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WandaVision Plays With Reality and Sitcom History in Its Two-Part Premiere

It’s strange to think that this is our first official Marvel Cinematic Universe story in roughly a year. After an empty 2020, Disney+ has arrived to alleviate that lack with their first television offering—WandaVision. And it started us off right, with two episodes to get fans hooked.

Spoilers ahead.

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Author and Podcast Host Anton Strout Has Passed Away

Anton Strout, USA Today best-selling author of the Spellmason Chronicles, and host/curator of the Once and Future Podcast has died suddenly at the age of 50. His passing was announced on the Twitter account for the OandF podcast, as well as Facebook posts from family and friends.

Strout was born in 1970, grew up Dalton, Massachusetts, and worked at Penguin Random House. His debut novel arrived in 2008 from Ace Books, an urban fantasy novel titled Dead to Me, which went on to spawn three sequels in the Simon Canderous series. The Once and Future Podcast launched in 2014, a passion project where readers and writers could enjoy book-centered content and discussion. The podcast has run for over 200 episodes.

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Wonder Woman 1984 Is Bursting With Unfinished Thoughts

Sometimes you watch a film, and it feels as though you’re having a conversation that never quite makes it to the point. You can see the threads, the ideas, the potential of the discussion you’re making your way toward, but you never arrive. Wonder Woman 1984 is a lot like that—an experience packed to the brim with potential, thoughts, even fun… that just can’t seem to find its way home.

(Some spoilers for WW1984.)

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The Real Magic of Santa Claus

What does Santa Claus represent?

Christmas is a fascinating amalgam of a holiday made up of a great big storm of European traditions, so there is obviously more than one answer to this question. But when the holiday blues set in and it feels like there is nothing more to Christmas than fighting with relatives and struggling to find perfect gifts, it’s as good a time as any to remember what Santa Claus really brings us every December: Magic.

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The Polar Express and What It Means to Believe

It’s sappy holiday story time! Are you ready? I’m ready…

So, Christmas at my house has always been a decidedly secular affair. In that way, I’m no different from a good portion of North America. My parents and I always loved decorating our tree, drinking cocoa, putting out the cookies and such, but the only time we ever arrived at a Christmas mass it was to hear my piano teacher play the service. I went to see one live nativity display as a teen because a friend’s cousin was playing one of the Wise Men. The only Jesus Christ I was listening to was probably the Superstar kind.

Santa Claus, however, was another matter entirely.

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Why I Love “Uncool” Characters Like The Jungle Book’s Bagheera

When I was a kid (like a kid kid, under the age of ten), I had a very specific pet peeve regarding the entertainment that I consumed. It centered around the inevitable bashing of any character who showed an inclination toward logic, pragmatism, and worry. My thirst for adventure—oddly—developed gradually, over time. As a very small human, I had an overly-developed sense of caution about the world, and so I was drawn to characters who looked before leaping, who made plans, who considered dangers.

What I’m trying to say is, I hated Disney’s The Jungle Book because no one listened to Bagheera.

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Hayden Christensen to Play Darth Vader in Obi-Wan TV Show

Word was that an Obi-Wan Kenobi television series has been in the works at Disney+ for some time now, with Ewan McGregor prepared to resume the role he played from 1999 to 2005 in the Star Wars prequels. The project stalled for a bit, and changed hands, but a week or so back, there was chatter that production was finally revving up.

It was. And an announcement made at the Disney Investor Day presentation has assured that we’re getting well more than we bargained for.

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