Jon Snow May Live Again in Another Game of Thrones Spinoff

When Kit Harington’s Jon Snow rode off into the north at the end of Game of Thrones, it was one of the minor enjoyable points in a generally infuriating series finale: At least he wasn’t on the throne. (Not that the Stark on the throne was much more interesting.) But we probably should have guessed that wasn’t the last we’d see of him. There are so many adventures to be had in exile. So many, in fact, that HBO has a Jon Snow Game of Thrones spinoff in early development, with Harington attached to star.

The Hollywood Reporter broke this news, which I can only describe as… underwhelming, much like Jon Snow himself. Neither HBO nor Harington’s reps would comment, and little is known about the series’ plot, though presumably it would pick up with Jon and his Wildling buddies up in the world beyond the Wall. As THR notes, this series could potentially change the post-finale fate of other Game of Thrones characters: Who might visit Jon? Might the new king overturn his banishment at some point? Perhaps another terrible threat to Westeros will rise, and only Jonny Snow can save them all. Again.

This makes seven Game of Thrones spinoffs in the works, not counting House of the Dragon, which is real and coming to a screen near you in just a few weeks. And this is by far the least inventive. There are characters both major and minor who would make for more interesting viewing than Jon Snow. A Brienne of Tarth series could explore the experience of someone not chosen to do what they do best. Arya Stark purposefully set out on an adventure when all was said and done. I’d rather watch a show about the origins of Ian McShane’s Brother Ray than watch Jon Snow look sad again. Or Arya’s dancing master! Or, honestly, give us a show about Hot Pie’s inn. About the Sand Snakes’ childhood. About Yara Greyjoy and the Ironborn.

Anyway. Somehow, Jon Snow will probably return.


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