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A Love Letter to the Joyfully Bizarre Mashup of “Bohemian Rhapsody” and Naruto

Welcome to Close Reads! In this new series, Leah Schnelbach and their guests will dig into the tiny, weird moments of pop culture—from books to theme songs to viral internet hits—that have burrowed into our minds, found rent-stabilized apartments, started community gardens, and refused to be forced out by corporate interests. This time out, writer and musician Tom Lum celebrates Anime Music Videos—specifically mashups of Queen and Naruto.

There’s a tumblr account called Just Two Things that catalogs examples of art that, at the behest of seemingly no one, mix together two fandoms or properties in a bewildering combination that borders less on Peanut Butter & Chocolate and more Toothpaste & Orange Juice. You can find Cinderella drawn in the style of Dragon Ball Z and Mickey Mouse wearing Batman’s tights and cape.

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Series: Close Reads

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