Top Five Robots in Recent Movie History

I have to admit that I am a sucker for sci-fi movies. Often times you can find robots, some sort of droid, and even cyborgs in a movie where science fiction is involved. As for recent history, I can think of several movies where robots were intricately involved, whether it was as a side feature or as the main character.
With “Real Steel,” a movie about futuristic robot boxing and how it has become a sport replacing human boxing, releasing in theaters on October 7, I couldn’t think of a better time to showcase my top five favorite movie robots:

5. RoboCop

Growing up, “RoboCop” was one of my favorite movies. Officer Alex J. Murphy becomes fatally wounded but returns to his job when science is able to turn Murphy’s corpse into a powerful cyborg named RoboCop. One of my favorite aspects of the cyborg is the fact that he is very successful in stopping crime and the dilemma that arises when he take on an enemy in the form of Clarence Boddicker.


WALL-E is the lovable robot who stars in a movie by the same name — “WALL-E.” WALL-E jumps up on my list because of the fact that he is animated and fit very well into his world. He also has so many human-like qualities, including emotions, that make him an absolutely lovable character. His demeanor and love for fellow robot Eve show his compassion and caring, which is not overshadowed by his clumsiness and determination to save Earth.

3. C-3PO

As a kid, I loved and still love “Star Wars” and how many interesting creatures have been featured during the six-movie franchise. One of my favorites was the droid C-3PO and his human-like quality. Even though he was a great help in some situations, he always seemed to worry too much. Despite his worrying, I still find him one of the most fascinating droids to grace the big screen.

2. Robot B-9

“Danger, Will Robinson, danger” is one of the most quoted sci-fi sayings of all time. “Lost in Space” was a short-lived series — it ran for three seasons from 1965-1968 — yet managed to put out a total of 85 episodes, including an un-aired pilot and the 1998 reunions. Robot, as he was referred to on the show, had superhuman strength, showed emotions, and even sang and played guitar. How could you not love a robot that could do that?

While the robot in the film “Lost In Space” did not quite match up to the original, the movie was still enjoyable.

1. R2-D2

How could I love C-3PO and not his partner R2-D2? To be honest, I liked R2 just a tiny bit better. His “boop boop beep bop” speech always cracked me up as a child and his efficiency was always incredibly fascinating. Whether he was co-piloting for Luke while he flies an X-wing starfighter or using his technological knowledge to reprogram computer controls on an intergalactic ship, he was always doing it stealthily and with a touch of awesome.

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