It’s Yo Ho Ho and a Ship Full of Sea Devils In the Next Doctor Who Special

What’s better than a show full of pirates? Pirates and sea dragons! Legend of the Sea Devils is the next Doctor Who special in Jodie Whittaker’s farewell run—the second of three as her time on the TARDIS comes to an end. First Daleks, now Sea Devils; who can say which enemy will show for the third one?

The Sea Devils haven’t been seen in the new Who era, yet, so that’s fun. The BBC’s summary of the special says:

In a swashbuckling special adventure, the Doctor (Jodie Whittaker), Yaz (Mandip Gill) and Dan (John Bishop) come face to fin with one of the Doctor’s oldest adversaries: the Sea Devils. Why has legendary pirate queen Madame Ching come searching for a lost treasure? What terrifying forces lurk beneath the oceans of the nineteenth century? And did Yaz really have to dress Dan up as a pirate?

Zheng Yi Sao, or Madame Ching (played by Crystal Yu), is this episode’s real historical figure (every good pirate show features real pirates from history). She took over her husband’s pirate empire after his death and ran it until her own death at the ripe old piratical age of 69. She was also an absolutely fascinating character who you should read more about. Madame Ching (also known as Ching Shih) probably did not find space treasure or face aliens, but one never really knows.

According to director Haolu Wang, this special is Whittaker’s “last chance to have a bit of fun” before her Doctor’s regeneration in the third and final special. Legends of the Sea Devils airs April 17th on BBC and BBC America.


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