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The Making of a Great Indiana Jones Video Game

Playing video games has changed a whole lot since Atari and Nintendo were the kings of pixel play. Games now look and feel more like a big budget theatrical feature than they do a simple game you play, and they often have film-sized budgets as well. They wrap you inside the story they’re trying to tell and create a world that is incredibly immersive and tangible.

Sometimes the games of today are better than the movies of today; with WB Games/Rocksteady’s Arkham series, for example, I get to experience a side of Batman that even film or television cannot offer. I love stories and I love adventure, so of course I love Indiana Jones. And I love playing great games that involve all three of those things, like Sony/Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series. Wait, what?

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Water World: The Most Amazing Disney Park You’ll Ever Sea

Most Americans know about Disneyland and Walt Disney World, but that’s about the extent of their Disney theme park knowledge. If you’re a fan of theme parks then you probably know about Disneyland Paris and a few will also know that there is a Tokyo Disneyland. More knowlegdable Disney fans know about Hong Kong and possibly the upcoming Shanghai Disneyland, but if you’re a avid or hard core Disney fan you know about the hidden jewel that sits next door to Tokyo Disneyland.

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Look and Feel, Test and Adjust: Disney in Shanghai

The Walt Disney Company is deep in construction of its twelfth theme park right now.

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts is working with China to create an amazing new destination for the Chinese people that is somewhat different from the other theme park that opened more than a decade ago in Hong Kong (the Mouse’s first foray into the Hidden Kingdom). Having operated in the country for almost twelve years, the company has built up a great accumulation of knowledge regarding the cultural differences between what was built in the first park, and what will be present in the new one.

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The Second Wave: Netflix and the Expanding Marvel Universe

Neflix will soon be a staple in the Marvel diet, so I thought I would take the opportunity to mention what would make a great second course for the binging pay service. The announcement of the four series/one mini-series that Disney recently sold to Netflix will greatly expand the presence of the superhero footprint on the small screen, but there’s always the desire for more before we’ve even gotten what was already promised. What opportunities does Marvel Television have to broaden and expand their relationship with the streaming juggernaut beyond this first tasty bite?

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