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Katharine Kerr

Saga, Series, and Just Plain Long Books

There is nothing an author today has to guard himself more carefully against than the Saga Habit. The least slackening of vigilance and the thing has gripped him.
–P.G. Wodehouse, writing in 1935

How little things change! I, too, am a victim of the Saga Habit. Fifteen Deverry books, four Nola O’Gradys—and I haven’t even finished the Nola series! Now Sorcerer’s Luck, which I meant to be a stand-alone, is insisting that it’s only the first volume of a “Runemaster trilogy.” Over the years, a number of people have asked me why I tend to write at this great length. I’ve put some thought into the answer, and it can be boiled down one word: consequences. Well, maybe two words: consequences and characters. Or perhaps, consequences, characters, and the subconscious mind—above all the subconscious mind. You see what I mean? These things multiply by themselves.

[The making of a saga, from Middle-earth to Deverry]

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