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Joan of Dark

Five Books About Dead People That Don’t Stay Dead

I have the interesting conundrum of loving scary things and being absolutely terrified by them. The first time my dad read me “The Tell-Tale Heart” (As a bedtime story! Thanks, Dad!) I couldn’t sleep until I took my ticking clock off the wall and buried it under towels in the hall closet. Yet on our next trip to the bookstore, I begged for my parents to buy me the complete works of Poe, ready to be scared again.

That’s because, despite my inherent wimpiness, I love nothing more than a good spooky story…

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Series: Five Books About…

Geeks Being Cool… With Knitting!

Sometimes life is a little surreal. I started knitting several years back and from that, started designing. Now I find myself in Los Angeles, sitting in John Carpenter’s guest house getting ready to shoot pictures of him and his wife for my new knitting book, Geek Knits.

Coming from a rock and roll background I never thought that out of all the ways I could possibly go to L.A. and meet celebrities, knitting would be any part of the equation. It goes to show that if you just roll with the flow, life can take you some pretty awesome places.

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