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The Umbrella Academy Is a Show About Growing Beyond Familial Abuse

If someone asked you what The Umbrella Academy was about, chances are you would use the word “family” somewhere in your description. It’s possible that you might even use the term “found family”—after all, Reginald Hargreeves’ wards were raised together, but those kindred bonds didn’t really coalesce until the end of the show’s first season. The point is, for all possible interpretations and wherever the show ends up taking its viewers, The Umbrella Academy is a show about the Hargreeves kids learning how to be family to one another.

It’s also a show about familial abuse.

[Spoilers up through the entire second season of The Umbrella Academy.]

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Netflix Has Picked Up All Seven Seasons of The Dragon Prince

The Dragon Prince has had the greatest panel of [email protected] thus far—amidst many announcements, they gathered the voice actors together to play parts of the panel in-character… including the opening, where they all pretended to be getting together for a Zoom call.

But the biggest reveal came at the end of the video to both the cast and the fans: After the #GiveUsTheSaga hashtag campaign that devotees previously ran up on Twitter, Netflix has agreed to greenlight all seven seasons of The Dragon Prince, guaranteeing us the full story.

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Watch the Opening Scene of The New Mutants

It’s been years since fans were promised The New Mutants, but this poor cursed film keeps getting pushed back and delayed. Though there was no news on that release—fans were likely hoping for the film to move onto Disney+ or to hear about an updated release date, of which there were neither—the studio did offer up a small concession during the movie’s [email protected] panel… the opening of the film.

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