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Robert Lamb

Alan Dean Foster’s Alien: Covenant Novel Hardens the Movie’s Sci-Fi

I enjoyed Alien: Covenant immensely. I found the neomorphs frightening, the saga of David and Walter intriguing and the finale a gloriously grim statement by a legendary director in the winter years of his life. I left the theater satisfied, penned a short review and then did something unexpected.

I read Alien: Covenant—The Official Movie Novelization on an airplane.

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Why is Cinematic Cyberpunk so Heteronormative?

Freedom is a terrifying thing. Even within the limit-breaking world of cyberpunk, we’re often afraid to embrace it.

Our twitchy heroes stand up to humanity-enslaving machines, tyrannical AIs and the necrotic touch of megacorperations. But when it comes to gender and sexuality, why do so many cyberspace-dancing, body-hopping protagonists cling to the confines of conservative sexuality and gender?

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