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Oathbringer Reread: Interlude Five—Taravangian

Calling all conspiracy theorists! You’re wanted on the Oathbringer Reread this week! We have secret societies, deception among the leadership, calls for murder, charges of idiocy… Yes, if you couldn’t tell, we have a Taravangian interlude this week. Join in to figure out what he’s up to—or at least what he thinks he’s up to.

[Light and truth. Save what he could. Abandon the rest.]

Series: Oathbringer Reread

Oathbringer Reread: Chapter Fifty-Seven

Oh Storms! IT’S ODIUM! Everyone run!

Well. Don’t actually, because goodness gracious do we have a lot to cover this week, given how short this chapter is. Over the course of Dalinar and Odium’s conversation we start getting some major information (finally) about who/what exactly Odium is, and what his broader machinations are. We also get a few little morsels of intel about the Shards to pick over, which is always fun! (Watch out for spoilers in the Cosmere Connections section, though.)

[Even this creature’s lies can tell you more than a world of common truths.]

Series: Oathbringer Reread

Oathbringer Reread: Chapter Fifty-Six

Good morning, true believers (::sniff::). In today’s reread, Alice, Aubree and I will be taking another journey into Dalinar’s visions, this time back to the Recreance—when the Knights Radiant dropped their Shards and abandoned Roshar. There are so many questions in this one to tackle. Why did they do it, really? It can’t possibly be as simple as the big reveal at the end of the book lets on, can it? And what’s going on between Hoid and Harmony? And… well, read on, dear followers, as we discuss those and more. (And freak out a little over the surprise guest at the end of the chapter, of course.)

[“I’ve always been here. Always with you, Dalinar. Oh, I’ve watched you for a long, long time.”]

Series: Oathbringer Reread

Oathbringer Reread: Chapter Fifty-Five

Greetings fellow listeners and fused and welcome to another edition of the Oathbringer reread, featuring your hosts Alice, Aubree, and Lyn! In this week’s chapter we’ll be delving deep into Bridge Four’s loneliest member, Rlain. What’s it like to be the only remaining member of your entire race? Come along with us as we try to understand…

[Can you tell me how it feels?]

Series: Oathbringer Reread

Oathbringer Reread: Chapter Fifty-Three

Today on the Oathbringer Reread we’ve got a Scholarly Sit-down with Jasnah Kholin and a few of her friends (via span-reed, of course). Suspicions start blooming over a certain Kholin boy’s spren, Amaram takes a well-deserved verbal beat-down, and Renarin makes a grand discovery that could change everything.

Aubree and I have a lot to cover today, and Alice won’t be joining us due to family obligations, so strap in and prepare your spanreeds to make those comments on the bottom!

[“Storms… that’s a pattern.”]

Series: Oathbringer Reread

Oathbringer Reread: Chapter Fifty-Two

Good day (or night depending on your time zone), faithful rereaders! Welcome back to Roshar for a… well, I was going to say “a very special episode of the Oathbringer Reread,” but let’s be honest, there’s nothing too terribly special going on in this chapter, unless you count parental abandonment “special.” We’ll be doing a bit of theorizing about the Thrill as well as lots of discussion about the Kholin family dynamics, so roll up your sleeves and prepare those comments as we dive in.

[Four glorious years.]

Series: Oathbringer Reread

Oathbringer Reread: Chapters Fifty and Fifty-One

Hello again, faithful rereaders and Cosmere fanatics! This week we’ll be delving into some more philosophical conversations between Dalinar and Kadash, following along as Kaladin flies Dalinar back into the Shattered Plains for some recon, watching as Shallan convinces Elhokar to let her tag along to Kholinar, and… oh, yeah. I suppose we’ll cover a little bit of Moash in here, too. If we muuuuuuust.

Aubree: You know you missed me!!!

[Gods and Heralds have been warring, and we were too focused on our petty problems to even notice.]

Series: Oathbringer Reread

Oathbringer Reread: Chapters Forty-Seven and Forty-Eight

Greetings, oh wondrous rereaders of the Oathbringer! Welcome back to the discussion, as the winsome threesome tackle yet another Moash chapter full of sledge-pulling, fatalism, and a moment of sheer rebellion. Oh, but that’s after a fascinating chapter of Jasnah discussing Radiants and Desolations with her spren, Ivory.

[The coming days will be difficult, but with training, humanity will survive.]

Series: Oathbringer Reread

Oathbringer Reread: Chapters Forty-Five and Forty-Six

Greetings, fellow rereaders! Buckle yourselves in and prepare for some fun as Aubree, Alice and I continue the debate on Moash from last week and witness two more members of Bridge Four find their places in the group.

AP: Along with a very special tuckerization!

L: ::blush::

[Maybe we’re just trying too hard, you know?]

Series: Oathbringer Reread

Oathbringer Reread: Chapters Forty-One and Forty-Two

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the Oathbringer Reread! This week we’ll be delving into the heavy subject of chemical and emotional addiction thanks to a certain downtrodden bridgeman. Thankfully we’ll then be lightening things up as we enter into another vision with Dalinar, in which he gets some unexpected company and backhanded compliments about… his butt?

[A thing about butts.]

Series: Oathbringer Reread

Oathbringer Reread: Chapters Thirty-Nine and Forty

Hello, rereaders! Alice and I hope you’ve got your burn gel handy for this chapter. In the purple corner… Jaaaaaaaaaaasnah Khoooooooooolin! Princess of Alethkar, scholar extraordinaire, and badass supreme, ready to take on any and all challengers! And in the blue corner, the brooding bridgeboy, the hero of the Shattered Plains, the protector of the innocent and overall good guy Kaladiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin Stoooooooormblessed! Thursday Thursday Thursday, don’t miss all the fun as these two Knights Radiant go toe to toe in a battle of the burns that will be sung of throughout the ages!

And what’s this? A mysterious letter revealing secrets about Shallan’s family? Read on to find out more!

[Just don’t blame me if the pigs don’t end up talking.]

Series: Oathbringer Reread

Oathbringer Reread: Chapter Thirty-Eight

Hey there! Thanks for joining us for this week’s installment of the Oathbringer Reread, in which Dalinar returns to one of his early visions and is joined by Navani and Jasnah. Along with observation, they have an extended conversation with the Stormfather, by means of which we learn a whole lot of history, and some theology as well. Also, I go back to the Prelude a lot.


Series: Oathbringer Reread

Oathbringer Reread: Chapters Thirty-Six and Thirty-Seven

Alice: Welcome back to the Oathbringer reread—for two chapters this week. First we’ll go back in time with Dalinar in the early years of his marriage, then we’ll rejoin Bridge Four on the Shattered Plains for a series of poignant scenes. (Also known as “In Which Alice Cries a Lot”)

Lyn: (And “In Which Lyn Joins Her And They Are Both Sobbing Messes Together) Also, fair warning, this is a long one, brightlords and ladies. There’s a lot to unpack in these two chapters—a lot of pain, a lot of healing, and a lot of familial love.

[A god of cool drinks and friendly advice.]

Series: Oathbringer Reread

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