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Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive Book Four Shaping Up to Resemble The Way of Kings

In an update posted on April 16th in the Stormlight Archive subreddit, author Brandon Sanderson revealed a bit of how the next Stormlight Archive book, tentatively titled The Rhythm of War, is shaping up.

Amongst the updates regarding word counts and concurrent progress on Starsight (the sequel to Skyward), was an intriguing outline of what characters might be where after the events of Oathbringer.

Speculation ahead!

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Disney+ Streaming Service Announces Launch Date and Lineup of Marvel and Star Wars Series

Disney’s annual “Investor Day” was an especially anticipated affair this year, as the company finally revealed details about its forthcoming Disney+ streaming service. Clearly drawing inspiration from Netflix, with an algorithm determining which of its many offerings to serve up to users next, multiple user profiles, and a monthly or yearly subscription plan, the service will launch November 12—premiering a half-dozen Marvel, Star Wars, and documentary series on the same day. Also available on launch day will be Disney’s “Signature Collection” of classic films and all the Pixar shorts, with the Pixar movies to follow within the first year. The Investor Day announcement also included information about two dozen other series premiering between now and 2021, so click through for the entire list.

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N. K. Jemisin is Working On a Green Lantern Comic Unlike Any Before

It’s been a few years in the making, but N. K. Jemisin has revealed her latest secret project! It’s for DC Comics and it looks incredible, so get ready… for Far Sector.

Part of Gerard Way’s revived Young Animal imprint for DC, Far Sector is a brand new Green Lantern story that focuses on a member who has been separated from the Green Lantern Corps: Sojourner “Jo” Mullein, who is the sole protector of City Enduring, a metropolis of 20 billion people.

It’s a job for only one Green Lantern because the city itself sees no murder, and very little violent crime… until now.

Far Sector is set to launch in late 2019, but Twitter gave us a teaser of sorts on what to expect, so check it out!

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Hawkeye Series Starring Clint Barton and Kate Bishop Reportedly in the Works for Disney+ Streaming Service

Variety reports that Jeremy Renner is the latest Avenger in talks to lead his own standalone television series on the Disney+ streaming service. If the deal goes through, Renner would continue playing Clint Barton a.k.a. Hawkeye on a limited series sometime after the events of Avengers: Endgame. But wait! Before you go rolling your eyes about the choice of who does and doesn’t get a solo series, here’s an interesting detail that wasn’t in the Variety headline: Rumor has it the series is about Clint passing on the torch, er, bow to other Hawkeye Kate Bishop!

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Patrick Rothfuss Provides Kingkiller Chronicle Book 3 Update: The Doors of Stone is “Moving Forward”

Fantasy author and lifelong Dungeons & Dragons fan Patrick Rothfuss was recently on the Barnes & Noble Podcast, chatting with B&N Science Fiction and Fantasy Blog editor Joel Cunningham about everything from the sweet parental moment he fought to keep in his new comic Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons to being a good collaborator in comics and television adaptations. He also gave a small status update on The Doors of Stone, the long-awaited third installment in his Kingkiller Chronicle epic fantasy series, and his slow but steady progress.

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Bill Murray and Adam Driver Need to Stop a Horde of Famous Zombies in First Trailer for Jim Jarmusch’s The Dead Don’t Die

After the moody and melancholy sweetness of Jim Jarmusch’s Only Lovers Left Alive, it would seem that the director was intent on sampling the other side of the people-eating spectrum. Check out the first trailer for a brand new zombie feast, The Dead Don’t Die.

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9 Fantasy Pairs Bound By Fate

Sometimes in fantasy, fate is sealed by a pair of pine needles dropping on the foreheads of two newborns a month apart—one in a region where no pine trees grow. It’s a feather, snatched out of the air by a chubby little hand. A small omen that joins two players in an epic prophecy—but, even more significant than its potential to change the world is the moment in which it unites two halves, each searching for the other person who will complete them.

Imagine living your life in loneliness and then meeting your soul’s twin. Gods of light and dark, chaos and order. Threadsisters. Angels and demons. Heroes and goddesses. A princess and her shadow. Meet nine duos fated to find one another and, in many cases, to change the world.

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Here Are All the Things We Better See Now That Avengers: Endgame is Going to Be 3 Hours Long

There are two kinds of people—the ones who see the words “three hour movie” and groan in dismay, and the ones who immediately begin limiting their liquid intake to make certain that bathroom breaks will not be necessary during their coveted showing.

We’re in the latter camp. It’s training time for Avengers: Endgame.

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