Shadow and Bone Has Begun Production on Season Two — and Added Some Key Cast

It’s not yet time for us to return to the Grishaverse, but it is time for the cast to return to Budapest to film Shadow and Bone season two.  The Netflix series is now in production, and there are some very, very interesting additions to the cast, including Mortal Kombat’s Lewis Tan (playing a Grisha) and a certain young explosives master…

Tan is by far the best-known name here; he’s been in quite a few action series and films, including Into the BadlandsMortal Kombat, and Wu Assassins. Anna Leong Brophy is in HBO Max’s upcoming thriller series The Girl Before, and was in the BBC’s Traces. Patrick Gibson starred in The OA, and Jack Wolfe appeared in The Witcher (in the episode “Much More”).

A quick character refresher: Tolya and Tamar are twin Grisha who were raised far from Ravka’s Second Army—but are still very, very deadly. They are connected to Nikolai, the younger son of the Ravkan royal family, in ways that it might be spoilery to explain. Let’s just say it’s interesting that they introduce that particular character as Nikolai, and not by a certain other name.

And then there’s Wylan. Those who’ve read Six of Crows and watched Shadow and Bone will already have noticed the show’s reference to an explosives expert—and showrunner Eric Heisserer told Decider that an unseen Wylan influenced a key moment in the first season. The estranged son of a wealthy Ketterdamn merchant, Wylan is the sixth Crow and the demolitions expert on the job that takes up much of Six of Crows’ storyline. He’s clever and brave and very young, and the actor actually looks young, which is interesting given that the rest of the Crows seem to have been aged up a bit in the show. (None of them are believable as teenagers, sorry!)

The previous cast welcomed their new friends in a sweet little video that also made the announcement that season 2 is now filming:

Along with the new cast, Netflix announced that Danielle Galligan (Nina), Daisy Head (Genya), and Calahan Skogman (Matthias) have been upgraded to series regulars—which is not at all surprising.

Eventually, Shadow and Bone will creep out of the shadows and back onto Netflix, though no premiere date has been announced.


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