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Rena Finkel

“Help Nathan Buy Firefly” & “The Spidey Project”: Two Studies in Fan-Sourcing

This Tuesday saw the end of what some considered, for the past few weeks anyway, to be a sign of life in the necropolis that is Firefly fandom. It was always a slim chance, if we’re to be honest with ourselves. The Help Nathan Buy Firefly Facebook page got over 100,000 fans based on a single offhand comment from Nathan Fillion, the actor who played the rebel-hero-turned-space-cowboy, Captain Mal Reynolds, on the short-lived TV show. It was organized by anonymous fans that were looking to gather support for a crowdfunding scheme for Fillion’s purchase of the rights to Firefly, the sci-fi epic that ran for one season in 2002. The goal was to acquire the rights to the show from the production company, and give it to the original cast and crew members, who, according to this comment from Fillion, might be interested in creating more episodes. I never considered it an actual possibility, because Fillion mentioned his interest in a discussion of the magic of the Firefly atmosphere. Everyone who worked on the original project discusses this—it was the perfect cast, crew, script, director. Everything converged perfectly in one short burst of fireworks to make the single season that has inspired so much.

[The perfection of the past is just that. Past]

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