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Claire Eddy

A Tribute to Sara Douglass

It was with profound sadness that I learned of Sara Douglass’s passing this week. I had the pleasure of working with Sara for more than a decade on numerous projects, including her bestselling Wayfarer Redemption, Troy Game, and Crucible series. Sara was a dream to work with; a consummate professional with a love of history that was unsurpassed and someone whose fierce passion for her craft fueled all her works. Sara was not only one of my authors but during the long years we worked together she became a friend as well. She has gone from us much too soon and I mourn for the books that I will never get to read.

But she has left us a body of work that will live on: epic fantasies filled with characters that step off the page, who bleed, cry and engage in such messy lives that they are as real to us as our friends or neighbors. I sometimes would refer to her works as fantasies married to the very best of soap operas, and like those daytime dramas Sara always knew just how to draw the reader in and make them care enough to find out what happens next. So in that way Sara will never truly be gone and that is a small comfort. If you haven’t yet experienced her work seek the books out—you are in for a rare and special treat.

Safe travels, my friend.

Claire Eddy is a senior editor at Tor/Forge and has been with the company for more than 26 years.

Best SFF Novels of the Decade: An Appreciation of Kushiel’s Dart

I am honored that I was given the opportunity to “discover” this amazing book. The manuscript showed up on my doorstep just shortly before a Thanksgiving holiday many years ago. It was over a thousand pages long, and I was anxious to read just enough of it to be able to reject it without having to lug the thing home. But after reading the first page I knew I was doomed to get almost no sleep that night. By the next morning, I knew that this was a kind of book that no one had ever quite written before. And that Tor had to be its publisher.

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Listening to the Past From The Future

For several months now I have been in the process of shedding all things unneeded, unnecessary, and extraneous from my life. To that end, I did a bit of research and found an object that even as a devoted reader of SF would never have dreamed of. I am now the proud owner of a turntable that hooks directly into my laptop and can now digitize all those moldering LPs, 45s, and yes, Virginia, even the 78s that are gathering dust in my closet.

As I do this I am reliving moments of my former selves, snapshots of time past.  And when I am done I will have all of my musical library on a device not much larger than a cigarette pack. We’re talking about hundreds and hundreds of vinyl dinosaurs here, people, that I can send out into the wild and out of my house.

And this is today.  What will tomorrow bring? Will I in the not too distant future go back to school and not pay tuition because I will have all the greatest academic libraries on my yet to be invented device?  Will I be able to carry around the Library of Congress in my shirt pocket?  And just what will I do with all this information when I have it in one convenient package?

When I was a kid I read SF and dreamed about how cool the world could be someday. But I never really thought I would be living in the future. I can’t wait to see what happens next…

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