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8 Things That Didn’t Need to Happen in Justice League

Jut like Batman v Superman before it, Justice League is unfortunately packed full of material that it doesn’t need. And it’s all this odd bloat that prevent the story from becoming a cohesive, fully enjoyable film. (As it stands, it’s a confusing film with some very enjoyable bits in it.) Here are several items that could have been cut or reworked to that end.

Spoilers for Justice League.

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Justice League Shows Us What Happens When You Team Up Without a Cinematic Universe

The first Justice League team-up film has been long-awaited by fans of the comics, cartoons, and movies that DC Comics has been churning out for decades. And while the DC Cinematic Universe has (rightly) received a fair share of criticism for its many fumbles, the success of Wonder Woman, followed by word of a course correction for the DC pantheon on screen gave reason to hope for the future of the series.

[No spoilers for the film.]

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Disney Developing Live-Action Star Wars Series for New Streaming Service

In this Age of Streaming, it was only a matter of time before Disney decided to put most of its mega-properties in one place.

Right on the heels of the announcement that Rian Johnson will be developing a brand new Star Wars film trilogy, the Disney has announced that a live-action Star Wars television show is in the works, along with a few others….

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Star Trek: Discovery Asks What True Happiness Feels Like and Comes to a Pretty Devastating Conclusion

The latest Discovery episode, “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum,” had multiple threads to follow, but was notable for being only the second time that we have seen any focus on Commander Saru, the first Kelpian member of Starfleet. Saru’s journey in this episode not only gives viewers a greater window into his people, but also examines an older Trek tale with a new twist… to a deeply emotional conclusion.

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Stranger Things Season 2 Wants to Redefine the 1980s SFF Action Heroine

Homaging the best and brightest of 1980s cinema is central to the framework of Stranger Things. The Duffer Brothers made this clear in season one of their Netflix series, and since then have stacked the deck with shoutouts and parallels to a ridiculously large assortment of media. Many of these references are tidy and easy to sync up—here, a reference to Tremors. There, a passing glimpse of E.T. the Extraterrestrial. Over there, it’s Stand By Me. But there is one particular aspect of the show that seems to have bloomed in the most recent season: a steady reinvention of the 1980s sci-fi and fantasy heroines that we all know and love.

[Spoilers for Stranger Things Season 2.]

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Thor: Ragnarok is a Hilarious Blockbuster About the Evils of Imperialism

Most of the movie-going public agrees wholeheartedly—Thor: Ragnarok is great. Better than great. It’s I-just-ate-eleven-ice-cream-sundaes-and-don’t-have-a-stomach-ache great. It’s sort of like condensing delight into electricity and synth and lots of screaming. That’s basically what happiness is, right?

But here’s the best part; there’s way more going on in Ragnarok than psychedelic gladiatorial verve. This movie, which keeps being distilled down to “Thor and Hulk’s buddy road trip comedy” has a very keen eye turned toward Asgard’s history… and what was celebrated, and forgotten, and buried.

[Spoilers Ahead.]

The Candy of Friendship: When Kids Befriend the Unknown With Treats

It’s Halloween, which means that children and adults alike are going to load up on their high fructose corn syrup quotient for the year. But candy isn’t just delicious—it’s also a powerful manner of bonding with creatures and people you might not otherwise meet. Kids instinctively understand this… which is why some of the most moving friendships in SFF have been made over a shared love of sweet stuff.

Here are some of the greatest of those friendships.

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We Can Safely Say That Sarek of Vulcan is Sci-fi’s Worst Dad

Look, I have been waiting years to say this and I just can’t hold back anymore. Science fiction is full of horrible dad figures. We know this. There are so many that we’d be hard pressed to decide the winner of that Battle Royale, particularly given the scope of their terribleness. Anakin Skywalker Force-choked his pregnant wife and tortured his daughter. Howard Stark emotionally abused his son into creating the “future” he wanted to bring about, and never managed to utter the words I love you. Admiral Adama made his eldest son feel totally inferior to both his dead son and his surrogate daughter, and then left him alone on a new world so he could spend three minutes with his dying paramour. Sci-fi dads are generally bad at their jobs.

But you know who it the absolutely worst? Spock’s dad.

Yeah. I’m looking at you, Sarek of Vulcan.

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Great Instances of Sci-Fi/Fantasy Characters in Halloween Costumes

Halloween is inarguably one of the best times of year—a holiday where you can become anyone for a whole day? Sign us up! But we’re not the only ones who enjoy passing ourselves off as other people. It’s not at all uncommon for fictional characters to take the time to dress up and party on All Hallow’s Eve, too! With that in mind, here are some favorite moments where science fiction/fantasy characters wore costumes on Halloween….

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