Did You Want More Cloverfield Movies? Well, You’re Getting One

It is pointless to fight with the franchise machine, as the franchise machine always wins. It wins even for franchises that were last seen making baffling films such as 2018’s The Cloverfield Paradox, which, yes, I stayed up to watch after the Super Bowl. Yes, I regretted that choice. (The cast was great! The movie was not.)

But here we are again! Deadline reports that Paramount, hot for revived franchises in the wake of the latest Sonic and Top Gun films, has another Cloverfield project on deck. This one will be directed by Babak Anvari (I Came By) and written by Joe Barton, with the original Cloverfield team of producer J.J. Abrams, writer Drew Goddard, and director Matt Reeves among the producers.

According to Deadline, “It is also unknown how this new installment will link to its predecessors whether its straight sequel to the original or an anthology piece that is set in the Cloverfield universe.”

Intriguingly, though, another Cloverfield film was announced last year—with the same writer, Joe Barton (The Lazarus Project). That one was said to be a direct sequel to the 2008 film, though not shot in the same found-footage style. Whether this is the same movie is anyone’s guess.

No further details have been announced.


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