Creating a Cocktail Culture on the Moon

I like details. Little things tell me everything about people, their society, their hopes and fears, the sky above them, the rock beneath them.

When I began writing Luna, I knew I would be building a world from scratch, but also one that adhered to the constraints of the physical realities of the moon. The Moon may have been Heinlein’s Harsh Mistress but we’ve learned a lot about Lady Luna since and she’s got leaner and meaner. A lot meaner. I wanted those facts to shape the world and lives of my characters, from low gravity to moon dust, which is seriously nasty stuff. I suppose it’s a “hard science fiction” book—though that’s an expression I hate. Hard science technically shapes the lives, loves, jealousies and ambitions of every one of my moon’s one point seven million citizens.

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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Drops Extended Trailer for End of Season 6, Gets Very Emotional During SDCC Panel

Before its panel yesterday, it was reported that Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D next season will be its last.

To recap, Season 6 takes place a year after Coulson’s death, while S.H.I.E.L.D is rebuilding under Mack’s leadership. The agents are investing paranormal energies and find themselves encountering a new enemy known as “Shrike,” parasites that infect worlds and destroy them. In the latest episode that aired, May seemingly killed Sarge, the Director Coulson lookalike, the agents had teamed up with to try and defeat the Shrike.

So with Season 6 almost done, and Season 7 to be the last, what does that mean for the show? [Read more]

Watch a Video from Grape Ape, a Riot Grrrl Band Straight from the Pages of Annalee Newitz

Our timeline has a powerful Riot Grrrl tradition! However, not every band made it here—some, like Grape Ape, reached their power in other timelines, and are only known to us through appearances in other media. In this case, Annalee Newitz, a scribe of our timeline, documented Grape Ape and their glory in her forthcoming novel The Future of Another Timeline. But now, to our great excitement, they’ve shared one of their videos!

We have to admit we’re confused that this timeline’s Charlie Jane Anders managed to cross over to tend bar for a Grape Ape show? But no matter—click through for the video!

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5 Fantastic Recent Books about Humans Colonizing Other Planets

Humanity has accomplished a great many things since we started mastering technologies like writing and agriculture. But we still remain confined to this one tiny planet, without even a permanent presence on our own moon, and the dream of interplanetary colonization remains just that. So it’s a good thing we have a lot of great books in which humans go to live on other worlds.

When I was working on my new novel, The City in the Middle of the Night, I was inspired by a bunch of great books featuring humans colonizing other planets. Here are five recent colonization books that are especially fantastic.

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“You just had your ass handed to you by a goddamn retiree” — RED

Homage Comics was created in 1995 as an imprint of WildStorm Comics, itself one of the studios under the umbrella of Image Comics. Homage—named after the studio to which WildStorm founder Jim Lee belonged—was focused on writer-centered works. Image was famously artist-centric, as it was founded by a bunch of artists who hired writers to script their work. Homage, though, featured work developed by Kurt Busiek (Astro City), Jeff Mariotte (Desperadoes), James Robinson (Leave it to Chance), Terry Moore (Strangers in Paradise), and Warren Ellis, whose RED was a three-issue series with art by Cully Hamner published in 2003.

WildStorm was later made part of DC Comics, and RED was optioned for a film after Warner Bros. (who has first refusal on all DC properties) passed on it.

[“Is that my bag?” “Yeah.” “You—you packed it?” “Yes.” “D-did you vacuum?” “A little, yeah, it was messy.”]

Batwoman’s Ruby Rose Drops Out of San Diego Comic-Con 2019

Even though the Batwoman pilot only premiered on Wednesday, it’s already amassed a pretty sizable fanbase, and counting (apparently half the audience at Comic-Con left before Pennyworth screened)? Unfortunately, though, the show’s panel will be one star short. On Thursday, Ruby Rose announced via Instagram video that she’s had to drop out of the con last-minute to put some finishing touches on a Batwoman episode instead.

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5 Ways Science Has Made Science Fiction More Interesting

It may sometimes seem as if science does nothing but harsh SF’s vibe: “No stealth in space,” “Mars is nigh-impossible to terraform with on-site resources,” “relativity and its speed of light limit has stood up to eleven plus decades of intense testing,” and “all getting bitten by a radioactive spider does is raise a small welt and give one a very slightly increased chance of cancer.” BUT…science gives as well as takes. Here are five examples of ways in which the Solar System as we currently understand it is way more awesome than the Solar System of my youth.

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