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Lord Bobbins

The Writings and Rants of a Steampunk Lord

There are so many things I feel I could talk about first, such as the fandom as a whole, the authors, art or period design influences but I feel I must engage my conscience and talk about what I enjoy the most—steampunk immersion.

I will not make a secret of the fact that I run TeslaCon, which is a fully immersible convention where everything, and I do mean everything, is brought into the fold of a convention. TeslaCon is run on the principle of immersion for one reason—nobody else had it. To be fair, I had never really heard of anything like it before, unless you consider historical re-enactors. I wanted a destination, not a hotel. I wanted people to have a journey, not a three day weekend. I wanted there to be surprises, not constant planning of their time throughout the day.

[Immersion for steampunk fans]

Series: Steampunk Week

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