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Shining Bright: Cosmology and History in Star Daughter by Shveta Thakrar

Even though her mother is a star, Sheetal has always known an ordinary life on earth. After her mother Charamuti returned to the heavens leaving Sheetal behind with her father, Sheetal has tried not to draw attention to herself. But black hair dye can’t cover up her silver locks, and avoiding the spotlight hasn’t diminished her ability and talent to sing and hear the starsong, the celestial music in her core.

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A Young Girl’s Magical Legacy in Louisa Morgan’s The Age of Witches

Annis Allington, a daughter of the New York nouveau riche , wants nothing to do with the societal conventions of the 1890s. Her ambitions are to breed her prized Thoroughbred stallion, Black Satin, and enter the market with a strong bloodline of horses. Not very ladylike. But her stepmother, Frances, has other plans: mainly, to use her stepdaughter’s inheritance to secure a title and climb up the ranks of society. Frances whisks Annis to London to marry her off and lay her trap. Only when Annis’s Aunt Harriet Bishop comes to the rescue does the young girl realize she’s caught in a battle between two powerful witches that will decide her fate, and the future of her family’s power.

A story of bloodlines, magic, and love, The Age of Witches by Louisa Morgan is a bewitching coming-of-age story set against the backdrops of Gilded Age New York and London.

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Gaming and Surviving the Internet in Chris Kluwe’s Otaku

In Infinite Game—a virtual world that spans the globe with varying lands, missions, and levels of difficulty—Ashley Akachi is Ashura the Terrible, leader of the SunJewel Warriors. Her all-women team is one of the best, constantly pulling off impressive feats and racking up prizes, money, status and the occasional death threat.

In the real world, Ash lives in Ditchtown, formerly Miami, a run-down city where hackers, Gamers, and the low-income class gather, making the most of their lives on and off the ‘Net. Ash has to deal with her brother Kiro growing distant and more obsessed with the Game, and making enough money to take care of her mother, an ex-solider, in intensive rehab, all while keeping a low profile from angry Gamers.

While running a side job for Sawyer, one of the members of the current government, Ash has a run-in with an old team member that goes awry and discovers a plot that can throw Ditchtown and other sectors into turmoil once more. Now it’s up to her and the legendary SunJewel Warriors to pull off one more encounter before the Game gets too real.

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Gender Constructs & Toxic Masculinity Under Examination: The Fortress by S.A. Jones

If a man gave up his power and status quo, can he change for the better?

This is the question asked and examined in The Fortress by S.A. Jones, a dark sci-fi book that tackles the themes of consent, toxic masculinity, fatherhood and violence against women in an imagined women-led society.
Jonathan Bridges is a highly successful executive for a software company, with a life of status, wealth, and privilege. With that comes a corporate culture that’s highly toxic and misogynistic, where interns and female coworkers are referred to as “poodles” and treated as playthings. But when his wife, Adalia, confronts Jonathan about the rampant sexual violence in his firm and his behavior, his life falls apart before his eyes.

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Love and Espionage Go Hand in Hand in The Queen’s Assassin by Melissa de la Cruz

“Your orders haven’t changed, Cal, but mine have.”

The kingdoms of Avantine have mostly known peace since the end of the Aphrasian Rebellion, but stirrings and rumors of the return of a powerful enemy have set the Kingdom of Renovia on defense. Most pressing is the threat of assassination against Queen Liliana’s daughter, Lilac.

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Renewal and Redemption: R.A. Salvatore’s Song of the Risen God

War is fast approaching Fireach Speuer as the armies of the Xoconai Empire make their way west to lay conquest over the humans and reclaim their ancient lands. Under Scathmizzane the God King’s orders, the xoconai have descended upon the uamhas and the Usgars in the mountain, the start of their bloody, long campaign.

In Song of the Risen God, the final book in the Coven trilogy, everything comes to a head in a clash of magic and steel as Aoelyn and her band of friends rouse up forces in an attempt to save the world as they know it from the oncoming threat of the xoconai.

