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Emmet Asher-Perrin

Get a Ten Minute Sneak Peek of Syfy’s Resident Alien!

The cast and showrunner of Syfy’s upcoming series Resident Alien—starring genre darling Alan Tudyk—made an appearance at New York Comic Con this weekend to tell fans a little bit more about their show. And they didn’t come empty-handed either, turning up with a full ten minutes of footage, a lot of laughs, and an idea of when the show will be premiering on the Syfy Channel.

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Save Yourselves! Offers An Apocalypse That Spares Us Rugged Individualism

Some films seem to be made with such an explicit audience in mind, you find yourself wondering what anyone outside that core demographic is bound to think. There was a time when geeks felt that way about most genre films, particularly those of a superhero bent—you could usually tell them based on who sat around with a captive circle of friends to explain the latest MCU post-credits sequence, but the truth of the matter is that blockbusters are intended to be for as many people as possible.

On the other hand, watching Save Yourselves! was both comfortably and uncomfortably like hearing the inside of my own head.

[Some spoilers for the film below.]

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How Much Alcohol Does it Take to Get a Hobbit Drunk?

Hobbits live the good life: they eat all day, they generally work with their hands and enjoy nature (unless they are wealthy and don’t work at all), and they live in an idyllic farmscape full of lush trees, rivers, and green hills. They also consume their fair share of ale in taverns, an ode to the pub culture that J.R.R. Tolkien himself heralded from.

But how much can a hobbit actually drink?

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