The Dragon Prince Returns—With a Time Jump—In November

It’s been an incredibly long wait. The third season of Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond’s The Dragon Prince ended, in Emmet Asher-Perrin’s words, with a battle that could rival any Lord of the Rings movie. That was in 2019. But season four is finally coming in November, and yesterday’s San Diego Comic-Con panel revealed much more info about what to expect, including the first official clip!

The next phase of The Dragon Prince is called The Mystery Of Aaravos, and is named for the Startouch Elf voiced by Erik Todd Dellums. As the clip above shows, it’s been two years since we last saw these characters—two years in which Claudia (Racquel Belmonte) tried to bring her father back from the dead. She’s succeeded, now, with the help of Aaravos, but things are still complicated.

Comic-Con attendees got to see the whole first episode of season four, and shared more details. Ezran (Sasha Rojen) is on the throne of Katolis, Callum (Jack De Sena) is the High Mage, and Soren (Jesse Inocalla) and Corvus (Omari Newton) are serving as the king’s bodyguards. Rayla (Paula Burrows) is on a secret quest, while Janai (Rena Anakwe) and Amaya are trying to rebuild the Sunfire kingdom. The upcoming season will also introduce Earthblood elves, who come from the Drakewood.

In 2020, Netflix picked up all seven seasons of The Dragon Prince, meaning that even if you have to wait a bit, the whole story will be told! The Dragon Prince returns sometime in November.


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