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Fiction and Excerpts [2]

Fiction and Excerpts [2]

5 Books About Death and What Comes Next

It can be difficult to write about what comes after we die. No one really knows, at least no one living. We have hopes, we have dreams about what awaits us all, but the fact remains that we won’t know until our time comes. And yet, as humans, we are curious, even if the topic of death and mortality is still somewhat taboo. But that’s a given, because why would we want to consider something that takes us away from all we know and love? We are driven to survive at all costs, a biological imperative.

And still, that curiosity remains. What comes next?

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Series: Five Books About…

Queer Happily Ever Afters in The God Eaters by Jesse Hajicek

Time is a weird thing. Let’s take the year 2007, for example. If you’re anything like me, you’ll first think oh, a few years ago. Then your second thought will be wait, what year is it now? Quickly followed by holy crap, 2007 was thirteen years ago?

I have moments like this every now and then when I realize that time—as it tends to do—marches ever forward, and even now, it’s weird to think we live in the strangely futuristic year of 2020, without flying cars or teleportation, all the things we thought we’d have by now.

Back in 2007, I was twenty-five years old. I was a loud and proud queer dude trying to live my best life. I still am both of those things, though my loudness has lessened with age (or so I tell myself) and my pride is less of a chip on my shoulder—pride, I learned from drag queens, is a riot and we must live in defiance—and more of a state of mind.

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The Functionality of Literary Felines: 5 SFF Cats We Love

Cats are dicks.

Before the cat lovers of the world descend on the offices, think about it for a moment. You have this animal in your house, most likely by choice (and if it’s not by choice, you should probably look into getting that taken care of), and sometimes you can pet them if they’re so inclined. If they are not inclined, you’ll most likely get a swipe of claws on the back of your hand or knuckles. They also tear through your house at three o’clock in the morning, crashing into doors and walls. It’s supposedly to “release energy” according to cat scientists, but you absolutely cannot convince me that needs to be the case in the middle of the night.

[My cat, Otter, is a dick.]

Series: Five Books About…

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