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Daniel Whyte IV

Why Batman Is a Terrible Superhero (Or, Why Our Present Social Crises Demand a Different Class of Hero)

I’m a huge fan of the Dark Knight, so I was ready to throw hands a few weeks ago when someone told me they considered Batman to be a terrible superhero.

“You can’t just say that. You have to give reasons,” I demanded.

Well, she did: “Bruce Wayne has wealth and access and power, and he uses it all on himself—building armor and weapons and going out in the night to beat up bad guys just because he can’t get over his parents’ murder. When, instead, he could be using all his wealth to save Gotham City by improving schools, getting homeless people off the streets, and providing opportunities for young people who would otherwise turn to a life of crime.”

I had to admit she made a good point. And that point has stuck with me.

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