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Paul Jenkins

Five Novels Written By Comic Book Creators

Though some people seem to persist in the belief that comics are dumb entertainment for dumb children, I’m here to tell you that sequential narratives are the oldest form of human artistic expression. If you don’t believe me, go and find a cave painting. The juxtaposition of “frozen moments in time” may be one of the more complex methods of storytelling that exists. Trust me: I’ve written a few hundred of the things, including Wolverine: Origin and the Eisner Award-winning Inhumans. I have the scars to prove it.

No surprise, then, that some of my favorite novels happen to be written by people I have known from the comic book industry over the years. I was Neil Gaiman’s editor, for a time. I followed Peter David just after his 13-year run on the Incredible Hulk. I once appeared in a “celebrity comic book squares” show with Harlan Ellison. He was as hilarious, charming and curmudgeonly as I expected.

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