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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery RPG Lets You Fulfill Your Dreams of Being a Hogwarts Student

If you ever bemoaned not receiving your Hogwarts letter via owl, Portkey Games has a treat for you: a new mobile narrative role-playing game called Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, in which players can enroll in Hogwarts and learn the first things about becoming witches and wizards. Between this and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, the Pokémon GO-esque mobile game, Portkey Games (a new game label from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment) is all about making fans of J.K. Rowling’s books feel firmly embedded in the wizarding world.

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Lumberjanes’ Noelle Stevenson is Rebooting She-Ra for Netflix

Today Noelle Stevenson, the Eisner Award-winning cartoonist behind the fantasy graphic novel Nimona and the delightful comic book series Lumberjanes, announced the raddest of news: She’ll be showrunning Netflix’s reboot of beloved ’80s animated series She-Ra. It’s one of six new animated series from Netflix and Dreamworks Television including the new season of Guillermo del Toro’s Trollhunters and 3 Below, the second installment of the Tales of Arcadia Trilogy.

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Save the OASIS in the First Trailer for Ready Player One

“Like many of you, I came here just to escape. But I found something much bigger than just myself. Are you willing to fight? Help us save the OASIS.”

So Parzival, a.k.a. Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan), rallies the other gunters, or egg hunters, in the first full trailer for Ready Player One. Whereas the SDCC teaser aimed just to pluck all the heartstrings with every nostalgic Easter egg from the DeLorean to the Iron Giant, today’s trailer actually delves into the movie’s plot, with some help from Depeche Mode and Van Halen.

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Jessica Jones Season 2 Premieres on International Women’s Day

Over the weekend, Netflix announced the premiere date for season 2 of Marvel’s Jessica Jones, in the form of an appropriately snarky teaser: Jessica beating people up set to “Barracuda,” and spouting off such one-liners as “If you say ‘with great power comes great responsibility,’ I swear I’ll throw up on you.”

An especially nice touch is the date itself: Whereas Netflix drops most of its series on Fridays, Jessica Jones will premiere on Thursday, March 8, a.k.a. International Women’s Day.

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Get Out’s Jordan Peele to Reboot The Twilight Zone for CBS All Access

CBS’ latest revival of The Twilight Zone is official: Jordan Peele, Simon Kinberg, and Marco Ramirez will helm a reboot of the anthology series for CBS All Access, the network’s streaming service. “Too many times this year it’s felt we were living in a twilight zone,” Peele said in the official announcement, “and I can’t think of a better moment to reintroduce it to modern audiences.”

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Lava Finds a Way in the First Trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

The Jurassic Park franchise has seen humans coming to Isla Nublar, dinosaurs coming to San Diego, capitalism coming to Isla Nublar… and now, in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) and Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard) have to do their best LOST (“We have to go back!”) and save their dino friends before Isla Nublar explodes.

Also, Dr. Ian Malcolm is back. Did we mention that?

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Netflix to Adapt John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War as a Movie

Deadline reports that Netflix has acquired the movie rights to Old Man’s War, the first novel in John Scalzi’s space opera series of the same name. While previously in development over the last decade as a movie with Paramount and then as a television series with Syfy, the novel has now found a home at Netflix as an original film.

“Netflix is a place where a lot of fantastic entertainment is happening these days,” Scalzi said in a post announcing the news on his website. “It’s trying a lot of things and taking a lot of chances, and most people I know who are working with Netflix are thrilled about being there right now. It really seems like it could be a great place for the OMW universe.”

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Here’s How The X-Men Would Use Social Media

Mystique has an entire cottage industry of social media trolling.

Just the other day, video game creator and cartoonist Joffe started wondering what Wolverine would be like with a smartphone. What resulted was a rapid-fire tweetstorm of all the various SCARILY ACCURATE* ways that the X-Men and their assorted mutant/alien/whatever brethren act on social media.

*Although Gambit’s probably a Tumblr obsession more than a Twitter one, but anyway…

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Jean Grey is Literally Falling Apart in the First Look at X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Entertainment Weekly has released its First Look issue, sharing sneak peeks at everything from Fantastic Beasts 2 to The Incredibles 2. But the cover star is Jean Grey (Sophie Turner), looking positively incendiary as the mutant’s galactically powerful alter ego Phoenix. As well she should, seeing as it took nearly a year of post-production to bring Phoenix to life.

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Brandon Sanderson Previews His Young Adult “Mystery Project” Skyward

At a recent Oathbringer event in the UK, Brandon Sanderson treated fans to a sneak preview of his latest “mystery project”: Skyward, a young adult novel that he described asHow to Train Your Dragon meets Top Gun with starfighters!” Gollancz tweeted a video of the reading, which doubles as an informal confirmation of Sanderson’s new project.

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Watch the First Teaser for Netflix’s Adaptation of Richard K. Morgan’s Cyberpunk Noir Altered Carbon

The future of humanity has arrived, in the form of Netflix’s first teaser trailer for Altered Carbon, its television adaptation of Richard K. Morgan’s 2002 cyberpunk novel. Three hundred years from now, human consciousness can be downloaded into digital “stacks” which are uploaded into “sleeves,” or new human bodies—allowing the elite to achieve immortality or even come back from the dead. The elite… and Takeshi Kovacs, a soldier-turned-revolutionary-turned-consciousness-for-hire: Awoken centuries in the future in a new body, he must solve the murder of his rich employer.

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Feast Your Eyes on the Stunning Character Posters for the Nnedi Okorafor Adaptation Hello, Rain

A few months ago, Fiery Film debuted the first image from Hello, Rain, the short film adaptation of Nnedi Okorafor’s Afrofuturist story “Hello, Moto.” The behind-the-scenes photo was a cool first glimpse of scientist witches Rain, Philo, and Coco, but you don’t truly get a sense of them in action until the new character posters, released today.

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Barack Obama Asks Sci-Fi Author Liu Cixin About His Next Book

Former President Barack Obama met with current Chinese President Xi Jinping on November 28 at the Global Education Summit in Beijing… but he also took some time out of his visit to ask award-winning science fiction author Liu Cixin for his next book!

Obama has long been a reader of sci-fi/fantasy and has publicly spoken of the vision and impact Liu’s Three-Body Problem trilogy, starting with the titular first volume, before. The series’ exponentially expansive take on cultures interacting across the cosmos seems to have had a profound impact on the president’s imagination.

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