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Revenge Gets Witchy in the Latest Trailer for Brand New Cherry Flavor

Gotta say, I miss the Concrete Blonde from the first teaser. But using a much more common trailer song doesn’t make Brand New Cherry Flavor look any more ordinary. The story of a young filmmaker who seeks revenge on a leering producer, Netflix’s upcoming series promises to be creepy, bloody, and just plain weird. (That toenail image! Get it out of my head!)

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The Future Is Half-Written in Laura Sebastian’s Half Sick of Shadows

This isn’t the year of Arthurian retellings and revisitings, because there can’t be only one. The king and his affiliated tales have come before and he’ll be back around, cyclical as nature. But it’s definitely a year for Arthurian stories, from the way E.K. Johnston weaves The Fisher King into Aetherbound to the anthology Sword Stone Table to the upcoming The Other Merlin to, of course, Dev Patel in The Green Knight. I’m sure there are more; these are just off the top of my head.

In the middle of these sits Half Sick of Shadows, a story both familiar and not. The names, you know: Arthur, Guinevere, Lancelot, Morgana, Elaine. There are, it turns out, a lot of Elaines, and this one specifically is Elaine of Astolat, also known as the Lady of Shalott. But like anyone playing in the Arthuriana sandbox, Laura Sebastian tweaks things. In this novel, the story belongs to Elaine—the past, present, and future of it.

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Playing Favorites With Favorites, or, What We Talk About When We Talk About Our Favorite Books

What’s your favorite book?

Maybe there are people for whom this isn’t a loaded question. I’m not sure I’ve met any of them. “Favorite” is a freeze-up word, a demand impossible to meet. Picking just one? Are you serious? But there are 17 books from just last year that are my favorites!

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Jodie Whittaker and Chris Chibnall Are Leaving Doctor Who

The inevitable rumors about the departure of the Doctor have been flying for a while—the typical side effect of a Doctor nearing their third season. Now, we have confirmation: Variety reports that Jodie Whittaker will end her run as the Doctor after the coming season. Showrunner Chris Chibnall is also leaving the series, meaning there’s a lot of change coming when Whittaker regenerates.

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There’s No Outrunning Destiny in the Latest Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Teaser

There’s not a ton of new footage in the newest teaser for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, which is titled “Need,” but it’s worth watching for several reasons. One is that every little glimpse of this movie makes it look incredibly appealing. Another is Awkwafina’s perfect delivery of the first line in the teaser—and Simu Liu’s shrug in response. Who can say where superheroes’ shirts go?

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The Wheel of Time Will Premiere on Amazon in November

We’re one step closer to an actual release date: At today’s [email protected] panel, Wheel of Time showrunner Rafe Judkins revealed the series will debut in November. So mark your whole November calendar, I guess? Just write WHEEL OF TIME over the whole thing.

Amazon also released a first poster for the series, showing Moraine (Rosamund Pike) standing in a Waygate.

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Getting Pooped Out By An Alien Is Just Part of the Job in Star Trek: Lower Decks’ New Trailer

The Star Trek treats keep coming from San Diego [email protected] This year’s Star Trek Universe presentations focused on the animated shows, so it’s no surprise that a new trailer for Star Trek: Lower Decks followed on the heels of our first look at Star Trek: Prodigy. And this one’s more than a minute long!

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Shimmering, Street-Level Magic: Michelle Ruiz Keil’s Summer in the City of Roses

Every so often, a friend and I wish for more books in a category I sometimes call “’90s coffeeshop fantasy.” There are too few books in this category. “Something like Charles de Lint, but not” my friend will say. “Like Girl, but with magic,” I’ll suggest. “More books kind of like Pamela Dean’s Tam Lin,” we agree. But it’s a space that’s hard to pin down and define—elusive, magical, but like real life, too.

And then I read Michelle Ruiz Keil’s Summer in the City of Roses, which is all of this and so much more. Lush, empathetic, strident, puckish, infused with a street-level punk-rock magic, it’s the kind of fairy tale my teen self didn’t even know a person could dream of. Much of its magic hums along like a current beneath the book’s skin, bursting out in full bloom for a transformative finale. But it’s there all along, if you’re looking—and this is the kind of book you want to give your full attention to.

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