Greta Gerwig Goes Full Kubrick With the First Barbie Teaser

Maybe you’ve seen the leaked photos of Ryan Gosling in an incredibly neon outfit, or the image of Margot Robbie in Barbie’s pink car. Maybe you think you have some idea of what director Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie is going to be like.

Maybe. But either way, I can almost guarantee you’re definitely not expecting this teaser.

At this point it doesn’t actually matter what this film is about, what the story is, or how, exactly, everyone in it looks precisely like one of the creepy toys we grew up with (though the actors do have proportions that are achievable by the human form). None of that matters. What matters is that Greta Gerwig took Barbie, a doll who totters around on distressingly shaped feet in her very pink house, and somehow rides horses and drives cars despite those feet, and turned her into 2001.

The sunset! The children! The voice of Helen Mirren! The smashing of the baby dolls! Giant monolith-sized Barbie! Bring it on. Bring on the whole film. I know it will not all be like this and I don’t care. This trailer is art.

Barbie is directed by Gerwig (Little Women), and written by Gerwig and Noah Baumbach (White Noise), and even between the impressive filmography the two of them have piled up, I still didn’t expect this. It stars Robbie, Gosling, Michael Cera (???), Rhea Perlman (???!?), Will Ferrell, Kate McKinnon, America Ferrera, Emma Mackey, and Simu Liu (!?!??) and is somehow not in theaters until July 21st, 2023.


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