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Verlin Darrow

Past and Future Lives: Six Books About Reincarnation

I’ve always been intrigued by reincarnation, whether as a metaphor for life as a long-term curriculum, a spiritual conceit (who can really know about such things?), or simply as literal truth: that life is continuous. After an around the world spiritual pilgrimage, reading countless books, and even braving the guru/disciple relationship—from both sides—I realize that now, as an author, it doesn’t matter to me what’s true or not true. That’s the glory of speculative fiction. Whatever the deal really is, utilizing past lives as a vehicle for introducing a novel crisis into the life of my boy genius narrator served my purposes well in Prodigy Quest, my latest release.

As in all my novels, I started with an idea that bubbled up from nowhere—what if someone were handed a mission from their previous lives? What if the character had to embark on a hazardous quest to find a book of wisdom? When I loosely patterned my protagonist after my arrogant, somewhat gifted ten-year-old self, I was off and running. The rest was an organic, seat-of-the-pants rollercoaster ride for both myself and my readers.

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Series: Five Books About…

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