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M.K. Hobson

The Apocalypse Comes to Woodlawn Park: A Live Production of Star Trek‘s “Amok Time”

“Captain, you’re asking me to fight with equipment which isn’t far ahead of silver cardboard and black spray-painted broom handles …”

When I heard that a group of local actors/Star Trek fans was recreating Theodore Sturgeon’s famous “Amok Time” episode as an open-air theater production, I was excited—though as a still-disaffected Gen-Xer, this excitement had more to do with the promise of some delightfully high-camp rather than the prospect of taking in a good bit of drama en plein air. And a broke-ass Gen-Xer, the fact that it was free made me rub my hands together like Scrooge McDuck. I tried to get my family to share my excitement. Free! Campy! In a park! My 11-year old daughter sighed with eye-rolling sarcasm.

“It’s not going to be a bunch of geeks, is it?”

My husband barked a throaty guffaw which my daughter did not find reassuring.

“Oh no, my darling,” I quickly interrupted, glaring at my husband. “There is absolutely no chance that a bunch of fans putting on a free community-theater performance of a Star Trek episode in a park amphitheater could be geeky in any way.”

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