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Pixar’s Soul Aims to Spark an Appreciation for Life

The opening of Pixar’s Soul serves as a great metaphor for the movie as a whole.

In the first scene, we’re introduced to a black musician named Joe Gardener, voiced by Jamie Foxx. As he teaches a class of young students, we discover he has a deep passion for jazz. Joe beautifully demonstrates his talents in a scene packed with stunning visuals and excellent sound design. His students, on the other hand, are less sure of themselves and sometimes play off-key. Although they want to handle their instruments better, they don’t quite have the hang of it yet. Ultimately the scene represents what Soul is—a movie that has plenty of passion and beauty, but misses a few notes along the way.

[Some spoilers for Soul]

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Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop — With Pizza Dog! — Confirmed for Hawkeye Disney+ Series

It looks like the MCU officially has a Kate Bishop. And a Lucky, the Pizza Dog.

Behind-the-scenes footage on the Hawkeye set, which recently started filming in Downtown Brooklyn under the name “Anchor Point,” confirms that Hailee Steinfeld will take on the mantle of the Young Avenger. The video also gave us a couple of other key details about the character’s upcoming appearance.

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Ranking A Decade of Live-Action Marvel TV By Worthiness (Of Your Time)

Over the last decade, a wide variety of live-action Marvel superhero shows have been released… and I’ve watched every single one of them (well, all except for Powersa PlayStation network show. If you’ve ever actually seen it, please let me know where it should go on this list). In honor of Helstrom’s recent premiere and the upcoming WandaVision series, I wanted to look back on the fourteen shows I’ve seen and let you know which ones were most (and least) deserving of your time.

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Black Lightning Predicted the Worst of 2020…And Showed Us How to Survive It

Black Lightning has never been afraid to tackle current issues. For three seasons, the show has consistently carved out time in its story about a Black superhero coming out of retirement to shed a light on tensions and struggles that may affect the viewer in a very real way. Although I recognized that the show has been doing an exceptional job of examining society as it is, I never expected it would predict what the world would become.

But that’s what happened in season 3. The audience saw characters tackling problems and challenges that would affect the real world only a few months after episodes aired. And while the show’s startlingly accurate predictions are impressive, the writers also gave us suggestions about how to confront these issues. Their prescriptive solutions ensure that Black Lightning season 3 does more than paint a grim portrait of where we are today—it shines a light on the path we can take to move forward.

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Announcing the Winners of the the Inaugural Ignyte Awards!

The first-ever winners of the Ignyte Awards were announced at FIYAHCON 2020! FIYAH created the awards to “celebrate the vibrancy and diversity of the current and future landscapes of science fiction, fantasy, and horror.” After the FIYAHCON 2020 Committee selected finalists, they let the public vote on who should take home the prizes in each category. Without further ado, here is the full list (winners have been bolded):

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The Kids Aren’t Alright in The Walking Dead: World Beyond Episode Two Preview

Although The Walking Dead: World Beyond is the newest entry in the Walker-verse, the show has already established that there’s a rich and complex internal history underneath the zombie fun. While the first episode focused on setting up the new world, a second episode preview at their virtual New York Comic Con panel dives right into some undead action.

(Spoilers for the first episode of The Walking Dead: World Beyond below)

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Get a Sneak Peek of Fear the Walking Dead’s Sixth Season

Fear the Walking Dead has never been afraid to try new and unexpected things. The show has killed off core characters, crossed over with the original show’s characters, and had Alicia fight off zombies in a water park. During their New York Comic Con panel, which featured a sneak peek of the season six premiere, we got confirmation that the show is trying a new format… and bringing in a frightening new character.

(Spoilers through season five of Fear the Walking Dead.)

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