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Popular Webtoon Series Lore Olympus Being Developed as an Animated Series

According to Deadline, the webcomic platform Webtoon has partnered with The Jim Henson Company to develop Rachel Smythe’s Lore Olympus into a YA animated series. The popular webcomic series is a fresh and modern interpretation of Greek mythology, centered on the relationship of Hades and Persephone. In Smythe’s retelling, the couple meets at Zeus’ party, and romance blossoms from there.

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It’s time again for New York Comic Con! Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, it’s always helpful to have a guide to help navigate the panel circuit—with that in mind, we’ve got some recommendations for book and comic-themed panels featuring pop culture favorites, topics on the future of science fiction and fantasy, and in-depth conversations with some of genre fiction’s leading authors of today. Head below to fill your dance card with tons of great literary discussions!

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Redditor Finds Rare 1st Edition Copy of The Fellowship of The Ring…in a Doritos Box

Thrifters and used-book nerds alike can appreciate the reward of digging through piles of items to find one very special, very precious piece. That’s what happened to one Reddit user, who volunteers at St. Helena’s hospice in the U.K., after digging through a Doritos box full of donated books finding, not Doritos, but a first edition of The Fellowship of the Ring.

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New Star Wars Barbies Are Perfect Cosplay Inspiration

Star Wars cosplay is classic and limitless, with fans adhering to original designs or creating their own variations, bunny suit, 1920s’ style, crossover, or otherwise. But who doesn’t love a high-fashion twist on a sci-fi classic?

The Star Wars Barbies release by Mattel and Disney has reimagined the aesthetics of a few iconic Star Wars characters, serving some intergalactic realness.

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New Blade Runner 2019 Comic Offers a New Perspective on the Universe

Michael Green, screenwriter of Blade Runner 2049, returns to an earlier version of Los Angeles in Blade Runner 2019 #1, a new comic series co-written by Mike Johnson with art by Andres Guinaldo (Captain America).

With an intro page similar to the opening credits of the 1982 film, readers are introduced to Detective Aahan Ashina—Ash, as she’s known by colleagues.  Ash is outfitted in the tan overcoat of a Runner, similar to detective Blade Runners Rick Deckard and Officer K. In what is most likely a nod to the visual cues of the cyberpunk genre, Ash also has the standard blunt-edge bob that graces many protagonists.

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Sci-Fi Authors Mary Robinette Kowal and Ken Liu Reflect on the Apollo Moon Landing

It’s been 50 years since the Apollo 11 mission sent Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins to the moon, fulfilling the dreams of many star-gazing scientists and civilians alike. The New York Times ran coverage this Sunday honoring the historical event, and sci-fi authors Mary Robinette Kowal and Ken Liu contributed columns reflecting on space travel and its place in shaping American culture and history, past, present, and future.

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It’s almost time for the wonderfully chaotic weekend that is San Diego Comic Con! Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, it’s always helpful to have a guide of sorts to help navigate the panel circuit. If you trust in’s taste, check out our recommendations for these literary panels at San Diego Comic Con, featuring pop culture favorites, topics on the future of science fiction and fantasy, and in-depth conversations with some of the SFF’s leading authors of today!

Of course you should also stop by Tor Books at Booth #2701 on the show floor for a ton of giveaways and programs—check out our schedule here, and head below to fill your dance card with tons of great book discussions!

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What’s Next for this Year’s Locus Award Winners

What can readers expect next from the winners of the 2019 Locus Awards?

Since 1971, the Locus Awards have honored notable authors and their works, highlighting promising new voices in science fiction, fantasy, and horror, and commemorating authors whose legacies have defined the entire field of speculative fiction. Chosen by readers, the list of Locus nominees and winners also communicates the stories that excited us in the previous year, and it looks like there’s a lot yet to come from this year’s roster of Locus winners!

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