Tom Holland Was So Nervous to Meet the Other Spider-Men, He Had to Bring Friends

Spider-Man: No Way Home is unquestionably a major hit and still making a strong showing at the box office many weeks after its premiere. What’s less sure is whether the movie will be a big hit at the Academy Awards, especially for the Best Picture category.

It looks like Marvel is making the push, however, and one of those efforts to get the movie on the Academy’s radar was to have all three Spider-Men—Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire, and Andrew Garfield—have a joint interview with Deadline.

During the interview, the three shared their experience working on the film, including—for Maguire and Garfield—why they decided to take part in the movie.

Maguire shared how his first meeting with Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer Kevin Feige and Sony executive Amy Pascal swayed him. “The love and celebration of these movies and what it meant to Amy and Kevin was apparent,” Maguire shared. “And to me, when people who are steering the creative process have an authentic, genuine intent of celebration and love… I just wanted to join that.”

As for Garfield, he said that he first wanted to see whether Maguire was on board. “If Tobey was going to do it, then I had no choice,” he joked. “I follow Tobey to the ends of the earth. I’m a lemming for Tobey.”

Once they were on board, Holland was a bit nervous about meeting the other Spider-Men, who joined production three months after Holland was already in principal photography. “At our first rehearsal, I had asked Jacob and Zendaya to come with me, to just be there as my support system,” he said. Once they all met, however, Holland was immediately put at ease by the other two actors, though he did add that “it was really strange and almost a little unfair how they had us put the suits and just jump around in front of a camera together like that. That was one of the most bizarre experiences of my life… but it was an amazing experience. And from day one it was a rollercoaster I didn’t want to get off.”

Keeping Maguire and Garfield’s appearances a secret was also tough for all three actors, though all agreed that Garfield had the worst of it, as he was doing press tours for other movies in the lead-up to No Way Home‘s release. “I call it fibbing more than lying,” Garfield said. “I kind of enjoyed it, it was quite fun and it felt like that game Werewolf or Mafia where you know you’re the werewolf and you have to convince everyone that you’re not.”

You can hear the full 30-minute conversation in the video above and still catch Spider-Man: No Way Home in theaters.


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