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Emmet Asher-Perrin

The Fifth Element Is One of the Best/Worst Sci-Fi Films Ever

On May 9th 1997, a weird little sci-fi action flick called The Fifth Element was released in theaters, from the same man who had recently brought audiences Nikita and Léon: The Professional. It was widely lauded/derided for being the one of the best/worst science fiction films ever made. It delighted/pissed off everyone who had the chance to see it. It was nominated for prestigious awards/Golden Raspberries, and is regularly cited for how well/terribly it tackled gender themes, design, and humor.

Twenty-five years later, no one can seem to agree on where it belongs in the pantheon of sci-fi cinema—and it’s safe to say, that is part of its unyielding charm.

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The Sheer, Unbridled Joy of Star Wars: A New Hope

One of my favorite stories about what it was like to see Star Wars: A New Hope when it was released in 1977 comes from my father. He went to see the film with his friend and roommate at the time, and when Vader’s Star Destroyer came into frame in the opening sequence, stretching on and on into infinity, the guy sank into his chair and shouted to the theater “Oh shit, this is it!”

I love that story because it elucidates something so significant about that first Star Wars film; when it first came out, no one had ever seen anything quite like it.

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Piracy Provides Perfect Cover to Talk About Your Feelings in Doctor Who’s “Legend of the Sea Devils”

This is the final episode before Thirteen’s upcoming regeneration, and while I’m extremely excited for that (Tegan and Ace are back, my favorite classic companions! The Master is back because of course he is!), I’m also sure that I’m not ready for it, and not ready for this to be the only episode we get between now and then. Here goes…

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