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Emmet Asher-Perrin

Avatar 2 Joins a Long, Storied History of Space Whales

We’ve noticed that Avatar: The Way of Water has made quite the splash (not sorry) with their whale-like alien creatures. Whaliens, if you will. Or, as the more common parlance would dub them: space whales. Yes, even if they don’t exist in space, the term applies.

But Avatar is certainly not the first story to think of whales and go “oh wow, these would be even cooler not on Earth.” After all, science fiction has been into environmentalism and space-ifying the flora and fauna of this planet forever. Here are just a few of our favorite friends that Avatar’s tulkuns now join in ranks.

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Wednesday Forgets Why We Fell in Love With the Addams Family

It’s hard watching what’s become of the Addams Family of late. And I don’t say this a person who wants to stomp all over anyone’s current enjoyment of the current oeuvre because who needs that? It’s just uniquely painful in a way I wasn’t expecting, and that feels… a little silly. But true, nevertheless.

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The Willow Series Has a Giant Sorsha-Shaped Question at the Center

The Willow television series has begun on Disney+, and already garnered reviews that seem either bafflingly positive or suspiciously over-negative. (The internet does set us up for these sorts of takes, I’m afraid.) In fact, the opening two episodes display a great deal of promise, but it’s impossible to tell if the show is capable of creating a satisfying meal from the pieces it’s ground down.

And a lot of that will come down to how it chooses to treat the character of Queen Sorsha.

[Spoilers for Willow series premiere.]

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