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Fiction and Excerpts [1]

Fiction and Excerpts [1]

Read an Excerpt From Wild Massive

Welcome to the Building, an infinitely tall skyscraper in the center of the multiverse, where any floor could contain a sprawling desert oasis, a cyanide rain forest, or an entire world…

We’re thrilled to share an excerpt from Scotto Moore’s Wild Massive, a humorous saga of the small rejecting the will of the mighty—out from Tordotcom Publishing on February 7.

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Five Science Fiction-Themed Music Videos

Science fiction themes have been intertwined with popular music since the days of Ziggy Stardust, early Yes album covers, and Parliament’s Mothership Connection, to name but the tiniest handful of examples. Continuing along that evolutionary path, modern science fiction’s technologically oriented, frequently dystopian edge is well represented within today’s popular music scene in the form of the modern medium of music videos. I frequently hear, “People still make music videos??” as though the loss of the original MTV programming format decades ago signified the death knell of the medium, but the fact is that music videos today are a frequently outstanding creative outlet, often featuring top notch production values and innovative storytelling, and science fiction has a very credible hold in this format (overwrought Muse videos notwithstanding).

Here are five science fiction themed music videos that take a look at unfolding, futuristic societal dilemmas, using five entirely different aesthetic approaches to get their messages across:

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