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Happy 20th Anniversary to Practical Magic, the Witchy Rom-Com That’s Really About the Bonds Between Women

Practical Magic is called a romantic comedy, and that’s funny because its leading man doesn’t show up until well over half the film’s runtime has elapsed. (It’s also based on a book of the same name, though they don’t resemble each other very much.) I suppose it is a romantic comedy in that many parts of the film are funny, and there’s a lot of romantic stuff in it. The romance is basically a tangent that occurs so that the story has a thought to end on, and it’s perfectly nice. But really, more than anything, Practical Magic is about how important it is for women to have other women in their lives for the sake of their empowerment and protection. And that’s really it.

Also witch stuff. And tequila.

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Star Wars: Resistance Examines the Galaxy From a Surprising Perspective

Star Wars: Resistance is the latest animated series executive produced by Dave Filoni, the man responsible for The Clone Wars and Rebels. This show is meant to cover the period leading up to The Force Awakens from the perspective of Resistance operatives, under the tutelage of Poe Dameron—and it’s while we can’t be sure what the season will bring, in the first episode we’ve already got a fascinating set of characters and a base of operations unlike anything we’ve seen before in this galaxy far, far away.

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Ethan Peck Reveals the Emotional Journey of Becoming Spock for Star Trek: Discovery

The cast of Star Trek: Discovery were at New York Comic Con to talk about the upcoming season and how much love they plan to bring into the world as their story evolves. Ethan Peck, the show’s new Spock was also on stage, and he gave fans an idea of the long journey involved in donning those ears.

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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse‘s Shameik Moore Incepted Himself Into the Role of Miles Morales

After a (glorious, stunning, emotional) half-hour preview of Marvel’s upcoming animated feature Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, fans at New York Comic Con got to hear from the cast and crew at Madison Square Garden! And we learned something very special about the central Spider-Man of the movie, Miles Morales.

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Crowley and Aziraphale Describe Their Chemistry Like A “Sexy Dance” at Good Omens Panel

Of course, Good Omens is a novel possessed by a list of incredible characters, but the center of that complicated plot is occupied by an angel and a demon who are best friends (no matter how much the angelic of their number would deny it). Seeing as the chemistry between Crowley and Aziraphale was key, how did that work out on set between actors David Tennant and Michael Sheen?

Like dancing, it would seem.

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If Harry Potter is Your Dad, He’ll Read Harry Potter to You

The Broadway (formerly of the original West End production) cast of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child chatted with fans for an hour at New York Comic Con to answer questions and talk about how they got involved with such a surprising project in a first place.

In case you hadn’t guessed it already, this is one hell of a charming cast.

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We Have Some Questions About the Dark Phoenix Trailer

We watched the Dark Phoenix trailer. At the end, we had a few questions. Primary among them was: Should the movie really be titled Dark Phoenix? Or should it be called “Professor Xavier’s No Good Very Bad Mistake”?

Look, judging a movie by a trailer is typically unfair, even if the trailer is pretty clear about what you’re getting into. But this isn’t an issue with the Dark Phoenix trailer all by itself. (Although we do have one substantial clarification we’d like.) This is an issue with the X-Men film series at large, and how these characters have been presented to us over their tenure on screen. And that issue is roughly the size of three guys: Professor X, Magneto, and Wolverine.

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Captain Marvel Doesn’t Know She’s On Camera

There was something particular that struck me when I was watching the Captain Marvel trailer earlier this week. (Aside from general excitement over how great it looks.) It’s not the costumes or the CGI or the gorgeous music. It’s that Captain Marvel herself rarely ever smiles. In fact, Carol Danvers looks entirely, miraculously indifferent to be on a movie screen. Or anywhere at all.

As far as I can tell, that’s a first for the entire superhero film genre.

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Netflix Announces Live-Action Avatar: The Last Airbender Series is Incoming! [Update]

Back in between 2005 and 2008, a truly exceptional children’s television series aired on Nickelodeon titled Avatar: The Last Airbender. Four years later, a sequel series was produced titled The Legend of Korra. Between those two series, M. Night Shyamalan made a live-action adaptation of The Last Airbender, which was universally panned by fans and critics alike.

Today, we learn that we’re getting another shot at a live-action Last Airbender—and a good one at that.

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