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Acting With Daemons is Like 3D Chess: The Cast of His Dark Materials at SDCC!

The cast, writer, and producer of His Dark Materials were at San Diego Comic-Con to talk about the upcoming show after dropping their second trailer, and were happy to answer questions ranging from fun times on set to daemon actors to their love of Pullman’s books in Hall H. Here are a few highlights! (Hint: season two has already been ordered!)

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Farscape Creators Looking Into TV Revival Options

Farscape‘s 20th anniversary panel at San Diego Comic Con was packed to the brim with fans who miss the show. It’s always been beloved, but in recent years there have been more rumors about its potential revival. Everyone seems to be on board, actors and creators included, so what’s the problem?

Well, we might not be waiting too much longer…

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5 Questions About the New 007 and the Future of the Bond Franchise

The news has been keeping a weather eye on the latest James Bond film (currently only known as Bond 25), leading to a sizable leak and subsequent announcement over the weekend that could shake the series all the way to its foundations—and I’m not talking about the obliteration of Bond’s ancestral home, Skyfall.

I’m talking about the new 007.

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Can the Marvel Cinematic Universe Actually Support a Multiverse?

Multiverses are a known part of most comics canons that allow for experimentation with familiar characters, new settings, and multi-dimensional threats. And given how long the Marvel Cinematic Universe plans to be at this mega blockbuster business, expanding into the multiverse might be inevitable—especially if they want to keep broadening their list of characters.

But can the films really support that?

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Was 1999 the Year Nerd Culture Began to Take Over the World?

In the transcendental year of 1999, it became clear to me that I was extremely cool.

No, that’s a lie, please don’t take that declaration even remotely seriously. I was twelve and thirteen years old in 1999, and no new teenager understands coolness on a base level, much less feels that coolness in their still-growing bones. The effortlessness of cool is not something that any tween can hope to emulate, the style inherent in the word “cool” has not yet developed by that age. So I was not cool. But there are now two solid decades between me and that year, and on reflection, I’ve realized something momentous:

1999 was the year when I got a glimpse of my future. And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.

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Genre Fiction Can’t Stop Destroying Venice For Some Reason

When we talk about cities that major catastrophes always seem to gravitate toward, it’s New York, right? New York City, entertainment’s favorite home to heap destruction onto. The Big Apple (thought no one really calls it that) can rarely go a year at the box office without someone laying into it and tearing up enough streets to wreck the traffic pattern for a century, from The Avengers to The Day After Tomorrow to Watchmen to Planet of the Apes‘s iconic ending. Other cities have fallen prey to this practice too, of course: London’s not looking too great in Reign of Fire; Tokyo saw the events of Akira unfold and is always dealing with that pesky Godzilla problem; a T. rex stomped through L.A. in The Lost World; Washington D.C. has suffered its fair share of trauma from Olympus Has Fallen to Captain America: Winter Solider. But there’s another city that has been quietly attempting to tie New York’s record, through no fault of its own—

—what exactly do we have against Venice, Italy?

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The Star Wars Universe Is Somehow Big Enough for Eight Kloo Horn Players

I’m sure when you were a kid watching Star Wars, you just assumed that the instruments being played by Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes (note: if you just called them “the cantina band” I’m really not sure what to do with you) were variants on instruments that you have already seen or played upon. Look, it’s an oboe! That one’s a space saxophone! How wrong you were, my young friend. How misguided. That instrument that Figrin D’an is playing is called a kloo horn. It’s totally different from our lousy Earth instruments. (It’s not.) And the Star Wars universe is full of musicians who loved that instrument, at least according to the Legends canon.

Here are eight of their stories. Eight. There are eight whole stories here, somehow. Eight’s gotta be a magic number somewhere, right?

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Toy Story 4 Will Love the Humanity Right Into You

The Toy Story saga seemed entirely complete by the gorgeous bookend that was Toy Story 3, so it was strange to hear that Pixar and Disney were teaming up for another go. Yet somehow, with all that history behind it, with the journey over and the toys in a new home—

—they did it again. They made me cry in the theater again.

(Non-spoiler review below)

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Men in Black: International Is Uninspired, But Still Cute and Fun

The original Men In Black was a divinely weird piece of cinema, a film that takes inspiration from the world’s most outrageous tabloids (the bat boy ones, not the celebrity rags)—but can you sustain that particular brand of magic over 20 years? With each sequel, the attempts to franchise-ify the series never quite passed muster.

But adding Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth to the mix sure doesn’t hurt.

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Dune: The Sisterhood Series in the Works For WarnerMedia’s New Streaming Service

A brand new series titled Dune: The Sisterhood has been greenlit for WarnerMedia’s new streaming platform. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the intent of the series is to explore the universe of Dune through the eyes of the Bene Gesserit, the secretive female order at the heart of the series.

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10 Details You Might Miss in Good Omens if You Haven’t Read the Book

If you have seen the Good Omens miniseries, but not yet read the book, you might have a couple of questions. It’s also possible that there were a few references that sailed right by, or some nuances that didn’t quite register. But we have a handy little guide! It won’t help you avert the Apocalypse, but their might be some useful information inside…

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