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Andrew Fogel of the League of STEAM

Steampunk Storytelling in the Transmedia Frontier

Clockwork automata, steam-powered airships and ray guns have nothing to do with the convergence of online videos, mobile games, and theatrical productions. However, it’s become apparent to me that, although they’re wildly different movements, steampunk and transmedia share some essential traits, and that steampunk is a ripe genre for transmedia projects.

But let me rewind for a moment to clarify what we’re talking about here. If we can loosely describe steampunk as “Victorian-era science fiction,” then we can attempt to define transmedia as “a story that is told across multiple media.” While the jury is still out on the precise rules of what is or isn’t a transmedia story, I’ll do my best to break down the basic concept.

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Series: Steampunk Week

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