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Rachel Brittain

Cast a Spell This Halloween With Nine Literary Witches and Warlocks

The spookiest of holidays is almost upon us, and while Halloween isn’t the only time of year for reading about witches, it certainly offers the perfect excuse to celebrate all things witchy. And witches these days aren’t just broomstick-riding spellcasters with warty noses— not that there’s anything wrong with those types either. No, these witches are smashing the patriarchy one spell at a time and looking cool doing it. The books about magic users I’m reading these days are infused with feminism and fiercely loyal protagonists. Whether you’re into old-school witches or modern takes on this classic archetype, these witches have got it going on.

Of course, witches aren’t the only ones wielding badass powers—whether it’s a spell-slinging warlock or a sorcerer summoning demonic familiars, the magic-users in these pages are sure to inspire a little bit of ferocity in you, too. So if your TBR list needs a bit of freshening up this fall, just abracadabra up a comfy chair and check out these incredible, new-school witchy reads, just in time for Halloween!

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Seven Vampire Reading Recommendations for Fans of What We Do in the Shadows

At this point in 2020, I’m not sure if Nandor, Nadja, and Lazlo taking over Staten Island would help with everything that’s going on in the world right now… but I’m not not sure it would help. At the very least, I know that watching Taika Waititi’s quirky vampire mockumentary has been bringing some much-needed laughter into my life the past few months. And let’s be honest, we could all use some more of that right now. Trust Taika to deliver.

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