more through their shared interest in toppling the underworld authority. It’s through the duality of blood and death magic in the book that these two characters, living and dead, are able to interact and even touch. But this got me thinking about the other types of dead characters I’ve read in (mostly) recent (mostly) YA books, what makes them tick, and more importantly, what makes them compelling. Below are a few of my favorite reads. Expect diversity, queerness, and above all, amazing dead characters!

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Series: Five Books About…

James S.A. Corey Says the Final Expanse Novel Has Been Turned In

It’s been two years since James S.A. Corey (the pen name for authors Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck) released the penultimate installment of their Expanse series, and ever since, fans have been wondering when the final book will hit stores.

Back in September, the two officially announced the cover and title of that final book: Leviathan Falls, hitting stores sometime in 2021. We still don’t have a release date, but Corey says that the book has been completed and is now in the hands of their publisher, Orbit Books.

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Reading The Wheel of Time: Nynaeve’s Schemes Bring Her a Ship and a Riot in Robert Jordan’s The Fires of Heaven (Part 28)

Welcome back to the one and only Reading The Wheel of Time! I fully intended to have a post go up last week—and by that I mean that I had surgery the week before, and still figured I could still churn out a post by Tuesday. Which I’m mostly telling you all because, well, it sure feels like a Rand move right? Just telling myself I’m not doing anything but lying around, I can definitely sit at a computer and yell about Nynaeve for a few hours, right?

I mean… my people need me.

But in the end I was persuaded into being reasonable, and did more sleeping and less typing, and now we are back with new vim and vigor and excitement to talk about Chapter 47! We’re back in Samara as well, with Nynaeve and Elayne and Birgitte, where things are about to get very real.

We really should have trusted Elayne’s judgement.

[Hurry, unless you’re ready to proclaim the Prophet and march to Amadicia!]

Series: Reading The Wheel of Time

John Boyega and Joe Cornish Are Reuniting for Attack the Block 2, Proving Dreams Really Do Come True

Now this is how you celebrate the 10th anniversary of a movie’s release. Writer-director Joe Cornish and star John Boyega are going back to the block for a sequel to 2011’s Attack the Block, a perfect movie about teens in London fending off an alien invasion. Presumably those strange furry aliens are going to try again, though plot details have not yet been released.

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Academic Magic, But Make It Grad School: Announcing The Two Doctors Górski by Isaac Fellman

Tordotcom Publishing is thrilled to announce that Christie Yant has acquired the novella The Two Doctors Górski by Isaac Fellman. The deal for World English rights was brokered by Kate McKean of the Howard Morhaim Literary Agency.

Annae, a brilliant graduate student in psychiatric magic and survivor of academic abuse, can’t stop reading people’s minds. This is how she protects herself, by using her abilities to give her colleagues what they each want out of their relationship with her.

When Annae moves to the UK to rebuild her life and finds herself studying under the infamous, misanthropic magician Marec Górski, she sees inside his head a dangerous path to her redemption. Annae now faces two choices—follow in Dr. Górski’s lead, or break free of a lifetime of conditioning to follow her own path.

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Netflix Is Adapting Raymond Villareal’s A People’s History of the Vampire Uprising

Netflix has tapped Bumblebee and Kubo and the Two Strings director Travis Knight to helm an adaptation of Raymond A. Villareal’s 2018 novel, A People’s History of the Vampire Uprising.

According to Deadlinethe film will shorten that title to Uprising. It will be produced by Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen of 21 Laps, the company that produced Stranger Things for the streaming service.

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Understanding Horses: Living in the World

A frequent subject of my Morning Manure Meditations—the hour of the morning when I feed horses and clean stalls and finish waking up because Not A Morning Person Here—is the way horses live so completely in this physical world. I’ve written about it before, but it keeps showing me new faces of itself, or illuminating older ones.

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