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Fiction and Excerpts [1]

Fiction and Excerpts [1]

Zombie Week

The Zombies of Lake Woebegotten (Excerpt)

, || The town of Lake Woebegotton, MN is a small town, filled with ordinary (yet above average) people, leading ordinary lives. Ordinary, that is, until the dead start coming back to life, with the intent to feast upon the living! Now this small town of above average citizens must overcome their petty rivalries and hidden secrets in order to survive an onslaught of the dead.

Small Town Zombies

When the opportunity to write a book about small-town zombies popped up (not unlike a pocket gopher sticking its head out of a hole in the ground: never quite expected, but not that strange, really, when you think about it) I was struck right away by one pretty big problem:

There aren’t that many fresh dead people in your (above) average small town. Which means, most likely, zombies aren’t that big a threat in the more rural portions of the heartland. You can’t start a classic zombie apocalypse without a few dead people to kick things off. (I’m not talking about those “zombies” you see in movies and such nowadays who are really just sick folks with drippy orifices and illness-induced psychosis; I’m talking about the good old slow-moving walking dead.)

Your urban zombie is a different proposition, of course. High population density means that zombie-ism in a city would sweep through like most any other kind of epidemic. You’d have lots of cases of neighbor biting neighbor, spawning more zombies who’d go on to bite their mailmen and taxi drivers and parole officers, and so forth. You’ve all seen those movies.

But in a small town, someplace mostly agrarian? It’s a lot harder to hit that zombie critical mass.

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Series: Zombie Week

The Zombies of Lake Woebegotten (Excerpt)

We hope you enjoy this excerpt from The Zombies of Lake Woebegotten, new from Night Shade Books.


Day One: Not Too Good A Day, Really, Overall

1. Fish Icing

The winter the zombies came to Lake Woebegotten (and everywhere else on the planet, too, of course, but let’s not overreach here, knowing your limitations is one of the first steps towards having a life that’s not as miserable as it might be otherwise), Gunther Montcrief woke up in the deepest darkest coldest part of the night with a powerful need to urinate, and sat up in his old fish shack with the cracks in the walls stuffed with the crumpled pages from phone books while the wind whistled through the holes he’d missed and his little stove radiated weak heat and the cot springs creaked under him, and he thought about how terrible it was to get old, except being old and alive was better than all the alternatives, which were pretty grim if you dwelled on them, so better if you didn’t.

[Could be worse, after all, could be worse]

Series: Zombie Week

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