The CW Greenlights Supernatural Prequel, Gotham Knights, While Cancelling More Shows

It was a rough day for television shows yesterday. The CW announced it was canceling seven of its shows (five of which are genre) while also giving out three new series orders.

The five genre shows that will sadly not continue include the Arrowverse show Naomi and a reboot of 4400, each of which will end after only one season. Another reboot, Charmed, will end after its fourth season finale on June 10, with the Vampire Diaries spinoff Legacies also ending after its fourth season finale on June 16. Roswell, New Mexico is the last genre show to get the axe, and will have its fourth and last season premiere on June 6.

The two non-genre shows that won’t continue are the crime series In The Dark, which will also end after its fourth season airs, and the reboot of Dynasty.

These cancellations come soon after the announced ending of the Arrowverse shows Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman and are likely in part due to the intent of the current owners of the network — WarnerMedia and CBS — looking to sell it off. The network has approved a slew of shows for additional seasons, however, with All American, All American: Homecoming, The Flash, Kung Fu, Nancy Drew, Riverdale, Superman & Lois and Walker getting renewed.

It also doesn’t mean that the CW is cutting down on new series. Later on yesterday, the network also announced that they have placed series orders for the Supernatural prequel, The Winchesters, the DC series Gotham Knights, and the Walker prequel, Walker: Independence. It’s worth noting that all three of these shows have connections to the CW powerhouse, SupernaturalThe Winchesters connection is obvious, while Gotham Knights stars Supernatural star Misha Collins, and the Walker spinoff is based on a show that stars Winchester brother, Sam (aka Jared Padalecki).

Is this the last tranche of cancellation announcements from the CW? The fates of Stargirl and the Nancy Drew spinoff Tom Swift (which has yet to premiere) are still unknown, so there may be more news from the network soon.


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