First Trailer for The Winchesters Introduces Us to Young John and Mary (and Their Monster-Hunting Friends)

It’s only been a week since The CW officially greenlit the Supernatural prequel, The Winchesters, for a full series order. But a week is enough time, it seems, for the network to put out a Jensen Ackles-narrated trailer that shows us how the parents of Sam and Dean Winchester met, among other things.

In addition to John and Mary’s monster hunting meet-cute, the trailer reveals that the two both have daddy issues and also introduces us to two other hunters that Mary runs with—Latkia Desai and Carlos Cervantez. The four appear to become a monster-hunting gang, with John being the newbie of the group.

The trailer also gives us another look at Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester. The first shot, for example, shows Dean leaning against Baby (his car) and writing in a little notebook, presumably his attempt to chronicle “the Winchester story,” a.k.a. the tale of how his parents fell in love (and saved the world, of course, because that’s what Winchesters do).

The Winchesters stars Meg Donnelly and Drake Rodger as John and Mary Winchester. Their monster-hunting pals, Latkia and Carlos, are played by Nida Khurshid and Jojo Fleites respectively.

While we don’t have an official premiere date yet, The CW promises that The Winchesters will start airing on the network sometime this fall.


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