John Boyega Wants to Be On Doctor Who — Let’s Make This Happen, Russell T. Davies!

John Boyega is no stranger to major genre franchises. He played Finn in the last three films of The Skywalker Saga, of course, and also starred in Pacific Rim: Uprising! (pictured above), and is set to play roles in other upcoming projects including Attack the Block 2, The Freshening, and The Test.

Boyega, however, is down for even more genre roles. In a recent interview, he said Ncuti Gatwa being cast as the Doctor in Doctor Who was inspiring to him, and that he’d love to make an appearance on the show in some shape, way or form.

“I would love that!” he told the Radio Times when asked about whether he’d want to be in Doctor Who. “But get me in an episode where I’m one of the many Doctors in many timelines so I can just cameo it. Or I’d be the assistant, whatever. I’d show up—but just for one episode.”

The idea of Boyega becoming a character in the Doctor Who universe is enticing. The actor is great in everything he does, and it would be fun to see him take on a role that’s a bit goofier than what we’ve seen him in before. The format of Doctor Who also makes the possibilities of who he could play endless—he could be from the future or the past, a human or some fun alien species. Having him act against Gatwa’s Doctor is also intriguing, and I hope Russell T. Davies hears this interview and carves out a role for him.

Doctor Who returns in November 2023 in a 60th-anniversary special that will see David Tennant once again playing the Doctor after a surprise regeneration. By the end of the special, however, Gatwa will take the reins of the iconic character.


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