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Wendy N. Wagner

Working Dogs: Revealing the Cover for An Oath of Dogs

Let’s just get this out on the table: I am not a dog person.

Oh, I really like dogs, and I think dogs like me. But I didn’t grow up keeping dogs as pets, despite the fact that at age four I was putting out dog chow for five of them. We lived on a ranch, and they were working dogs. I loved their warm brown eyes and their soft coats, but I never got to play with them, and they never came inside.

In An Oath of Dogs, there’s a dog on almost every page. Her name is Hattie, and she’s a mental health companion dog, a little bit like Gary, the French bulldog who famously helped Carrie Fisher. (Although I must point out that Hattie is a seventy-pound Swiss Shepherd who might not appreciate the comparison to a dog smaller than my cat.) Her human companion loves her and plays with her, walks her, feeds her—all the things you do with your pet dog, but with one difference: Hattie is always working.

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